Phasmophobia Level Up Fast Guide

Phasmophobia Level Up Fast

Last Updated on 1 September, 2023

Phasmophobia Level Up Fast Guide – Tips to help you farm XP and level up faster while investigating and hunting ghosts

Phasmophobia Level Up Fast Guide – Higher or Custom Difficulties

The higher the difficulty, the higher the XP reward, so if you are no longer a novice, we recommend trying to make your games profitable. Of course, it will be more difficult, so try to find the balance in the difficulty level that gives you the highest experience yield.

Perhaps it is even better to focus on custom difficulties. You can multiply the multiplier or lessening interactions, and as you can imagine it has a pretty big impact on the amount of XP you get. In fact it could be considered a cheat to level up

Phasmophobia Level Up Fast Guide – Smaller Maps

Completing smaller maps is not only much faster, but also the success rate is much higher. So if you want to level up fast, focus on these scenarios. We only recommend going for bigger maps if you’re playing with friends and already mastered the game, otherwise farming XP is easier and faster when the map is smaller

Phasmophobia Level Up Fast Guide – Hunting Styles

Of course, with practice everything will be easier and faster. But we recommend that you spend a little time in the beginning learning the behaviors of the different types of ghosts. Since the moment you know their traits and hunting styles, it will be much easier for you to identify them and complete your investigations.

Side Objectives

While it’s not always advisable to go for every secondary objective, there is plenty of XP to be had if you complete them. So before starting a game we recommend you plan it a bit, to see the easiest way to collect all the XP from the secondary objectives that do not distract you too much from your main mission

Daily And Weekly Challenges

Of course don’t forget about the daily and weekly challenges, they will ensure you a good amount of money and experience

About the game

As with any game, many new players (and even veterans whose progress has been destroyed) are anxious to advance through the stages of Phasmophobia as quickly as possible. Wanting to go to the top of the ghost-hunting food chain isn’t something to be ashamed of, and there are plenty of ways to accomplish it! Continue reading to learn the best techniques to swiftly level up in Phasmophobia!​

Climbing the ghost-hunting level ladder in Phasmophobia demands a combination of strategy, dedication, and a thorough understanding of the game principles. Whether you’re a newbie ghost hunter or a seasoned pro trying to advance, this book will equip you with important tips and tactics to easily conquer the ranks!

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