Creatures of Sonaria Controls (2023)

Creatures of Sonaria Controls

Last Updated on 19 October, 2023

Roblox Creatures of Sonaria Controls – PC keyboard and Mobile – Learn to perform each of the actions in Mobile and PC (keyboard) using this controls guide

Roblox Creatures of Sonaria Controls – PC

These are all the controls for PC:

  • 1 – Broadcast call
  • 2 – Friendly call
  • 3 – Aggressive call
  • 4 – Voice call
  • F5 – witch between first person camera and third-person
  • ~ – Hold to keep free the cursor while using the first person camera
  • Ctrl + ~ – Hold to toggle free cursor while using the first person camera
  • F6 – Press to toggle head tilt while in first person camera mode and vice-versa
  • Mouse Wheel – Scroll to Zoom in / out
  • I – Zoom in
  • O – Zoom out
  • Arrows – Forward and backward allows for creature Movement, left and right for camera movement
  • WASD – Creature movement
  • Shift – Hold to sprint
  • Ctrl – Activates ambush, if you press it several times
  • Space (press) – Start Flying/Stop Flying or Glide/Air Boost while gliding
  • Space (hold) – Boost Underwater Speed
  • F – Switch to Glide from flying/Switch to Fly from gliding or Stop gliding
  • Q & E (Hold) – Holding while gliding, banking counterclockwise (left when not upside-down) and clockwise (right), respectively.
  • E (press) – Eat compatible food / Drink, & Carry/Drop Players & Escape from being carried or grabbed & Open Nest / Open food storage
  • E (hold) – Eat compatible food / Drink, but usually faster than by clicking
  • T – Press to Carry + Drop Food
  • Q – Active Special Ability
  • R – Press to Sit + Replenish stamina faster + Heal status. Press again to stay upright
  • Y – Press to Lay Down + Replenish stamina even faster + Heal status. Press again to stay upright
  • B or F8 – Create a Nest (Female Creatures) / Create a Food Storage (Male Creatures)
  • H – Sniff
  • N – Hide Your Scent
  • Z – Aggressive Display
  • X – Cower/Submissive Display + Replenish stamina even faster + Heal status
  • M – open/close Full Map View
  • Left Mouse – Attack
  • K – open Creature Stats
  • Shift +
    • F1: debug stats info
    • F2: extended graphic/performance/timing debug stats info
    • F3: extended packet sniffing info
    • F4: extended FPS/World/Kernel info
    • F5: basic debug stats info
  • F9 – Open or close console
  • F10 – Increase graphic quality
  • Shift + F10 – Reduce graphic quality
  • F11 – fullscreen
  • F12 – Start/Stop recording

Roblox Creatures of Sonaria Controls – Mobile

These are all the controls for Mobile, credits to wrldoflucky:

About Creatures of Sonaria – Grand Piece Online

Creatures of Sonaria is a WIP of a creature survival game!

Yenyasha is here! Get them + free rewards from our new missions system!

Galtekron has arrived, along with a ton of bug fixes and performance improvements!

  • Play as a variety of creatures
  • Grow up and survive in a beautiful world
  • Play as: bleeder/toxic/tank/flier/etc!
  • Use exciting combat abilities
  • Hang out and socialize with friends
  • Group with others and battle as a team
  • Hunt in a vast universe
  • Save, trade, and store your grown creatures
  • Nest in adorable babies, and act as their parent to raise them!
  • Survive various seasons, weather, and disasters
  • Reach a full adult, and mutate to become even stronger
  •  Survive harsh battles, and earn permanent battle scars

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