ERLC Map – Emergency Response Liberty County (2023)


Last Updated on 10 July, 2023

ERLC Map – Emergency Response Liberty County – updated HQ map with all the locations and points of interest explained

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ERLC Map – Full Map

This is the updated map of Emergency Response Liberty County, click to enlarge


ERLC Map – Locations

Emergency Response Liberty County River City Locations

  • Civilian Spawn – Due to the fact that this is where players begin the game as civilians, the Civilian Spawn is a crucial site. Once they have spawned, players can proceed to one of the six vehicle spawners where they can choose to buy any of the game’s cars or, if none are available, spawn new ones.
  • City Park – A notable feature close to the Civilian Spawn is the City Park. It features a tiny artificial lake, and a wall completely encloses the park.
  • Industrial Park – The Power Plant is a building that is situated in the Industrial Park. It is home to the River City Police Department (RCPD) and has an ATM nearby. Moreover, the DOT Building is situated on the Industrial Park’s periphery.
  • Tunnel – The City Gas Station and the Bank are close to the Tunnel. It links to a smaller park with some parking, a few benches, and a waterfall.
  • Parking Garage – a straightforward parking garage with access to an ATM and a clear path to a jewelry store.
  • Hospital – Within the same vicinity as the jewelry store is a hospital. Commonly utilized for server-based roleplaying.
  • Liberty Guns and Ammo – a place where ammunition and weapons are sold.
  • Fire station – a place where River City Fire & Rescue (RCFR) is born and where it responds to emergency calls for fire or paramedics.
  • Mod Shop – a site where the RCPD, the general public, and the LCSO can repair and personalize their cars (see Police Car Modification).

Emergency Response Liberty County Liberty County Locations

  • Liberty County Sheriff’s Office – The spawn location for LCSO Officers who patrol either their local areas or the entire county is this structure, abbreviated SO.
  • Housing Suburbs – The majority of the game’s houses are found here, and you can buy or rob them. As long as the RCFR is operational, residential fires will also occur in this area.
  • Farms – A sizable portion of the map is taken up by The Farms. It is close to the Liberty County River and features a barn. There is a gas station with an ATM close to the farms.
  • Wooden Bridge – a bridge that connects a road leading to the sheriff’s office with the Farms.
  • Liberty County Jail – a facility used to punish criminals who have been apprehended by the RCPD or LCSO.
  • Small Trailer Park – Players can purchase modest trailers in the Little Trailer Park. The trailer parks are located in 2 different areas.
  • Tool Store – The flashlight, the drill, the lockpick, the RFID Disruptor Card, and the scanner are all available for purchase at the tool store.

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