Subnautica PS4 Cheats

Subnautica PS4 Cheats

Last Updated on 18 June, 2022

Subnautica PS4 Cheats – Spawn Items, Teleport, Debug Commands, Dev Console Screen & Mods

Subnautica PS4 Cheats – Dev Console Screen

To display the Dev Console Screen press Square + X + R1 + L1 simultaneously

Once you open the dev console screen, all you have to do is enter each of the codes that we are going to provide you and the corresponding cheat will be activated. Although it will only last as long as you play, if you exit the game and re-enter you will have to repeat the process

Subnautica PS4 Cheats – Cheats

Each cheat code and the cheat it activates:

  • ALL Blueprints Unlocked: Cheat code > allblueprints
  • Free Useful Items: Cheat code > madloot
  • Invincibility: Cheat code > nodamage
  • No Crafting or Building Costs: Cheat code > nocost
  • No Radiation: Cheat code > radiation
  • Spawn Cyclops: Cheat code > sub cyclops
  • Spawn Seamoth: Cheat code > spawn seamoth 1
  • Teleport to Safety: Cheat code > warpme
  • Unlimited Oxygen: Cheat code > oxygen
  • Faster Building: Cheat code > fastbuild
  • Spawn Indicated Item: Cheat code > tem (name) (amount)

Subnautica PS4 Cheats – Teleport

  • goto X: Replace X with the biome you want to teleport to, type “goto” to check all the locations
  • warp [x] [y] [z]: To teleport to the coordinates xyz of your choice.
  • warpforward X: Warps the player forward X meters, replace X with a number
  • warpme: Teleports you to the last base or vehicle you were in
  • spawn: you will respawn nearby (useful if you’re stuck)
  • randomstart: Lifepod (one of its start locations)
  • kill: Respawns you back on the lifepod (but it kills you first)

Biomes Ids

  • biome X – Replace X with the biome you want to teleport to, List of biomes:
    • safe
    • kelp
    • kelp_cave
    • grassy
    • grassy_cave
    • mushroom
    • koosh
    • koosh_cave
    • jelly
    • shroom
    • sparse
    • reef
    • grandreef
    • dunes
    • mountains
    • moutains_cave
    • deepgrand
    • bloodkelp
    • underislands
    • smokers
    • inactivelavart
    • islands
    • tree
    • lostriver
    • lavazone

Subnautica PS4 Cheats – Spawn Items

  • item [item] [number]: Adds some number of an item to your inventory
  • spawn [item] [number]: Spawns some number of an item or creature in front of the player
  • clearinventory: Clears your inventory.
  • sub cyclops: to spawn Cyclops.
  • sub aurora: to spawn Aurora
  • seaglide: to spawn seaglide.
  • vehicleupgrades: All common vehicle modules.
  • seamothupgrades: All Seamoth modules.
  • exosuitupgrades: All Prawn Suit modules.
  • exosuitarms: All Prawn Suit arms.
  • spawnloot: Spawns quartz, copper ore, magnesium, salt deposit, gold, and also four metal salvage
  • madloot: Glass, titanium, computer chips, batteries, survival knife, a habitat builder, and also a scanner to your inventory
  • resourcesfor [item]: All the resources for the item
  • ency [name]: Unlocks a databank entry
  • ency all: unlock all the databank entries
  • unlock [blueprint]: To unlock a blueprint
  • unlockall: To unlock all blueprints.

Subnautica PS4 Cheats – Cheats & Mods

  • bobthebuilder: + habitat builder, survival knife, scanner and also repair too. Also Enables fastbuild, unlockall, nocost, fastgrow, fasthatch and radiation.
  • fastgrow: Plants grow faster
  • nocost: Fabricator, habitat builder, vehicle bay, and so on, don’t need resources
  • noenergy: vehicles, tools, and seabases don’t need energy
  • nosurvival: You don’t need food and water
  • oxygen: You don’t need oxygen.
  • nitrogen: Increases underwater time.
  • invisible: creatures don’t see you
  • fastbuild: Instant build mode (habitat builder)
  • fasthatch: Eggs hatch faster
  • fastscan: to scan faster
  • filterfast: water filtering is now faster
  • radiation: No radiation.
  • fixleaks: Seals the Aurora’s radiation leaks.
  • unlockdoors: Unlocks all doors (except laser cutter doors)
  • cure [range]: replace range with a number to cure al creatures
  • infect [range]: replace range with a number to infect al creatures
  • countdownship: Initiates the Aurora countdown timer.
  • explodeship: Blows up the Aurora.
  • restoreship: Un-blows up- the Aurora.
  • startsunbeamstoryevent: Sunbeam story event.
  • sunbeamcountdownstart: Sunbeam countdown.
  • precursorgunaim: Bye, Sunbeam.
  • forcerocketready: Launch the escape rocket

Debug Commands

  • day: change to daytime.
  • night: change to nighttime.
  • daynightspeed [number]: replace [number] with “2” for double speed or with 0.5 por half speed
  • speed [number]: replace [number] with “2” for double speed or with 0.5 por half speed
  • entreset: Reload all assets
  • gamereset: Loads last save.
  • farplane [#]: to set view distance, replace [#] with a number (default = 1000)
  • fog: Toggles fog.
  • freecam: Toggles free camera
  • fps: Displays FPS
  • sizeref: Spawns a diver model.
  • vsync: Toggles vsync.

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