Adopt Me Southeast Asia Update – Pets & Eggs

Adopt Me Southeast Asia Update Pets & Eggs

Last Updated on 6 March, 2023

Adopt Me Southeast Asia Update – Pets & Eggs – Collect, trade, and hatch a variety of furry, feathery, and scaly creatures from the lush jungles, mountains, and deserts of Southeast Asia. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore a new world of pets in Adopt Me. Play now!

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Adopt Me Update Explore the Exciting World of Southeast Asia Pets

If you’re an avid fan of Roblox Adopt Me, get ready for some exciting news! The game has just released an update featuring a brand new egg filled with pets from Southeast Asia. These furry, feathery, and scaly creatures are ready for you to hatch, collect, and trade with your friends. So, let’s dive in and explore the latest updates to the game.

Release Date of Adopt Me Southeast Asia Update

The new Adopt Me update featuring the Southeast Asia pets went live on March 2, so you can start playing and collecting them right away.

New Pets in Adopt Me Update

The new pets come from various locations in Southeast Asia, including jungles, deserts, and mountains. They are all unique and super adorable, making it even more exciting to collect them all. Here’s a list of the new creatures with their hatch rates, sorted by rarity.

Common – 35% hatch rate

  • Bali Starling
  • Malay Tapir
  • Maleo Bird

Uncommon – 25% hatch rate

  • Banded Palm Civet
  • Yellow Lipped Sea Krait

Rare – 20% hatch rate

  • Gecko
  • Tarsier

Ultra Rare – 16% hatch rate

  • Komodo Dragon
  • Black Macaque
  • Binturong

Legendary – 4% hatch rate

  • Tree Kangaroo
  • Naga Dragon

How Much Does Adopt Me Southeast Asia Eggs Cost?

To get your hands on the Southeast Asia eggs, you can purchase them from the Adopt Me Nursery for 750 bucks. You can earn bucks through login bonuses, money trees, completing objectives, and in-game paychecks that you receive every 15 minutes.

Why You Should Get Excited About the Adopt Me Update

The new Adopt Me update is a great opportunity to explore the rich and diverse wildlife of Southeast Asia. The new creatures are not only cute but also unique to this part of the world. As you collect them all, you’ll learn about different animals and their habitats.

Adopt Me offers a wide range of features and mini-games that keep the game exciting and engaging. You can trade pets, decorate your house, play mini-games, and interact with other players from around the world. Thanks to Lyciio


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