Critical Legends Best Class Tier List – December 2023

Critical Legends Best Class Tier List

Last Updated on 29 November, 2023

Critical Legends Best Class Tier List – All the classes ranked by tiers (Tier S to Tier C), and also how to unlock them all

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Critical Legends Best Class Tier List – Tier S

Tier S – The best classes and how to unlock them

  • King Slime: Obtained from using King’s Gem on Blue Slime
  • Luna: Obtained from using Moon Shard on Elementalist
  • Void Scythe: Obtained from using Void Ticket on Scythe
  • Immortal Sword: Use Dragos Knife Bloodraynes Knife Jacks Knife as Passive > Use Combo Sword | Sword tier 1 > Use Void Ticket > Talk to Blubb at Blubb’s Castle > Use Eternal Flame
  • Void King: Obtained from using Void Ticket on King
  • Shotgun of Imagination: Obtained from using Imagination Fragment on Bandite Guns | Gunner tier 3
  • Hands of Hope: Obtained from using Hope Fragment on Holy Sword | Healer tier 3
  • Chaotic Defender: Obtained from using Chaos Fragment on Heart Shield | Shield tier 3
  • Timer Warden: Obtained from using Time Fragment on Nature’s Staff | Mage tier 3
  • Star Slayer: Obtained from using Star Fragment on Ocean’s Blade | Sword tier 3
  • Reality Breaker: Obtained from using Reality Fragment on Golden bow | Bow tier 3
  • Book of Wish: Wish Fragment was obtained by using it on fire and ice| Spellbook tier 3

Critical Legends Best Class Tier List – Tier A

Tier A – Above average classes and how to unlock them

  • King: Obtained from using Crown Of The King
  • Blue Slime: Obtained from using Blue Slime Extract on Purple Slime
  • Solar Eclipse Great Sword: Get Luna (check Luna card to see how to get it) > Store the Luna you got > Use Greatsword and use 100 Sun fragment > Switch to Luna > Run to the middle of sky island
  • Scythe: Obtained from using FLesh Key and jump into lava at Hell
  • Venom Katana: Obtained by using Mana Berry Bush on Venom Dagger
  • Fire and Ice: obtained following these procedures, Powerful Spellbook | Spellbook tier 2 & Hell Drink with a 1/7 chance for Fire Effect & King Snowball with a 1/7 chance for Ice Effect
  • Nature’s Staff: Obtained from using Mana Berry Bush on Hex Staff | Mage tier 2
  • Holy Sword: Obtained from using Self Healing Scroll or Group Heal Scroll or Regeneration of Hope on Priest Staff | Healer tier 2 (5%)
  • Bandite Guns: Obtained from using Bag of Gold on Dual Guns | Gunner tier 2
  • Awakened Dragon Brawler: Obtained from using Void Ticket on Dragon Brawler | Boxer tier 2 and then complete Blubb’s challenge
  • Heart Shield: Obtained from using Heart Pieces on Flame Shield | Shield tier 2
  • Golden Bow: Obtained from using Bag of Gold on Longbow | Bow tier 2
  • Ocean’s Blade: Obtained from using Ocean’s Eye on Longsword | Sword tier 2
  • Martial Artists
  • Martial Artist T2

Critical Legends Best Class Tier List – Tier B

Tier B – Below average classes and how to unlock them

  • Longsword: Obtained from using Tier 2 core on Combo Sword | Sword tier 1
  • Longbow: Obtained from using Tier 2 core on Hunter’s Marksman | Bow tier 1
  • Flame Shield: Obtained from using Tier 2 core on Starter Shield | Shield tier 1
  • Hex Staff: Obtained from using Tier 2 core on Apprentice Staff | Mage tier 1
  • Priest Staff: Obtained from using Tier 2 core on Staff of Healing | Healer tier 1
  • Dual Guns: Obtained from using Tier 2 core on Gun | Gunner tier 1
  • Valkyrie Over Heaven: Obtained from using Ichor Torch and jump with T1 Valkyrie | Vakyrie Spear at Trading Place
  • Dragon Brawler: Obtained from using Ancient Artifact on Boxer tier 1
  • Master Programmer: Obtained from attacking enemies with Programmer tier 1 having Training Codes
  • Apple Tree: Obtained from 1% when getting “Apple” buff on Apple collector
  • Void Tiki: Obtained from using Void Ticket on Tiki
  • Purple Slime: Obtained from using Purple Slime Extract on Green Slime
  • Solar Great Sword: Obtained from using 100 Sun fragments on Great sword and go to the Stone Monument
  • Void Katana: Obtained by using Void Ticket on Katana
  • Venom Dagger: Obtained by using Venom Stinger
  • Powerful Spellbook: Obtainable through the use of Tier 2 core on the Spellbook | Spellbook tier 1

Tier C – The Worst Classes

Tier C – Critical Legends Best Class Tier List  – The worst classes and how to unlock them

  • Combo Sword: Obtained from Statue of the Swordman
  • Hunter’s Marksman: Obtained from Statue of the Archer
  • Starter Shield: Obtained from Statue of the Defender
  • Apprentice Staff: Obtained from Statue of the Mage
  • Staff of Healing: Obtained from Statue of the Healer
  • Gun: Obtained from Statue of the Gunner
  • Valkyrie Spear: Obtained from Statue of the Valkyrie
  • Boxer: Obtained from using Boxing Gloves at Boxer Monument inside the waterfall at Snowy Caps
  • Programmer: Obtained from using Magic Shield
  • Apple Collector: Obtained from using Apple Bag
  • Tiki: Obtained from using Tiki Torch
  • Green Slime: Obtained from using Slime Egg
  • Great Sword: Obtained from using Strange Disc at the Stone Monument at Punky Sky
  • Katana: Obtained by using Spirit Key in front of the Spirit Forest
  • Spellbook: Obtained from Statue of the Spell Book (Thyrus Wood, close to an arsenal)

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