Ragnarok Origin All Game Currencies

Ragnarok Origin All Game Currencies

Last Updated on 21 August, 2023

Ragnarok Origin All Game Currencies. Learn to strategically earn and spend Eden Coins, Zeny, Diamonds, and Nyan Berries to enhance your gaming experience.

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Ragnarok Origin All Game Currencies

Ragnarok Origin is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) has a complex and rich gaming ecosystem, where currency plays a pivotal role. Different types of in-game currencies are used for various purposes, allowing players to make the most out of their gaming experience.

In this guide, we’ll explore all currencies in Ragnarok Origin, ensuring you understand the value of each and how to effectively manage them to enhance your gameplay.

Eden Coin: Your Everyday Game Companion

Utility currency that players accumulate through daily activities, quests, and mini-quests within the game. It is also obtainable as a reward from game developers during events or using certain codes. Furthermore, players can earn a handsome number of Eden Coins by cooking dishes and creating potions for sale.

Eden Coins are primarily used for buying equipment, weapon upgrades, and crafting, making them a valuable asset in the game. Hence, it is crucial to manage your Eden Coins wisely and strategize where to spend them to maintain a healthy in-game budget.

Zeny: The Mainstay of Ragnarok Origin

Zeny, the primary currency in Ragnarok Origin, holds immense importance. This widely-used currency is essential for purchasing various in-game items such as potions, weapons, cards, tickets, and more. Zeny can also be used in the Exchange Center, a real-time in-game market, where the value of items is dynamic.

Events and the utilization of the latest codes for the game can greatly enhance your Zeny earnings. It is, therefore, key to pay attention to the game’s daily and weekly events.

Diamonds: A Real-World Bridge

Diamonds offer a way for players to invest real-world money in the game. However, Diamonds are not just purchasable; players can also earn them in-game by completing the main storyline, defeating MVP Boss Hunts, battling in Alfheim solo dungeons, earning achievements, or participating in Guild activities like Space-Time Anomaly and Guild Expedition.

Diamonds can be used to buy items from the Diamond shop, including Gacha Tickets, armor upgrading materials like Elunium, Pet Coupons, and more.

Nyan Berry: The Premium Currency

Nyan Berry, a premium currency in Ragnarok Origin, requires real-world money to acquire. Players can use Nyan Berries to buy Discounted Packs, Gift Boxes, and refinement items to upgrade weapons and armor. Additionally, this currency gives access to numerous Appearances, unique cosmetic items that often require Nyan Berries for purchase.

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