Shindo Life Update 197 – 198

Shindo Life update

Last Updated on 5 October, 2023

Shindo Life Update 132 – All the changes of the latest Updates – You can find Updates like events, maps, buffs, characters, and More

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Shindo Life Update 197 – 198 – Last

  • 1st Community Bloodline: God Kaijin (Tetsuo Kaijin)
  • 4 Accessories
  • Competitive Void Glitch Damage Fix (Test atm)
  • Glitch: Jokei Fist does not knock back
  • Glitch: When you run out of stamina while using Vine 2nd it does not go on cooldown, you can keep spamming the move for Iframes mid combo without stamina until you run out of chakra, on top of that in certain maps like training you get glitched underground when you get ragdolled and use Vine 2nd, and you can glitch out of the map into the void.
  • Glitch: Using the first stage of aizden mode with jokei martial will cause your m1s to have no knockback.
  • Glitch: Kamaki Akuma MODE TP’s but with dash animation, it slows down the person immensely

Shindo Life Update 195 – 196

  • Aizden Bloodline
  • Espada
  • Collect Hollow Mask Concept
  • Aizden Inverse
  • Aizden Staf

Shindo Life Update 161 – 162

  • PTS Raion drops cursemark rework 1/25
  • Old Maps spawn times/spawn times placement on new maps fixed
  • Cursemark markings
  • Cursemark wings 3d
  • cursemark animations
  • q spec = break arms rush
  • e spec = black chidori floor nagashi
  • 1st z spec = black chidori lions barrage
  • markings appear effect
  • 2nd q spec = 1st z spec but turned into counter
  • 4 New Mask + custom mask redesign
  • 2nd z spec =black chidori click tp
  • 2nd e spec = black chidori rush
  • new animation for modeup
  • cursemake m1s
  • the last mask uses first mask texture (over head on the side)
  • Lariat Fist (combat art)

Shindo Life Update 139 – 140

  • Bruce Kenichi
  • Dr Fate Skin
  • upgrade: m1 delays to air combo white list abilities
  • Konchu C Spec damage fix
  • Konchu 3rd move handsign reduce
  • Konchu 2nd move damage buff
  • Paper C Spec, cooldown reduce, auto tracking speed increase
  • Paper 3rd move chi reduce, damage increase, handsign reduced
  • Paper 2nd move chi reduced
  • Paper 1st move re-balanced, chi take reduce, cd increase, dmg fix
  • Glacier C Spec speed increase
  • Glacier 3rd move handsign reduce, auto tracking speed increased
  • Glacier 1st move handsign reduce
  • Dokei C Spec damage buff
  • Dokei 3rd move faster auto tracking
  • Dokei 1st move have same movement at Batman 1st
  • Ember Hurricane buff
  • Light/Dark/Gold Jokei Stage 1-3 m1 knockback removed
  • Kamizuru m1 poison damage buff
  • Seishin C spec damage increased
  • Seishin moded m1 knockback removed
  • saberu 2nd move damage added to clones (12k per clone)
  • dangan q spec buff
  • dangan beast summon last m1 block break
  • dangan mode knockback removed
  • sand z spec damage reduce
  • sand mode combat knock removed
  • sand 2nd takes more chi
  • byakugan gold/ byakugan Q Spec new movement
  • Kenichi stm take reduce on all moves
  • Kenichi 1st handsign removed
  • Kenichi 2nd move aoe buff
  • Kenichi 2nd stage passive auto dodge nerf
  • black lightning mode 1 sec iframe added, z spec damage increase
  • black lightning 3rd move breaker removed placed to 1st, cd reduce
  • black lightning 2nd move range increase cd reduce
  • black lightning 1st move turned into blockbreaker, auto tracking removed, speed increase
  • Azarashi 1st stage endlag remove
  • infinite m1 patch v2
  • Q spec fix
  • Storm 3rd move aoe reduce, handsigns removed, 2 second iframe added, GCD 2
  • Storm 2nd move damage increase, auto tracking/hitbox improved
  • Storm 1st move range fix, damage fix
  • Ink 3rd move chi reduce, damage increase
  • Shizen 2nd move damage re shuffle. sleep stun damage
  • Wanziame Z Spec hitbox fix, slow’s down opponent, speed buff
  • Wanziame 1st move auto tracking speed increase
  • Handsigns removed from Kerada 1st move
  • Kokotsu Q Spec knock back removed, damage fix
  • Paper Q Spec, paper shuriken, add explosion effect, rotate shuriken
  • Okami 3rd move remake (arena version)
  • Okami c spec re make
  • Minakami (Shirogane) q spec turret flame thrower
  • Konchu 1st move damage counter fix
  • Konchu M1 no knockback chi drain fix
  • Kokotsu (kaguya) 2nd move have same movement at batman 1st
  • Wanziame (hoshigaki) z spec cooldowns down after it’s activated
  • Giovanni/Jotaro 2nd stage knockback removed
  • Giovanni + Jotaro 2nd mode drain reduced heavil
  • Jotaro visual changes
  • dangan block break fix

Shindo Life Update 132

  • Raion Gaiden (Mode drop will be in event)
  • move 1 black flame Lightning Susanoo kirin dragons
  • move 2 chibakutensei meteor blaze chidori
  • move 3 susanoo combo into pull aircombo
  • Narumaki SP 2nd Mode
  • q spec = counter shadow clone rasengan barrage
  • e spec turn into current C spec
  • c spec = planetary massive rasenshuriken
  • Raion Gaiden Uniform (2 Variants)
  • sub log duration buff to 4 seconds, range increased, placed on GCD 2
  • New Block and Dodge System (with damage count/combo damage count)
  • fix npc attacks
  • m1 (0.5x damage), m2 (0.5x damage), m3 (1x damage), m4 (2x damage), m5 (1.5x damage)
  • Martial Arts only have 5 m1’s, including ryuji/kenichi others with multiple m1s
  • Air Combo (Space Spec) Damage fix: this did no damage, (1k stamina drain)
  • Air Combo (Jump/Space) Damage fix: this did no damage
  • Air Combo (Q Spec) Damage fix on first hit and buff overall damage (1k stamina drain)
  • Air combo: regular damage on all three m1’s
  • Ink C Spec buff

Shindo Life Update 123 – 129

  • Sand flight broken for mobile players but other flights work
  • Body Replacement reworked, back on GCD9, doesn’t require scroll spawn
  • Narumaki Barrage Hitbox timing fix
  • Raion Rengoku full susanoo blade (boss drop)
  • Arahaki Jokei rush rotation (boss drop)
  • shindai akuma lightning (boss drop)
  • Kaijin Mode Q Spec: Buff, Blockbreak + More damage
  • Kaijin 2nd move, handsign reduce by 1
  • Kaijin 3rd move, handsign reduce by 2
  • Gravity combat art (boss drop)
  • Doku Scorpion 3rd move effect fix
  • black lightning 1st move stun revamp
  • black lightning 2nd move handsign reduce by 2 | Stun increase | Effect improvement
  • black lightning 3rd move change from stun to blockbreak | Effect Visibility
  • black lightning mode 2x range / tp / stat buff / effect improvement
  • Dokei 2nd move removed from Stun GCD
  • Senko 1st move teleport re-work
  • Azarashi 1st move handsign removed (insta-cast)
  • Shado 1st move made it faster and better tracking and fixed hitbox not hitting
  • Shado 2nd move reworked, pull concept
  • Sand Z Spec doesn’t have cooldown fix
  • Sand Q Spec doesnt have cooldown fix
  • Forged Rengoku and Sengoku 1st move doesnt launch bombs fix
  • rengoku 1st move = holddown and release more holddown = bigger allmighty push + damage
  • rengoku 2nd move = revamp
  • rengoku 3rd move = remake the whole thing new chibaku tensei effect like sengoku
  • rengoku mode = chakra pole range combat (all paths follow player) arrow which is only visible to the player shows which path form they are using
  • despawns all companions and wont let the user use companions while in Rengoku mode
  • rinnegan companions cant die, only enter a resting state, increase walkspeed
  • rengoku c spec1 = asura path missile barage auto track improve
  • rengoku cspec2 = soul drain blood (revamped) (mode take etc)
  • rengoku companions chi rod combat
  • rengoku c spec3 = animal path giant bird bombs exploding eggs
  • rengoku cspec4 = preta path effect re-work
  • (Korashi) rengoku cspec5 = naraka path king of hell summon click and the tounge sticks out draining their soul (hp and chi)
  • make companions reactivate after using c spec
  • q spec = counter pull 5 paths combo
  • Rengoku Full Cloak + 5 individual Piercings
  • new king of hell asset
  • rengoku bird animal path new asset
  • ember rising stamina reduce by 3k
  • bruce dragon combo stamina reduce by 2k
  • combo breaker stamina reduced reduce by 2k
  • ember hurricane stamina consumption cut in half
  • Obi Ren Kengoku (Rengoku Skin)

Shindo Life Update 121

GCD1 = Regular Stuns
GCD2 (allowed mid combos) = AutoDodge/Iframe/counter/TP Counter
GCD3 = Aggro Clones
GCD4 = Dunk Slam Stun
GCD5 = Senko: Spirit Bomb / Senko: Storm / teleport spammables
GCD6 = Overpowered block breakers (Not used)
GCD7 = Companion Stun
GCD8 (allowed mid combos) = Old counter (Not used) (back to GCD2)
GCD9 = Breakaway
GCD10 = (Not used)
GCD11 = Close Range Jutsu Stun (n/a yet) (Update 122)
GCD12 = Jutsu Iframe/no-Iframe Counter (n/a yet) (Update 122)

Shindo Life Update 120

  • Variety mud name changed to Aidens Son Mud
  • duel pads added to tempest
  • duel pads added to shindai valley
  • jejunes duel pads fixed
  • new ember duel pads fixed
  • duel pads added to forest of embers
  • body sub corrected
  • bankai inferno 1st move corrected
  • narumaki 2nd move removed from global iframe cooldown
  • shindai 3rd move reworked
  • shindai akuma 1st move counter re-added buff
  • sengoku 3rd move frame animations fix
  • sengoku 2nd move range buff
  • Raion Style: Inferno Armour Control frame time reduce
  • riser 3rd move iframe nerf
  • raion 3rd move iframe nerf
  • shindai rengoku counter chi lowered
  • Kagoku mode ban
  • satori akuma 3rd move fix
  • ryuji kenichi plat 3rd move, The Randy Orton buff
  • ryuji platinum 3rd move glitch fix
  • Akuma Hand iframes
  • Earth Wall handsign reduced
  • Shock Cloak 1st stage m1 priority (endlag removed)
  • Boxing Art Buff
  • Jeet Kune Do Art buff
  • Stm reduce for Bruce Dragon Combo
  • Pika second 2nd move double chi fix
  • Pika Senko 1st move double chi fix
  • Jejunes empty scroll fix
  • Training logs added to jejunes
  • rarity reduce for Toad Flame Spirit & Jokei Fist
  • ryo prices for bloodlines reduced
  • ryo prices subjutsu reduced on 7-8 figure prices (all boss drops prices reduced)
  • 11 New Hairs
  • 9 New Beards
  • Sand Crawler Boss Battle
  • Sand Crawler Sage
  • Vanhelsing Bloodline
  • Robux prices reduced on Limited Bloodlines
  • Robux prices on spins reduced

Update 118 & 119

  • Fixed Autododge/Breakaway affect Shindo Storm
  • use new property for shindo to upgrade xbox
  • Xbox navigation system fix
  • The new kagoku boss sometimes does not spawn after skipping the cutscene
  • Kagoku plat q spec fix
  • Forged Sengoku 3rd move
  • Kagoku/Forged Domain fix
  • Spirit command fix
  • z mode cloak glitch
  • Kerada 3rd fix
  • Shiro C Spec fix
  • Emerald 1st double chi fix
  • Renshiki 2nd move takes double chi.
  • change bubble chat on each server to roblox new bubble chat
  • supersoldier| 15% hp 15% chi 25% st
  • ricecake| 16% HP 12% Chi 10%stm
  • herowater| 13% HP 18% Chi 40% stm
  • plateofcurry| 10% HP 20% Chi 30% stm
  • ice shurikens and batshuriken fix
  • Sengoku Stage 3
  • Sengoku s1-2 New Cloak
  • sengoku meteor re-work/ new effects for moves
  • new village jejunes
  • Sengoku boss fight
  • Fire Bending Martial Arts
  • borumaki boss drop
  • Jokei Martial Arts
  • satori inf flight
  • remove event / relocate to main missions
  • fix light jokei boss
  • sengoku inferno

Update 117

  • shindai rengoku modeban removed
  • pika senko 2nd move fix and buff
  • toshiro 1st cooldown fix
  • Sengoku 1st has iframe
  • kerada 3rd removed from global iframe
  • shiro mode fix
  • shiver akuma level fix
  • rengoku level fix
  • Two Bladed Scythe m1 fix
  • rengoku 3rd move off global
  • increased hyperarmour for bone blade
  • increased hyperarmour for riser blade
  • increased hyperarmour for dagai blade
  • removed hyper armour from combo breaker
  • change some martial arts q specs up
  • beesword elemental sword glitch
  • inf mode bug with susanoo customization
  • broomstick fix
  • toshiro moves have transparency to it
  • body sub bug fix
  • move stacking bug
  • disable countering while in knockback
  • ember hurricane fix
  • 5 Kagoku Cloak RC Shop
  • kagoku Ash staff
  • kagoku boss
  • kagoku vl
  • kagoku lava dimension
  • kagoku sand dimension
  • kagoku ice dimension
  • Kagoku Rabbit Mode
  • Kagoku Event / Cutscene
  • staminapot |50%stm
  • soldierpill |20%chi 10%hp 20stm
  • mix pot | 30%chi 10%hp 10%stm
  • hp shot | 2% / max hp x 9 tick (64,800 hp at 360k)
  • hp pot | 15%hp (54k HP) 5%chi 5%stm
  • gingerbread | 15% chi 15% hp 15 stm
  • chi shot | 4% / max chi x 12 tick
  • chi pot | 25%chi 5%hp 5%stm
  • All consumable’s rebalanced
  • Health Stim unbanned from pvp
  • shindai voicelines
  • kabuto weapon massive lag
  • shindai rengoku stage 2 hitbox fix
  • ryuji 5 min CD
  • RELLcoin prices reduced by half
  • kagoku platinum

Shindo Life Update – 116

  • Gingerbread Chad boss battle event
    • Drops a Gingerbread Man Summon
    • Drop an Avalanche Ability
  • Tree Spirit boss battle event
    • Drops an Illusion Technique that mirrors another player
    • Drops a Wooden Shield
  • Happy Holiday Elves – Spawns in different areas of the game and has a gift icon over their head. Talk to them to get either Spins or RELL Coins!
  • New Winter Map
  • New Shiro Glacier Bloodline

Shindo Life Update – 115

  • Spiderman EKG
  • scorch 1st, frost 1st stacking fix
  • narumaki points increase
  • shindai points increase
  • narumkai 3rd move buff
  • shindai akuma q buff
  • scorch/frost buff
  • chakra dash changed to double tapping c + can break strong block
  • make dashing more visible to where player is going to go
  • fix block
  • increase trainer points to 50 per training
  • way to switch mentors for RC or robux (cheats gui)
  • narumaki c spec auto track / recode
  • cobra/kabu 1st move damage buff
  • cobra/kabu 2nd move knockback reduce
  • global autododge cd removed from Raion Samurai Counter (not a true iframe)
  • doku ten/scorp
  • ghost azarashi/inferno
  • cobra/ghost korashi/doku tengoku knock back test
  • perf block fix

Shindo Life Update – 113-114

Mentor Training Stats & Perks:

Narumaki (Narumaki Bridge)

  • Stats Build: Chi/Nin
  • Chi 6600
  • Nin 6700
  • Tai 6000
  • Health 6700 | 402k HP
  • Perks = Chi Dash, Faster/Passive Charging

Jiso Seishin (Tempest)

  • Stats Build: Health/Nin
  • Chi 6000
  • Nin 6500
  • Tai 6000
  • Health 7500 | 450k HP
  • Perks = Stronger block, Faster/Passive charging

Shindai (Shindai Valley)

  • Stats Build: Balance
  • Chi 6450
  • Nin 6450
  • Tai 6300
  • Health 6800 | 408k HP
  • Perks = Wider Dash, Chi Dash

Ryuji Kenichi (Training Grounds)

  • Stats Build: Health/Tai
  • Chi 6000
  • Nin 6000
  • Tai 7000
  • Health 7000 | 420k HP
  • Perks = Wider Dash, Stronger block


  • Alphirama Shizen
  • Gold Jokei (True Limited)
  • Shindai Akuma: Genjutsu Wood (Subjutsu)
  • Pts Raion: Gaint Shuriken (Subjutsu)
  • Ashen Storm Raigo (Subjutsu)
  • Raion Akuma Susanoo Shield Counter (Subjutsu)
  • Pika Senko: Blinding Light Genjutsu (Subjutsu)
  • Xeno Dokei: Blood Wave (Subjutsu)
  • Kamui Fireball (Forged Akuma) (Subjutsu)
  • Garin Atomic: Atomic Stuns (Subjutsu)
  • Sand Rasenshuriken (Subjutsu)
  • Ryuji Kenichi (Training Grounds) (Mentor)
  • Shindai Akuma (Shindai Valley) (Mentor)
  • Jiso Seishin (Tempest) (Mentor)
  • Narumaki (Bridge) (Mentor)
  • Mentor Training System
  • Voice Lines
  • 5 Scroll Accessory
  • 6 Kamaki Outfit
  • 7000 Health = Stronger Block (blockbar turns green) (PASSIVE)
  • 6400 Nin & Chi = Chi Dash (C + Click) (PASSIVE)
  • 6200 Taijutsu = Wider X Dash beyond dash (PASSIVE)
  • 6500 Nin = Faster Charging / passive regen / 1.5x faster (PASSIVE)

Balances + Fixes

  • Prism/Gold Light First Ability End Lag reduced
  • Paper 1st move chi fix
  • Borumaki 3rd move chi fix
  • Shindai Ren/Yang 3rd move Chi fix
  • Ryuji 2nd move fix
  • Satori Gold 2nd move fix
  • Doku 1st move damage buff
  • Doku 2nd move fix
  • Stone Style: Fist Of Steel CD + Chi Reduced
  • Doku 2nd and 3rd move chakra take fix
  • Flight Drain Stamina: Doku Tengoku, Satori Rengoku/Gold
  • Add Flight to Doku Scorpion
  • Bankai Inferno/Riser Inferno first move c spec duplicate glitch
  • Doku 2nd move they can attack you in it
  • shiver and thunder 2nd move 🙂
  • combustion 1st/fire 4th move buff
  • Fix the animation bug on Acrobat Style
  • Fix the bug on Firework katana with Spider cursed spirit
  • gold jokei 2nd q spec cooldown broken

Map Updates

  • Reduce Prices for Shindo Storm Characters


  • Arena X: Ryo Increase by 60%
  • Shindo Storm: Ryo Increase by 60%
  • Conquest: Ryo Increase by 60%

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