Rise of Eros Tier List & Reroll Guide

Rise of Eros Tier List

Last Updated on 26 January, 2023

Rise of Eros Tier List & Reroll Guide – All the characters ranked from Tier S (Best characters) to Tier C (Worst Characters), and also a guide to reroll

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Rise of Eros Tier List & Reroll Guide – Tier List

Tier S

The Tier S are the best characters in the game, they offer better results than the others, and they are highly recommended

  • Blood Moon
  • Harvest Moon
  • White Rose

Tier A

Tier A are the average characters, if you like them, don’t hesitate to use them, there are better ones, but with these you can play perfectly

  • Dazzlebright
  • Butterfly Dream
  • Devil Cheesecake

Tier B

The B tiers are below average, so unless there is one of these characters that you love and you like to see them in action, it is better to choose any of the previous ones

  • Timekeeper
  • Chaste Justice
  • Newmoon

Tier C

  • None

Rise of Eros Tier List & Reroll Guide – Reroll Guide

These are the steps to reroll in RoE:

  1. Download the game from the official website. > https://riseoferos.com/
  2. Sign in to the game using a guest account.
  3. Complete the game’s tutorial and prologue.
  4. Summon the character on the next screen
  5. If you don’t like the results, delete the game and repeat the four steps above

Rise of Eros Tier List & Reroll Guide – Characters

  • Alana – Chaste Justice or Devil’s Cheesecake: An amnesiac girl with an unclear past, Alana was raised by the church to be a member of the clergy. Perhaps on account of her lost memory, she’s shy and easily embarrassed, and used to apologizing constantly
  • Cartilla – Dark Countess or Shadowswift: This cold-blooded Yoh is a mercenary thief who worships money and lives like a hedonist. She may look like an ice queen, but she’s actually a true wisecracker with a sharp and lively personality.
  • Eileen – Butterfly Dream or Dazzlebright: A popular Vesprine songstress with a cheerful and grounded personality. Though she could get on with just about anybody, she feels hemmed in and constricted by her fame.
  • Inase – Crusader or Timekeeper: A Human researcher with expertise in ancient civilizations, Inase is jealous and possessive, yet represses her own desires. In her quest to resurrect her deceased boyfriend, she accidentally lifts the seal imprisoning Eros, the God of Desire.
  • Misaki – Blood Moon or Harvest Moon: Freighted from childhood with her Yoh father’s tough expectations, she grew up under a near-masochistic training regime. She’s proud and won’t hesitate to defend herself with her sharp tongue.

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