Phasmophobia Best Mods (2024)

Phasmophobia Best Mods

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

Phasmophobia Best Mods – Scooby Doo, Catgirl, Ghostbusters, Pink, Exorcist, Assistant Mod, Reshade, Ultra Violet, Pink and more mods

Phasmophobia Best Mods – Scooby Doo Edition Mod

The Phasmophobia: Scooby Doo Edition is an entirely appearance-based mod for Phasmophobia. Using UABE and Asset Studio, this mod changes many of the most notable portions of the core game to make it feel much more “Scoob-like”. This ranges from modified player textures to a whole new look for the van.

Donwload the Scooby Doo Edition Mod > Here

Phasmophobia Best Mods – Assistant Mod

The name says it all, it is an assistant to be used in game, functions include: information recording on contract details & evidence found, information on ghost found, and more.

Donwload the Assistant Mod > Here

Phasmophobia Best Mods – Catgirl Mod

It replaces many of the textures to add lovely pictures of cute neko girls into the game. The ouija board, the journal, the ghost writing book, picture frames, pictures, the salt is now loli salt, the splash image loading the game etc.

Donwload the Catgirl Mod > Here

Phasmophobia Best Mods – GhostBusters Edition Mod

Ghostbusters Edition! This is a Texture Swap mod for Phasmophobia. You’ll find Ghostbuster related Equipment, Garage, Truck, Carpets, and a few Easter Eggs!

Donwload the GhostBusters Edition Mod > Here

Phasmophobia Best Mods – GhostBusters Radio Mod

Replaces Radio noise with the Ghost Busters Theme song

Donwload the GhostBusters Radio Mod > Here

Phasmophobia Best Mods – Pink Mod

Modes textured with cherry blossoms for lobbies and trucks

Donwload the Pink Mod > Here

Phasmophobia Best Mods – Ultra Violet Mod

Modes textured with Change the mood from a dark mood to a bright game

Donwload the Ultra Violet Mod > Here

Phasmophobia Best Mods – Exorcirst Mod

A basic reshade with installation instructions for Unity in B&W + Vivid presets to help jumpstart more (and hopefully better) quality reshade projects to come and help Phasmophobia retain its unique horror feel.

Donwload the Exorcirst Mod > Here

Phasmophobia Best Mods – Rtxphobia Preset Mod

RTX PHOBIA mod is a Reshade preset which enhance gameplay quality with RTGI Support . While I was searching for an RTX Preset for Phasmophobia I couldn’t find it anywhere so I decided to make it.

Donwload the Rtxphobia Preset Mod > Here

Horror Ambiance Mod

This mod alters various audio files within the game to increase the user’s horror experience. Future updates will extend on the horror theme to alter visual aspects and additional audio aspects. The goal is to make the gamer feel immersed in the horror world. Please comment with any feedback and additions you would like me to make in the future!!

Donwload the Horror Ambiance Mod > Here

Cam’s Reshade Preset Mod

This is a ReShade Preset which makes the game darker and adds more visual apeal in my opinion

Donwload the Cam’s Reshade Preset Mod > Here

Fossu’s Light And Dark Reshade Mod

A simple ReShade to add life and atmosphere to the game, with intent to (hopefully) make it creepier.

Donwload the Fossu’s Light And Dark Reshade Mod > Here

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