DBD Best Survivor Perks Tier List – October 2022

DBD Best Survivor Perks Tier List

Last Updated on 29 September, 2022

DBD Best Survivor Perks Tier List – All the Perks ranked from Tier S (The best) to Tier D (the worst), info about survivors and effects

DBD Best Survivor Perks Tier List – Tier S

Tier S > The Best DBD Survivor Perks of the Tier List:

  • Prove Thyself – Increases your Repair speed by +15 % (each Survivor at 4 metres) maximum of +45 %, Grants 50/75/100 % bonus Bloodpoints for Co-operative actions. Only for Dwight
  • Kindred – hooked: Auras of all Survivors are revealed to one another, (when Killer is within 8/12/16 metres of your Hook, their Aura is revealed to all Survivors). Survivor is hooked: The Auras of all other Survivors are revealed to you, (When Killer is within 8/12/16 metres of the hooked Survivor, their Aura is revealed to you). For All
  • Off the Record – After being unhooked or unhooking yourself, activates for the next 60/70/80 seconds: Prevents your Aura from being revealed to the Killer, Suppresses Grunts of Pain when injured, Grants the Endurance Status Effect. Only Zarina
  • Boon – Circle of Healing – Mikaela Reid Lvl 35: Press and hold the Active Ability button near a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem. Increases all Healing speeds by 40/45/50 %.

DBD Best Survivor Perks Tier List – Tier A

Tier A > Above the average DBD Survivor Perks of the Tier List:

  • Windows of Opportunity – Kate Denson Lvl 35: The Auras of Breakable Walls, Pallets, and Windows are revealed to you within 24/28/32 metres
  • Lithe – Feng Min Lvl 30: After performing a rushed vault, break into a sprint of 150 % of your normal Running Movement speed for a maximum of 3 seconds
  • Unbreakable – Bill Overbeck Lvl 40: Your Recovery speed is increased by 25/30/35 %
  • Sprint Burst – Meg Thomas Lvl 35: When starting to run, break into a sprint at 150 % of your normal Running Movement speed for 3 seconds
  • Vigil – Quentin Smith Lvl 40: Increases your Recovery rate from the Blindness, Broken, Exhaustion, Exposed, Haemorrhage, Hindered, and Oblivious Status Effects by 20/25/30 %
  • Adrenaline – Meg Thomas Lvl 40: Once the Exit Gates are powered, instantly heal one Health State and sprint at 150 % of your normal Running Movement speed for 5 seconds
  • Resilience – General Perk: Increases your Action speeds in Repairing, Healing, Sabotaging, Unhooking, Vaulting, Cleansing, Opening, and Unlocking by 3/6/9 % when in the Injured State
  • Built to Last – Felix Richter Lvl 40: Hiding inside a Locker for 14/13/12 seconds while carrying a depleted Item will replenish its Charges to 99 %
  • Overzealous – After cleansing a Totem, Overzealous activates: Increases your Repair speed by (Dull Totem: 6/7/8 %) (Hex Totem: 12/14/16 %). Only Haddie
  • We’ll Make It – General Perk: Increases your Altruistic Healing speed by 100 % for the next 30/60/90 seconds whenever you rescue another Survivor from a Hook
  • Lightweight – General Perk: Scratch Marks begin to fade 1/2/3 seconds sooner
  • Lucky Break – Yui Kimura Lvl 30: Bleeding and Scratch Marks are suppressed for a maximum of 40/50/60 seconds, after which Lucky Break is disabled for the remainer of the Trial
  • Deliverance – Adam Francis Lvl 35: Your Self-Unhook attempts will succeed 100 % of the time
  • Distortion – Jeff Johansen Lvl 40: Your Aura will not be shown to the Killer and you will not leave any Scratch Marks for the next 6/8/10 seconds
  • Overcome – Jonah Vasquez Lvl 30: Whenever you become injured, you retain the Movement Speed burst for 2 additional seconds
  • Bond – Dwight Fairfield Lvl 30: The Auras of all other Survivors within 20/28/36 metres of your location are revealed to you
  • Aftercare – Jeff Johansen Lvl 35: You see the Aura of the last 1/2/3 Survivor(s)
  • Head On – Jane Romero Lvl 40: When performing a rushed action to leave a Locker, stun the Killer for 3 seconds if they are within range
  • Boon – Shadow Step – Mikaela Reid Lvl 40: Press and hold the Active Ability button near a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem
  • Residual Manifest – After a successful Killer Blind, the Killer suffers from the Blindness Status Effect for 20/25/30 seconds, grants the ability to rummage through an opened Chestonce per Trial and will guarantee a basic Flashlight. Only Haddie
  • Borrowed Time – Bill Overbeck Lvl 35: For 8/10/12 seconds after unhooking a Survivor, the unhooked Survivor is protected by the Endurance Status Effect
  • Breakout – Yui Kimura Lvl 40: When within 6 metres of a carried Survivor, you gain the Haste Status Effect, moving at an increased speed of 5/6/7 %
  • For the People – Zarina Kassir Lvl 40: Press the Active Ability button while healing another Survivor without a Med-Kit to instantly heal them 1 Health State, you become the obsession
  • Quick & Quiet – Meg thomas Lvl 30: Suppresses both the Loud Noise Notification and the sound effects triggered by rushing to vault Windows, Pallets, or rushing to enter or exit Lockers
  • Botany Knowledge – Claudette Morel Lvl 35: Increases Healing speeds, as well as the efficiency of Med-Kits, by 11/22/33 %
  • Flashbang – Leon Scott Kennedy Lvl 35: After repairing Generators for a total of 70/60/50 %, Flashbang activates
  • Open-Handed – Ace Visconti Lvl 30: Open-Handed increases all Aura-reading ranges by 8/12/16 metres

DBD Best Survivor Perks Tier List – Tier B

Tier B > Average DBD Survivor Perks of the Tier List:

  • Desperate Measures – Felix Richter Lvl 35: Increases Healing and Unhooking speeds by 10/12/14 % for each injured, hooked, or dying Survivor, up to a maximum of 40/48/56 %
  • Empathic Connection – Whenever another Survivor is injured, they can see your Aura when within 32/64/96 metres of your location. You heal other Survivors 10 % faster.
  • Renewal – General Perk: When you heal another Survivor for the equivalent of 1 Health State, The next time you are unhooked or unhook yourself, you suffer from the Broken Status Effect until Renewal deactivates, You are automatically healed 1 Health State after 28/24/20 seconds
  • Boil Over – Kate Denson Lvl 40: While being carried by the Killer, the following effects apply. +intensity of the Struggle Effects, Obscures the Auras of all Hooks & your Wiggle Meter fills by 25 % upon landing
  • Balanced Landing – Nea Karlsson Lvl 30: Your agility and cat-like relexes are incomparable
  • Parental Guidance – Ability to hear the dead. After stunning the Killer by any means, Parental Guidance suppresses your Scratch Marks, Pools of Blood, and Grunts of Pain for the next 5/6/7 seconds.
  • Empathy – Claudette Morel Lvl 30: The Auras of Survivors in the Injured State or in the Dying State within 64/96/128 metres of your location are revealed to you
  • Any Means Necessary – Yui Kimura Lvl 35: You see the Auras of dropped Pallets
  • Tenacity – Davip Tapp Lvl 30: our ferocious tenacity in dire situations allows you to crawl 30/40/50 % faster and also recover at the same time
  • Alert – Feng Min Lvl 40 : Whenever the Killer destroys a Pallet or a Breakable Wall, or damages a Generator, their Aura is revealed to you for 3/4/5 seconds
  • Inner Focus – Survivor loses a Health State within 32 metres of you, the Killer’s Aura is revealed to you for 3/4/5 seconds. Haddie
  • Soul Guard – Cheryl Mason Lvl 30: After being healed from or having recovered from the Dying State, Soul Guard grants you the Endurance Status Effect for the next 4/6/8 seconds
  • Self-Aware – General Perks: You walk 10/15/20 % faster and can see your own Scratch Marks
  • Bite the Bullet – Leon Scott Kennedy Lvl 30: When healing yourself or another Survivor, Grunts of Pain and all noises related to the Healing action are suppressed
  • Detective’s Hunch – David Tapp Lvl 35: Each time a Generator is completed, the Auras of any Generators, Chests, and Totemswithin 32/48/64 metres are revealed to you for 10 seconds
  • Power Struggle – Elodie Rakoto Lvl 40: You can drop a nearby, standing Pallet to stun the Killer and escape their grasp
  • Smash Hit – Yun Jin Lee Lvl 35: After stunning the Killer with a Pallet, break into a sprint at 150 % of your normal Running Movement speed for 4 seconds
  • Solidarity – Jane Romero Lvl 30: When injured, healing another Survivor without using a Med-Kit also heals you with a Conversion rate of 40/45/50 %
  • Boon: Dark Theory – Active Ability to bless it and create a Boon Totem, radius of 24 metres. Survivors inside the Boon Totem’s range benefit from the following effects: 2 % Haste Status Effect. This effect lingers for 2/3/4 seconds after leaving the Boon Totem’s range. One Totem at a time.
  • We’re Gonna Live Forever – David King Lvl 30: When healing a dying Survivor, your Healing speed is increased by 100 %
  • Flip-Flop – Ash Williams Lvl 30: While in the Dying State, 50 % of your Recovery progression is converted into Wiggling progression, up to a maximum of 40/45/50 %, once you are picked up by the Killer
  • Pharmacy – Quentin Smith Lvl 35: Unlocking Chests is 40/60/80 % faster, first Chest guarantees an Emergency Med-Kit
  • Leader – Dwight Fairfield Lvl 40: Increases the Action speeds of other Survivors in Healing, Sabotaging, Unhooking, Cleansing, Opening, and Unlocking by 15/20/25 % while they are within 8 metres of your location
  • Hope – General Perk: As soon as the Exit Gates are powered, gain a 5/6/7 % Haste Status Effect for 120 seconds
  • Resurgence – Jill Valentine Lvl 35: After being unhooked or unhooking yourself, instantly gain 40/45/50 % to your Healing progress
  • Poised – Jane Romero Lvl 35: After a Generator is completed, you will not leave any Scratch Marks for the next 6/8/10 seconds
  • Stake Out – Davip Tapp Lvl 40: Every 15 seconds you are standing within the Killer’s Terror Radius without being chased, Stake Out gains 1 Token, up to a maximum of 2/3/4 Tokens
  • Saboteur – Jake Park Lvl 40: While a Survivor is being carried, the Auras of all Hooks within 56 metres of their Pick-up location are revealed to you
  • Deception – Elodie Rakoto Lvl 35: Interact with a Locker while holding the Sprint button to trigger a Loud Noise Notification for the killer at your location instead of entering the Locker
  • Blast Mine – Jill Valentine Lvl 30: After repairing Generators for a total of 66 % install a Trap & Trapped Generators are revealed in yellow
  • Streetwise – Nea Karlsson Lvl 40: Decreases the Depletion rate of your Items by 15/20/25 %
  • Guardian – General Perk: When you unhook a Survivor, the rescued Survivor benefits from the following effects for 4/6/8 seconds
  • Wake Up! – Quentin Smith Lvl 30: Once all Generators are completed, he Auras of the Exit Gate Switches are revealed to you within 128 metres, When opening an Exit Gate, your Aura is revealed to all other Survivors within 128 metre
  • Dance With Me – Kate Denson Lvl 30: When performing a rushed action to vault a Window, Pallet, or leave a Locker, you will not leave any Scratch Marks for the next 3 seconds
  • No One Left Behind – General Perk: Once at least one Exit Gate has been opened, No One Left Behind activates > Action Speed bonus to Unhooking and Healing other Survivors > The Auras of all other Survivors are revealed to you > Grants 50/75/100 % bonus Bloodpoints for actions in the Altruism
  • Decisive Strike – Laurie Strode Lvl 40: After being unhooked or unhooking yourself, Decisive Strike activates for the next 40/50/60 seconds
  • Ace in the Hole – Ace Visconti Lvl 40: When retrieving an Item from a Chest, there is a chance an Add-on will be attached to it
  • Situational Awareness – General Perk: While repairing a Generator, its Aura is revealed in yellow to all other Survivors located within 32 metres
  • Boon – Exponential – Jonah Vasquez Lvl 40: Press and hold the Active Ability button near a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem
  • Plunderer’s Instinct – General Perk: The Auras of closed Chests and dropped Items in the environment within 16/24/32 metres of your location are revealed to you
  • Inner Healing – General Perk: You are automatically healed 1 Health State when hiding inside a Locker for 10/9/8 seconds while injured or suffering from the Deep Wound Status Effect
  • Rookie Spirit – Leon Scott Kennedy Lvl 35: Once active, the Auras of any regressing Generators are revealed to you
  • Repressed Alliance – Cheryl Mason Lvl 40: After repairing Generators for a total of 55/50/45 seconds, Repressed Alliance activates
  • Déjà Vu – General Perk: The Auras of the 3 Generators in closest proximity to one another are revealed to you for 30/45/60 seconds at the start of the Trial, and each time a Generator is completed
  • Counterforce – Jill Valentine Lvl 30: ou know how to withstand an enemy stronger than you, and it starts with hunting down and knocking out their support. You cleanse Totems 20 % faster
  • Appraisal – Elodie Rakoto Lvl 35:  When a Chest has already been opened, consume 1 Token to rummage through it for an Item. Rummage through Chests 40/60/80 % faster
  • Dark Sense – General Perk:  Each time a Generatoris completed, the Aura of the Killer is revealed to you for 5 seconds. Once the last Generator is completed, the Aura of the Killer is revealed to you for 5/7/10 seconds
  • Breakdown – Jeff Johansen Lvl 30: Each time you are unhooked or unhook yourself, the Hook breaks and the Killer’s Aura is revealed to you for 4/5/6 seconds
  • Dead Hard – David King Lvl 35 : When Injured, tap into your adrenaline bank and dash forward quickly to avoid damage
  • Sole Survivor – Yun Jin Lee Lvl 30: Each Token grants a stack-able radius of 20/22/24 metres within which the Killer is unable to read your Aura, up to a maximum of 60/66/72 metres
  • Diversion – Adam Francis Lvl 30: Standing within the Killer’s Terror Radius while not in a Chase for 40/35/30 seconds activates Diversion
  • Small Game – General Perk: Receive an auditory warning upon looking in the direction of Totems in a 45 ° cone within 8/10/12 metres
  • Kinship – General Perk: If another Survivor is within 16 metres of your Hook while Kinship is active, the Struggle Phase timer is paused for 26/30/34 seconds
  • Clairvoyance – Mikaela Reid Lvl 30: When empty-handed, press and hold the Active Ability button to unlock your full Aura-reading potential, allowing you to see the Auras of the Exit Gate Switches, Generators, Hooks, Chests, and the Hatch within 64 metres for 8/9/10 seconds
  • Blood Pact – Cheryl Manson Lvl 35: When you or the Obsession are injured, you both see each other’s Auras
  • Autodidact – Adam Francis Lvl 40: You start the Trial with a -25 % Progression penalty for Skill Checks to heal Survivors
  • Object of Obsession – Laurie Strode Lvl 35: Whenever the Killer reads your Aura and for the same duration as they do so, Object of Obsession activates
  • Fast Track – Yun jin Lee Lvl 30: Whenever another Survivor is hooked, Fast Track gains 1/2/3 Tokens, up to a maximum of 9/18/27 Tokens
  • Urban Evasion – Nea Karlsson Lvl 35: Increases your Crouching Movement speed by 90/95/100 %

DBD Best Survivor Perks Tier List – Tier C

Tier C > Below the average DBD Survivor Perks of the Tier List:

  • Visionary – Felix Richter Lvl 40: he Auras of Generators are revealed to you within 32 metres
  • Left Behind – Bill Overbeck Lvl 30: When you are the last Survivor remaining in the Trial, the Aura of the Hatch is revealed to you when you are within 24/28/32 metres
  • Iron Will – Jake Park Lvl 30: Lowers the volume of Grunts of Pain by 50/75/100 %
  • Spine Chill – General Perk: Whenever the Killer is looking in your direction when they are within 36 metres of you, Spine Chill activates, Increases the Trigger odds of Skill Check by 10 % & Increases your Action speeds
  • Red Herring – Zarina Kassir Lvl 30: After repairing a Generator for at least 3 seconds, its Aura is highlighted to you in yellow
  • Mettle of Man – Ash Williams Lvl 40: After triggering your third Protection Hit, Mettle of Man activates and you are protected by the Endurance Status Effect
  • Technician – Feng Min Lvl 30: Failing a Skill Check while repairing
  • No Mither – David King Lvl 40: You suffer from the Broken Status Effect for the entire Trial
  • Self-Preservation – Yun Jin Lee Lvl 40: Scratch Marks, Grunts of Pain when injured, and Bleeding are suppressed for the next 6/8/10 seconds
  • Up the Ante – Ave Visconti Lvl 35: Each Token applies a stack-able 1/2/3 % bonus to the Luck of all Survivors, up to a maximum of 3/6/9 %

Dead by Daylight Worst Perks – Tier D

Tier D > The Worst DBD Survivor Perks of the Tier List:

  • Premonition – General Perk: Receive an auditory warning upon looking in the Killer’s direction within a 45 ° cone within 36 metres
  • Slippery Meat – General Perk: Grants 3 additional Self-Unhook attempts & Increases the Self-Unhook chance by 2/3/4 %
  • Calm Spirit – Jake Park Lvl 35: Animals seem to trust you as they often stay calm in your presence
  • Self-Care – Claudette Morel Lvl 40: Unlocks the Self-Care ability, allowing to self-heal without needing a Med-Kit
  • Buckle Up – Ash Williams Lvl 35: You can determine the Recovery progress of dying Survivors by the intensity of their Aura at a distance of 48 metres away
  • Corrective Action – Jonah Vasquez Lvl 35: ou start the Trial with 1/2/3 Token(s) and gain a Token each time you succeed at a Great Skill Check, up to a maximum of 5 Tokens
  • This Is Not Happening – General Perk: Increases the Success zone of Great Skill Checks’ while Repairing and Healing by 10/20/30 % when in the Injured State

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