Titanage Controls & Skills Roblox (2023)

Titanage Controls

Last Updated on 10 October, 2023

Titanage Controls & Skills Roblox – All the keys and buttons you need to know to find and eliminate Titans in Titanage, by Expel Studios

Titanage Controls – Full List

These are all the Titanage controls:

  • W, A, S, D – Move around (forward, left, back & right respectively)
  • W + W – Sprint
  • Mouse left button – Attack
  • Spacebar – Jump
  • Q – Grapple left
  • E – Grapple right
  • – Sheathe and unsheathe blades
  • R – Reload Blades
  • ` – Backpack
  • 1-7 – Skills on action bar (when unlocked)
  • Esc – Settings
  • Mouse wheel: Zoom in & out
  • H (Hold) – Color & warnings info

The game has also XBOX support

Practice with these buttons until you master them, although you will see that it is very easy

Also visit the codes list

Titanage Controls – Abilities

The only variable part of the controls are the skills. So the only thing you need to know is what skills you will fill keys 1 to 7 on your keyboard. For what it helps, these are the main skills (not passive)

It is important that you decide on a skill tree, as most are exclusive, and there are four trees from which you can choose

Skill Trees

Soldier Skill Tree:

  • Blade Throw: Throws your blades
  • Ambush: you instantly kill titans
  • Hand Grinder: slash the titan’s hand and get out of its grip
  • Burst: Uses some gas to boost towards the direction you’re travelling
  • Spinning Slash: kill nearby titans
  • Counter: dodge the attack and instantly kill the titan

Supplier Skill Tree:

  • Thunder Spears: explosion on hit.
  • Portable Supply Station
  • Acoustic Flare Gun Shells: stuns all titans nearby for 30 seconds

Medic Skill Tree:

  • Bandages: heal an ally’s health and injuries
  • Self Heal
  • Savior: Can save an ally being grabbed

Commander Skill Tree:

  • Silence: allies nearby stay hidden for 30 seconds
  • Burning Rage: allies nearby receive I-Frames for 20 seconds
  • Call To Arms: nearby allies will receive 2 blades and 3000 gas
  • Quick Draw: fire your luger at the nearest titan and blind them
  • Unseen Potential: you and every ally near you will receive the effects of every legendary mod for 30 seconds

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