Subnautica Below Zero Diamond Location

Subnautica Below Zero Diamond Location

Last Updated on 18 June, 2022

Subnautica Below Zero Diamond Location – Best locations to farm diamonds in early and late game, biomes and crafting recipes with diamonds as ingredients

Subnautica Below Zero Diamond Location – Best Locations

You can find diamonds on the seabed of most of the biomes, but if you need diamonds Tree Spires & Koppa Mining Site are the best farming spots

The first diamonds you can get are the ones next to the half open door entrance to the Koppa Mines. From there go to Deep Twisty Bridges (next to the start biome), you will need air pipes to get below 200m. And from here on you have to farm them, try to find large resource deposits in the biomes that we indicate (Tree Spires & Koppa Mining Site). Although as you will see you can find diamonds in other biomes, below we indicate all the biomes in which there are diamonds, since they have large resource deposits

And of course you can also get diamonds from Sea Monkeys

Other materials locations

Subnautica Below Zero Diamond Location – Biomes

These are all the biomes where you can find diamonds

  • Arctic Spires
  • Crystal Caves
    • Main Crystal Caves
    • Crystal Castle
  • Deep Twisty Bridges
  • Delta Island
  • East Arctic
  • Glacial Basin
    • Basin
  • Koppa Mining Site
  • Thermal Spires
  • Thermal Spires Caves
  • Tree Spires
    • Tree Spires Fissure
  • West Arctic

Koppa Mining Site and Tree Spires are the best, but pay attention when exploring because you can find them in other biomes as well.

Subnautica Below Zero Diamond Location – Crafting

Diamonds are an essential resource for both the Fabricator and Habitat Builder


x5 Fabricator recipes require Diamonds to craft:

  • Enameled Glass: x1 Glass + x1 Lead + x1 Diamond
  • Reinforced Dive Suit: x1 Synthetic Fibers + X2 Diamond + x2 Titanium
  • Laser Cutter: x1 Battery + x1 Titanium + x1 Cristalline Sulfur + x2 Diamond
  • Prawn Suit Drill Arm: x5 Titanium + x1 Lithium + x4 Diamond
  • Seatruck Energy Efficiency Upgrade: x1 Computer Chip + x1 Benzene + x2 Diamond

Habitat Builder

x1 Habitat Builder recipes require Diamonds to craft:

  • Modification Station: x1 Computer Chip + x1 Titanium + x1 Lead + x1 Diamond

Architect Component Fabricator

x1 Architect Component Fabricator recipes require Diamonds to craft:

  • Architect Skeleton: x3 Diamond + x1 Plasteel Ignot + x1 Polyaniline

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