Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Tier List

Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Tier List

Last Updated on 27 October, 2022

Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Tier List – the Tier List are Heroes ranked from Tier S to Tier D, check them to select the best option for your strategy

Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Tier List

As we always do in all our Tiers articles, we recommend a balanced team, to play optimally, a good team choosing a good strategy to attack and defend will always be much better than a team which is not balanced.

Although in this game: Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy it is easier to make balanced teams, since the choice of characters is easier than in other games that have 5 or 6 classes to choose from, so we could say that Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy is a simpler game than some others.

Tier S

The best category of all, we strongly recommend selecting the maximum possible characters of this Tier, although as we already know, the characters of high tiers are very difficult to obtain

  • Asmodeus (Lust) – DPS/support
  • Belphegor (Sloth) – DPS/support
  • Caillen (Braveheart) – support
  • Clarice (Hermit) – DPS/support
  • Furka (Dragonblade) – DPS/support
  • Garcias (Twin Stars) – support
  • Lucifer (Pride) – DPS/support
  • Stolas (Windblade) – DPS

Tier A

High category in the tier, very good choice of character, they are powerful and stronger than the average of the characters of lower categories.

  • Anastastia (Rebirth) – DPS
  • Aura (Calamity) – DPS
  • Kay (Gunslinger) – DPS/support
  • Marilu (The Undaunted) – DPS
  • Nonna (Lightning Rider) – DPS/control
  • Shalimar (Flourish Weaver) – support/control

Tier B

Base of any team, it is necessary to have at least all the characters with tier B, since it is the minimum requirement to be able to play smoothly in Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy

  • Abelia (Liberator) – DPS/control
  • Clarice (Hermit) – DPS/control
  • Elphus (Kabuki) – DPS/support
  • Evelina (Enlightenment) – support
  • Ingrid (Bloodthirst) – DPS/support
  • Jacqueline (Eccentric Inventor) – DPS/control
  • Lucianna (Vedomosti) – DPS/control
  • Zoe (Truthseeker) – DPS/control

Tier C

As we always comment, this category is for initial players, with which you can start playing, but you will never get far in the game, if you don’t get better characters.

  • Drusilla (Prosperity) – support
  • Draco (Blazewind) – DPS
  • Matina (Conflagration) – support
  • Noach (Scrutiny of Flesh) – DPS/support
  • Rufina (Gospel of Esther) support/control
  • Sylwia (Eurythmics) support/control
  • Svetlana (Lamentation) support/control

Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Tier List – About

Is a project launched by Hobby Japan production in 2012, the content as we all know is manga and anime. It is a role-playing game that has amazing battle scenes with an ambiguous story, which will make you wonder.

The highest category in Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy, are the Tier S characters, in order to select different classes of heroes

Is not recommend that you select same type heroes, because you will have an unbalanced team and they can easily beat you; the only way to win by selecting a team where various classes of heroes are the same is only if the opponent you are facing is of a much lower level than yours.

Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Tier List Conclusion: select a set of heroes, according to the strategy you have to face your rivals and most importantly, make a varied and balanced team, compensating the lower classes with the higher classes.

Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Tier List – Main Characters

The main story of Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy talks about Lucifer, who is the fallen angel, the angel who could not reach heaven, according to religion, and became evil since he felt frustrated by not reaching the place he wanted; his anger and wickedness caused him to reach hell, possessor of great combative gifts, he managed to position himself quickly, he became one of the fundamental pillars of hell and for which all the angels of heaven feared his fury; In a short time Lucifer became the most powerful and the lords of hell sealed his power, Lucifer lost everything, except the leadership of the demon lord Leviathan. Thanks to it, Leviathan and a human high school girl, Totsuka Maria, as the “Arrogant Demon Lord Lucifer” and began a journey to fight against the seven deadly sins. Thus began the story around the “Seven Deadly Sins”.

  • All The demon lord of
  • “Pride” : Lucifer
  • ” Envy ” : Leviathan
  • ” Wrath ” : Satan
  • ” Sloth ” : Belphegor
  • ” Greed ” : Mammon
  • ” Gluttony ” : Beelzebub
  • ” Lust ” : Asmodeus

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