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Apocalypse Rising 2 Map – Barkley Island, Faris Island, Halsey Island, Albatross Island, Lulu island, Mackinaw Island, The Ocean…

Apocalypse Rising 2 Map

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Apocalypse Rising 2 Map

The distant island chain of large and minor islets where Apocalypse Rising 2 is based is made up of both. The environment is largely consistent from island to island with a few different types of topography, with the exception of the lesser islands and a few particular sites of interest. The majority of the map is made up of a mix of tropical forests, towns with Hawaiian-inspired architecture and color schemes, and farmland and other agricultural sectors. Albatross, Lulu, and Mackinaw are three minor islands, whereas Barkley, Faris, and Halsey make up the three major islands. Since its initial release, Apocalypse Rising 2’s map has undergone numerous additions and revisions, and with each subsequent iteration, the gameplay has experienced significant changes.

Barkley Island Map

The largest and least populated of the three main islands is Barkley Island. The huge volcanic crater at its center, which is its most defining and identifiable feature, earned it the nickname “Volcano Island” in popular culture.

There are 3 towns, 4 recognized locations, and 3 unmarked places of interest on Barkley Island.

Faris Island Map

The smallest of the three major islands is Faris Island. Although it has undergone significant changes since the game’s alpha launch, it was also the first island to be included in the game. It has a road connection to Barkley Island and Halsey Island.

Two villages, two locations, and three unmarked points of interest may be found on Faris Island.

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Halsey Island Map

Barkley Island is almost as big as Halsey Island, although Halsey Island has a far higher location density. It has the sole inland body of water on the map and the greatest concentration of cultivated land and residential areas. Additionally, Halsey island is frequently seen by the player community as the centre of activity and as having the most significant wins on the map (at least in terms of loot and size). It has a road connection to Barkley and Faris Island.

Three settlements, five locations, and five unmarked places of interest can be found on Halsey Island.

Albatross Island Map

Due to the jail area that has nearly taken up the entire island, Albatross Island is also known as “Prison Island” in common parlance. It is the smallest of the tiny islands, but compared to other places, it has a convenient density of loot per area.

One location on Albatross Island is designated.

Isla Lulu Apocalypse Rising 2 Map

One of the three tiny islands on the map is Lulu Island, also known as the “Monastery Island” in the past. It has no road access to another island.

Huron contains 4 Militia weapon spawns and 1 police spawn.

Lulu Island has one town and one designated place.

Mackinaw Island Apocalypse Rising 2 Map

The largest of the three minor islands is Mackinaw Island, sometimes known as “Smugglers Island,” “Mines Island,” or “Katana Island.” Its environment and landscape are very distinct from the rest of the map, with hot springs scattered throughout the island and sparse tropical vegetation. It has a small ravine cutting across it, with only a few bridges and low locations to cross it, and has no road connections to any other islands.

Three Special Forces containers are dispersed over the island at the designated areas.

There is one town, two locations that are marked, and two points of interest that are not.

The Ocean Apocalypse Rising 2 Map

The ocean extends beyond the boundaries of the map, covering a larger area than any one island. The ocean is made entirely of water, with the exception of a few tiny islands that have little to no features.

There is one designated spot in the water.

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