Jailbreak Update – Season 11


Last Updated on 1 October, 2022

Jailbreak Update – Season 10 – June 2022 –  All the changes of the latest updates – You can find updates like events, tanks, bases, new engines, and More

Jailbreak Update – Season 11

  • Added the exclusive Shell Classic.
  • Added a new season: Season 11: Toys & Collectibles.
  • Revamped the Cargo Train robbery.
  • Revamped the Passenger Train robbery.
  • Revamped the safes system.
  • Added Season Pass gifting.
  • Added Contracts re-rolls.
  • Updated Casino interior.
  • Added tumbleweeds in Messa Desert.

Jailbreak Update – Season 10 Mid Season

  • Added the new limited Snake.
  • Revamped the Monster Truck.
  • Added the bonus robbery reward system.
  • Added the Hyperchromes and Hypershift colors.
  • Updated graphics & materials.
  • Major weapon & vehicle changes.
  • Fixed bugs and more.
  • Added a code HyperChrome for $10,000.
  • More info here: [Update Changelog]

Jailbreak Update – Trade Island Expansion

  • Added the Trading Island.
  • Added the limited Sail Wing spoiler.
  • Added Trading.

Jailbreak Update – Season 10

  • Added a new season: Season 10: Rich & Famous.
  • Added Beach Town.
  • Added a countdown near Ship in Beach Town.
  • Relocated the 1M Dealership to Town.
  • New Radiant color: Radiant Green.
  • Revamped the Criminal Lair.
  • Ramp changes.
  • Moved the Tow Truck spawn to Beach Town.
  • Code “Season10” for 10,000.

Jailbreak Update – Fast Travel Jets

  • Added the Private Jet: a feature to travel between airports.
  • Redesigned the Bank.
  • New Bank floor: Upper Management.
  • Moved the 1M Dealership to Crater City with a new look.
  • Added a Gun Shop in Crater City.
  • Added a Garage in Crater City.
  • Added Directional indicators.
  • Added 2 new Stallion spawns.
  • Buffed Stallion launch speed.
  • Fixed Jet innocent message bug.
  • ATMs moved to E-prompts.

Jailbreak Update – Season 9

  • Season 9: A New Journey has began.
  • Added the Jackrabbit that can be obtained at level 8.
  • Levels and leaderboards refreshed.
  • Redesigned the Season Arena.

Jailbreak Update – Year Anniversary Live

  • Map expanded by 50%, including Crater City, Crater City Airport, Racetrack and Casino.
  • Revamped numerous existing Locations.
  • New Casino hesit location.
  • Relocated the Power Plant.
  • Removed the Fire Station and Town Garage 1.
  • Players that were part of 5 Year Anniversary Live Event received Live Glider Spoiler.
  • Badcc and Asimo3089 npcs return to Donut Shop and Gas Station.
  • Completely revamped Volcano Criminal Base.
  • Moved Firetruck, Delorean and Ray 9 spawns.
  • Bank’s exterior is somewhat destroyed.
  • Renamed the International Airport to Bounty Bay Airport, and completely revamped it.

Jailbreak Update – Tow Truck

  • Added the Tow Truck.
  • The Minimap can now be expanded.
    • Waypoints can be added on the Minimap.
    • Enlarged the player blips on the Minimap.
  • Horns can now be customized in the Garage.
  • Added code “TOW“, redeemable for 10,000.
  • Added a one-time unban pass for 1500.
  • Added a small detail in the night, every now and then, you can see bullets flying through the sky, or meteors.

Jailbreak Update – McLaren F1

  • The McLaren F1 Event has started.
  • Added a vehicle, the MCL36. It can be purchased for a limited time.
  • Added two new locations, the McLaren F1 Racetrack and the McLaren Skyscraper. Both locations will be removed after the event.
  • Fixed a bug preventing non-Premium garage gamepass owners from changing their vehicle licence plate.
  • Changing vehicle licence plate is now free.

Jailbreak Update – Spring 2022

  • New spring themed map.
  • Season 8: Looking to the Future has began.
  • Added the Celsior that can be obtained at level 10.
  • Levels and leaderboards refreshed.
  • The Icebreaker is now unobtainable and its spawn has been removed.
  • Revamped the Garage UI, with favourites, sorts and more.
  • Added the Badger.
  • Changed the Water Tower to a light green color to match the spring map.
  • Reduced spawn range by 20% from the opposing team.
  • Brighter map.

Jailbreak Update – Museum

  • Revamped settings UI, with multiple new settings.
  • Completely revamped Museum.
  • Retired Classic and Airtail.
  • The Boxer now has another spawn, located on left side of the Museum.
  • Added limited-time T-Rex rims.
  • Added SWAT Phone, which is used to view Security Cameras anywhere.
  • The Bonded rims, the NASCAR tire, and the Radiant Orange color are now unobtainable.
  • Added Radiant Ice skin.
  • Added Dinosaur Bone spoiler as the reward for the Soccer Ball Challenge.
  • Added new VIP server commands for VIP server owners.
  • Added code “Museum” reedemable for 5,000, which lasts for one week.
  • Increased the price of the SWAT Gamepass from 350 to 400

Jailbreak Update – Winter

  • Added Tank! Spawns at Military Base
  • Levels and leaderboards refreshed!
  • Revamped Rocket Fuel bar and license plate UI
  • All new Winter Map!
  • The Jewelry Store received a major revamped with 6 new randomized layouts!
  • All vehicles including retired now show SPEEDOMETER ui will you drive them.
  • Season 7 Ice cold started!
  • Added Icebreaker can get obtained at level 10.
  • Added security cameras! Police can track a criminal robbing something in any of the Police Stations.

NASCAR/Mid-Season update (Part 3)

  • The official Jailbreak X NASCAR Event.
  • Added two new vehicles: NASCAR and NASCAR Free (Limited Time)
  • Added the NASCAR Racetrack (Limited Time)
  • Revamped UI on PC and mobile.
  • Mobile UI buttons are now thumb-based and in a radial menu.
  • The Museum Bag, Tomb gems and Cargo Plane crates are now considered items.
  • The above items can now be dropped.
  • Added a new Bank floor, The Basement.
  • Vehicle Physics changed, most notably for helicopters.
  • Vehicle Camera now uses the latest Roblox vehicle camera.
  • Power Plant puzzle can now be only solved at the computer itself.

Fall 2021/Season 6 Fall Update

  • Added a new Season: Season 6: Race To The Top.
  • Added a New Level 10 vehicle: The Beignet and other seasonal rewards.
  • Levels are now uncapped.
  • Fall map added along with hot air balloons as well as new lighting.
  • Updated the Hypezone.
  • Added item dropping feature.
  • Adapted contract system.
  • Removed majority of the contracts.
  • Three new contracts.
  • A new code “fall2021” that gives Cash Icon.png5,000 in-game cash.
  • Added VIP server commands.
  • The Banana Car’s spawn point is now removed and retired.
  • Added seasonal global leaderboards.
  • Slightly revamped the Prison cells area.
  • The Radiant Yellow color’s glow has been added back.
  • Made the Water Tower neon orange to match the Fall theme.
  • Altered the Pet Shop building color to match the Fall theme as well as some other buildings.

5 Days of Vehicles Update (Part 2)

Day 1 (Tuesday, August 31, 2021)

  • Added The Camper.
  • Added robbery markers to the Cargo Plane, Cargo Train, Cargo Ship, and Passenger Train.
  • System messages, notifications, and crew now use the player’s display name instead of their username.
  • Gamemodes have been removed for a future revamp.
  • Removed the glass walls from the Control Tower.
  • Auto load gun skins after equip.
  • Made the C4, missiles, and explosives team-friendly.
  • Altered the Deja’s spawn to be on the road instead of being inside a house garage.
  • Numerous bug fixes, such as the Drone now having a window tint option and the Ray having a glow option.

Day 2 (Wednesday, September 1st, 2021)

  • Added Ray 9.
  • Added the Jailbreak MotorSport tire decals.
  • Keycards are no longer required to rob the Cargo Plane.
  • New cloud lightning effect, removing mesh clouds.
  • Numerous bug fixes and minor adjustments, such as VIP server owners having the “Kick” GUI again and fixing rocking boats.

Day 3 (Thursday, September 2nd, 2021)

  • Added The Trailblazer.
  • New kill aura and noclip exploiting prevention.
  • Made it so you can now equip the grenades anytime at the gun store.
  • Numerous of bug fixes such as the Ray 9’s suspension being too high and resetting or dying in your vehicle kept you alive.

Day 4 (Friday, September 3rd, 2021)

  • Added Torero.
  • New Cinematic Camera for VIP server owners (LShift+P).
  • New Jewelry Store waist bag.
  • Border contrast to CrossHair.
  • Bottom door of the Tomb now stays open until robbery closes.
  • Fixed numerous of bugs such as Jet missiles now doing damage and fixed the ammo counter from being slow.

Day 5 (Saturday, September 4th, 2021)

  • Added Concept Car.
  • Grenades now show damage incidicators above the target’s head.
  • Numerous of bug fixes such as cars no longer UFO’ing and bank vault changes.
  • Removed pinstripes

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