Deepwoken Controls Roblox (2023)

Deepwoken Controls

Last Updated on 19 October, 2023

Deepwoken Controls – So that you know everything you can do and with which keys on your keyboard

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Deepwoken Controls – PC

These are all the keyboard PC Controls:

  • Light Attack: Mouse First button
  • Feint & Cancel: Mouse Second button
  • Critical attack: Mouse third button or R
  • Interact: E
  • Parry: F
  • Block: Hold F
  • Switch Stance: Y
  • Taunt: T
  • Carry KO’d Enemy: V
  • Execute KO’d Enemy: B
  • Sprint: x2 W
  • Roll: Q
  • Crouch: Ctrl
  • Slide: Ctrl Sprinting
  • Journal & Backpack: TAB
  • Gesture: X
  • Toggle Cosmetic: P

About Deepwoken

Deepwoken is a difficult game with permanent character death. Losing characters is a part of the game that should be expected.

Seek out your destiny upon an unforgiving sea and unravel the mysteries of a dying world. Discover and modify powerful abilities, find unique strengths, and develop your character into a force to be reckoned with. Desperately try to escape the horrors that lurk just beneath the waves. Whatever you do, it’s your story to be told.

Developed by: Ragoozer, Arch_Mage, Melon_Sensei, Grimmkind, Dexerius
Built by: Zartania, melonbeard
Contributions from: Naktigonis (Music), Snakeworl(Scripting), yayafino(Scripting), iVenatrix(Scripting), Chicken_Man (Ships), EstheKing (Modelling), minkle (Modelling), HorrorTM (Modelling), Konrekhelm (Modelling), Snaliel (VFX), Zintenka (Modelling), KAHAEL (Clothing), Rengi (Clothing), Narutorobert (Clothing), elijahbutter (Animation), Asterul (Building)

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