Pet Simulator X Update – May Fools


Last Updated on 10 May, 2023

Pet Simulator X Update – Christmas Update Part 1 –  All the changes of the latest updates – We are in Christmas, its time to be happy and play Pet Simulator X. Find the latests events, pets, eggs and more

The second Christmas update will come on 25th! Stay Tuned, we will update this guide

Pet Simulator X Update – April Fools

Infinite Pets

Remember the Infinite Pets gamepass in Pet Simulator 1? I originally made it as a joke and it kind of just stuck. Tons of people enjoyed it. I think it’s only fitting I bring it back on April Fools!

Over 500 pets equipped at once!

April Fools Event

Follow the hints for a FREE exclusive pet!

Pet Simulator X Update – Axolotl Update

Axolotl Ocean

Grab some scuba gear and explore the depths in the brand new Axolotl Ocean World! You can get here by crossing through The Void.

Axolotl Pets

Everyone loves axolotls. So we made a bunch of them! Enjoy 🙂

Axolotl Eggs

Hatch two brand new eggs, including their golden variants! Available in the Axolotl Ocean.

The Void

The ultimate gateway to alternate dimensions.

Hacker Portal

The Hacker Portal can now be opened! But first, you must complete a series of quests. Good luck!

Rainbow Coins

Introducing – Rainbow Coins! You can earn and spend these coins in the Axolotl Ocean and other upcoming worlds/areas. This also includes a new enchantment – Rainbow Coins!

New Exclusive Egg

The Orca, Gargoyle Dragon, Fairy Queen, and the Huge Gargoyle Dragon are now available in the new Exclusive Egg! Get them before they are gone forever!

Remastered Machines

All machines received a total makeover! I never liked how they looked originally (I’m not the best artist). Much needed improvement. Thanks Calvin!

Giant Underwater Chest

Pet Simulator X Update – Glitch Update

Glitched Pets

Seven brand new Glitched Pets have been added! These pets have some of the coolest designs so far, in my opinion. Look how sick they are!

Hacked Pets

Five new hacker themed pets are ready to be hatched including the Huge Hacked Cat!

2 New Eggs

Two brand new eggs (including their golden variations) have been added!

Glitch Area

Hacker Portal Area

Secret Door?

Huh..? Secret door? What??

Featured Pets Egg

Trying something different this update. The Exclusive Pets Egg contains 3 new exclusive pets, at 800 robux per egg! I also threw in a Huge Pet just for fun. Like always, these pets won’t be sticking around – so get them while you can!

Tier 8 Bank

You can now store up to 1 trillion diamonds and 3,000+ pets with a Tier 8 Bank! The price is hefty, though.

Better Egg Opening

Egg opening has always looked very dull and illegible. I took some time at fixing the latter. Pet info is now rendered in 3d and looks much cleaner & easier to read! I made some other minor changes, too. Let me know what you think. This is just the start of what will hopefully be a much better hatching experience.

Tech World Uplift

The Tech World has received a fresh coat of paint! Notably the skybox – which looks absolutely gorgeous.

Merch Pets Backend

Merch Pets (plushy pets) no longer read from a database. Pet ownership info will now appear instantly.

Pet Simulator X Update – Christmas Update 2/2

Christmas Event Quests

Complete a series of quests for HUGE rewards including Gingerbread, Diamonds, Boosts, and even an exclusive Sleigh Hoverboard


You can now unlock 8 new hoverboards, including the Bling Hoverboard, VIP Hoverboard, Rainbow Hoverboard, and more

Super Magnet Gamepass

This pass will make coins and lootbags fly at you, available for 400 Robux

New Menu Buttons

The menu buttons received an uplift

Candy Canes

Candy Canes can now be found all over the map! Break them for tons of gingerbread

Limited Time Christmas Egg

There’s a chance you can get the Huge Santa Paws pet


  • Double Gingerbread: Gingerbread has received yet another buff and has been doubled for everyone! Enjoy!
  • More SFX: SFX has been added to collecting bank interest, earning boosts, and more!
  • Health Scaling: Gingerbread Chests, Diamond Presents, and Candy Canes will now scale their health based on their spawn location!
  • More Lootbags: Get even more lootbags now when breaking chests!
  • Huge Festive Cat Buff: The Huge Festive Cat drop rate has been tripled! Good luck!

Pet Simulator X Update – Christmas Update 1/2

Christmas Event

  • It is time to immerse into the holiday spirit!
  • A brand new world is available only for a Limited Time.
  • You can access the limited time Christmas Event world using a cannon in the Spawn World.


  • With the Christmas Event comes a new currency: Gingerbread is the new brand; it is a limited currency in the game!
  • You can earn gingerbread just by playing normally. Spend it on the limited time eggs!

4 New Eggs

  • Four limited time eggs have been added, including:
  • Jolly Egg (+ Gold Version)
  • Gingerbread Egg (+ Gold Version)
  • Christmas Tree Egg (+ Gold Version)
  • Egg of Many Gifts

23 New Pets

  • Almost two dozen new cuddly pets have been added to the game!
  • This includes 3 new exclusive pets:
  • 3 new Mythicals
  • new hatchable Huge pet

and more (Good luck hatching the Huge Festive Cat! You’ll need it.)

Festive Map

  • Grab your winter coats, it’s snowing!
  • The map has been given a holiday makeover.
  • This includes the Trading Plaza.
  • Make sure to keep your pets warm!

Santa Paws Gifts

  • Every so often, Santa Paws will drop off gifts for everyone in the server!
  • Gifts can range from diamonds, gingerbread, and even boosts!

(There is no limit on how many gifts you can receive.)

Giant Gingerbread Chest

  • Every 15-30 minutes a Giant Gingerbread Chest will spawn in a random world!
  • Harvest it for tons of Gingerbread!

Festive Lootbags

  • Lootbags have a chance to spawn paired with a festive lootbag!
  • Festive lootbags give tons of Gingerbread! There is also a very small chance a festive gift will spawn, too!

Pet Simulator X Update – Christmas Update 1/2 – Changes in Game

Unequip All Button

The day has finally arrived!!! You all asked, you received.
You can now unequip all pets.
Simply equip your best pets and click again to unequip all. Enjoy! 🙂

Pet Icon Loading

Pet Icons now have a loading animation! Pretty necessary now that there are hundreds of unique pets.

Coin Selecting Changes

Selecting coins has been buggy for a while now. This isn’t because I’m unable to fix it… actually, I did fix it – but had to revert it quickly after lots of backlash.
Apparently people use these bug(s) to AFK farm. Pet Simulator X decided to fix it permanently anyways. So it’s fixed.

Boost Calculations

Boosts (including the friends boost) now calculate correctly for rewards.

Pet Simulator X Update – Bank Update – Added

The Bank

  • Introducing: The Bank!

With a Bank account, you can:

  • Store large amounts of pets & diamonds
  • Share cross-server with friends (& people you trust)
  • Earn daily interest on Diamonds

It currently costs 7.5m Diamonds to open an account. Accounts start at Tier 1 and can currently be upgraded to Tier 7. Higher tier = better perks.

Anyone can invite you to their bank. Currently, you can be apart of 5 banks at once. Tier 7 banks can have up to 6 members, each.

To open an account, look for the Bank Building. You can find it in every world except the Tech World.

We plan to do a lot with this. Think: Bank leaderboards, clan battles (with super exclusive rewards), and much more.

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