How to NoClip in Subnautica

How to NoClip in Subnautica

Last Updated on 18 June, 2022

How to NoClip in Subnautica – PC, Xbox, PlayStation & Nintendo Switch – We explain how to go through walls as if you were a ghost

The NoClip mode allows you to go through obstacles, such as walls, as if we were a ghost. As in many games, it requires the use of cheats or console commands, and the actions you take while using it may not count towards achievements. Although completely legal, the console commands are in the public domain and anyone who wants to can use them

How to NoClip in Subnautica

There is no cheat to enter NoClip mode, but there is a command to teleport forward the meters you indicate, regardless of any obstacles in the way.

So if for example you have a wall in front of you, and you just want to go through it, use the warpforward command. For example put warpforward 10, and it will teleport you 10 meters forward.

If you’ve never used console commands before, the first thing you need to know is how to enable the console:

How to Enable Console?

The way to open the command console varies depending on the console or PC you are playing on:

  • PC: Press F3, then press F8, finally untick the Disable Console Box
  • Xbox: Press LB + RB + A at the same time
  • PlayStation: Press LB + RB + A at the same time
  • Nintendo Switch: Press L + R + A at the same time

In all cases, after opening the console you will access a text box in which you can enter the command you want. In this case, if you want to NoClip, enter warpforward followed by a space and the number of meters you want to advance at the end. Actually this is not NoClip, but teleport forward

Maybe now that you have learned to use the console you want to try other commands, in the guides that we provide below we explain all the commands

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