Dead Frontier 2 Map (2023)

Dead Frontier 2 Map

Last Updated on 10 July, 2023

Dead Frontier 2 Map – Open world map in high resolution, info about the Outposts, PVP Zone and more

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Dead Frontier 2 Map – Open World Map

Open world map in high resolution, click on the image to enlarge

The universe that all players interact with is represented by the Open universe. There are 18 districts (formerly, towns) in Palehaven City, which is divided into a massive 30 by 18 cell structure.

With the exception of the nearby threat from the infected, the player has complete freedom to travel anywhere in the world. Players can quickly move between the three outposts using their automobile.

The many regions of the map offer varying degrees of difficulty, with the zones to the west of the town (on the left side of the map) being the easiest at level 1 and the worst zones reaching level 50.

Greater danger and a greater density of mutants and infected are present in higher difficulty zones, but also greater EXP gains and loot opportunities.

Every seven days, the globe map is procedurally updated.


One central building serves as the outpost in three of the districts, which are shown on the map in yellow. These neighborhoods are Greywood, Haverbrook, and Dalbow. Although the outpost building provides a safe haven for players to escape Stalker, store items, participate in missions, or buy or sell in the market, the streets are just as perilous as any other district.

One of the outposts will be attacked by hordes of infected every four hours. Although the infected cannot physically enter the outpost during the invasion, they will target the front door. When an attack takes place, a loud alarm siren sounds, the surrounding cells of the outpost turn orange, and infected spawn in all nearby zones and charge toward the outpost. Failure to defend the outpost will cause it to be ‘abandoned’ for an hour, during which time all NPCs aside from the Trader will be inaccessible and every area save the lobby will be overrun by infected.

PVP Zone

There are two 2×2 red-colored PvP combat zones. The first is in Greywood, while the second is in Dawnhill. When entering either the zone or the city, players are immediately permitted to engage in PvP open combat. When players are within the buildings, PvP is disabled.

The primary motivations for entering PvP zones are gaining points toward your personal PvP score or completing daily objectives that are located there because there is presently no additional treasure or EXP available there. Players can enter PvP zones safely without worrying about being subjected to unwelcome PvP action by selecting the “Play Solo” option in the lobby.

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