Anime Tales Map & Training Areas

Anime Tales Map

Last Updated on 10 July, 2023

Anime Tales Map & Training Areas – Complete map of the entire sea and its islands, as well as the specific training areas of each one of the islands

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Full Map – All Islands Map

Click on the map to enlarge, scroll down to check the individual maps of each island


Basic information about the currently released islands, including Waypoints and Training Zones, is displayed on the map. By holding down on a waypoint until it turns green, you can utilize it to set your spawn location. A waypoint becomes blue when you approach it, indicating that it has been unlocked.

Anime Tales Map – Marine Ford Training Areas

These are all the training areas in Marine Ford


Defense Training – Main Platform

  • Req: 100 Defense
  • Boost: 5x

Strength Training – Idiot Garden

  • Req: 100 Strength
  • Boost: 5x

Energy Training – Cow Bell

  • Req: 100 Energy
  • Boost: 5x

Speed Training – Track Field

  • Req: 100 Speed
  • Boost: 5x

Defense Training – Magma Pool

  • Req: 10k Defense
  • Boost: 10x

Strength Training – Damaged Cannon

  • Req: 10k Strength
  • Boost: 10x

Energy Training – Marine Lookout

  • Req: 10k Energy
  • Boost: 10x

Defense Training – Whitebeard’s Ship

  • Req: 100k Defense
  • Boost: 50x

Strength Training – Basement Prison

  • Req: 100k Strength
  • Boost: 50x

Energy Training – Cat Burglar’s Bar

  • Req: 100k Energy
  • Boost: 50x

Anime Tales Map – Cake Island Training Areas

These are all the training areas in Cake Island


Defense Training – Sweet Factory

  • Req: 1M Defense
  • Boost: x100

Strength Training – Grand Mirror

  • Req: 1M Strength
  • Boost: x100

Energy Training – Legendary Tombstone

  • Req: 1M Energy
  • Boost: x100

Energy Training – Mama’s Book

  • Req: 10M Energy
  • Boost: x250

Defense Training – Tea Party Garden

  • Req: 10M Defense
  • Boost: x250

Strength Training – Princess Suite

  • Req: 10M Strength
  • Boost: x250

Defense Training – Emperor Throne

  • Req: 100M Defense
  • Boost: x500

Strength Training – Angry Tree

  • Req: 100M Strength
  • Boost: x500

Energy Training – Witch’s Cottage

  • Req: 100M Energy
  • Boost: x500

Anime Tales Map – Wano Island Training Areas

These are all the training areas in Wano Island

Defense Training – Bathhouse

  • Req: 1 Billion Defense
  • Boost: x1k

Strength – Shogun’s Grave

  • Req: 1 Billion Strength
  • Boost: x1k

Energy Training – Abandoned Pirate Ship

  • Req: 1 Billion Energy
  • Boost: x1k

Speed Training – Wasteland

  • Req: 1 Billion Speed
  • Boost: x1k

Defense Training – Abandoned Shrine

  • Req: 10 Billion Defense
  • Boost: x2.5k

Strength Training – Sacred Tree

  • Req: 10 Billion Strength
  • Boost: x2.5k

Energy Training – Shogun Castle

  • Req: 10 Billion Energy
  • Boost: x2,.5k

Defense Training – Mountain Temple

  • Req: 100 Billion Defense
  • Boost: x5k

Strength Training – Skull Dome

  • Req: 100 Billion Strength
  • Boost: x5k

Energy Training – Mountain Peak

  • Req: 100 Billion Energy
  • Boost: x5k

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