Console Commands for Skyrim

Console Commands for Skyrim

Last Updated on 6 September, 2023

Welcome to Console Commands for Skyrim. We provide you the commands and cheat guide for Skyrim

Welcome to Console Commands for Skyrim. We provide you the command and cheat guide for Skyrim

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Console Commands for Skyrim – Intro

To activate cheats in Skyrim, press the [ \ ] or [ ª ] or [ º ] key during the game. Text box will open. On some PCs you may have to press the [ ” ] key. In the text box you will have to type the codes and press Enter to activate them.

All cheats that we are going to show you below are command cheats for Skyrim game and you can alter or modify your game, so you must be careful when use them. In a normal game mode you could never get the benefits that these cheats bring in the game. It is important that try them but without saving the game or without continuing the game in a normal game mode, as it can block certain story missions within the game. The gameplay of the game will be seriously affected if you use some illegal commands and try to proceed in a normal story mode.

Console Commands for Skyrim – All

It is a small guide of all the commands of the console, if you want to have a good time being invincible, flying or doing something else in the game, we advise you to try them. They are great.

  • tgm > Toggles God mode (Invincibility, infinite carry weight)
  • tcl > Toggles No-clip mode (Fly, walk through walls)
  • coc “Location” > Teleports you to that location, An all item room is coc QASmoke.
  • psb > Give all spells to player
  • player.advlevel > Force a Level Up ( No perk points added)
  • caqs > Complete all Quest Stages
  • tmm,1 > Toggle Map Markers
  • tfc > Free camera
  • saq > Start all quests (Warning: Not a good idea!)
  • qqq > Quit the game
  • coc qasmoke > Testing hall (You’ll have your items, enchanted items may crash game)
  • tai > Toggle Artificial Intelligence (Freezes enemies)
  • tcai > Toggle Combat Artificial Intelligence (Freezes enemies)
  • tg > Toggle grass
  • tm > Toggle menus, HUD
  • tfow > Toggle FOW
  • kill > Kill targeted thing
  • resurrect > Resurrects targeted thing
  • unlock > Unlocks targeted locked thing
  • lock X > Lock targeted chests, doors or even people, where X is the difficulty level of the lock (0 – 100)
  • killall > Kill all nearby enemies
  • removeallitems > Removes all items of targeted NPC
  • movetoqt > Teleport to quest target
  • enableplayercontrols > Enable controls during cinematics
  • tdetect > Toggle AI Detection (Avoid getting caught stealing)
  • setownership > Changes ownership of target so you can steal it
  • duplicateallitems > Duplicate items (Target container or NPC and copy the RefID)
  • fov XXX > Change field of view.
  • advancepclevel > Increase your Level
  • advancepcskill (skillname) X > Increase skill level
  • advskill [skill] XXX > Increase targeted skill by XXX amount
  • setpcfame > Set targeted character’s fame
  • setpcinfamy > Set targeted character’s infamy
  • player.modav [attribute name] [amount] > with the “+ or -” you can apply the modifier to the attribute or to name it. You must insert the skills without spaces, except for Speech and Archery, which are “speechcraft” and “marksman” respectively. Do not enclose attributes like “weight” or “health” with spaces or quotes. NOTE: the “modav” command will make the attributes appear green (the game will think they have been upgraded). You can try “setav” but it can cause problems in the game.
  • player.modav carryweight X > Set Carry Weight
  • player.modav burden X > Increase Burden by X
  • player.modav Dragonsouls X > Add Dragon’s Souls to your pool, allowing you to improve your shouts.
  • player.setav speedmult X > Increase movement speed, where X is a multiplier (percentage)
  • player.setav Stamina X > Set Stamina
  • player.setav Health X > Set health
  • player.setcrimegold X > Set to 0 if you want it to be free
  • player.setav Magicka X > Set Magicka
  • player.setlevel X > Set Level
  • player.placeatme X > Spawns an NPC at your location, where X is NPC ID
  • player.setscale X > Change scale of player, where X=1 is normal
  • player.IncPCS [Skill Name] > Increase the level of targeted Skill by one.
  • showracemenu > Brings up the race selection/character customization menu. NOTE: This will reset your character to level 1 and all your skills to their initial base values.
  • [target].getavinfo [attribute] > This will display a short list of information about the given attribute (health, skills, etc.) of the specified target. You can omit “[target].” if you first click on the target with the mouse, or you can replace it with “player.” if you want the info on your character. For example:[br/]player.getavinfo lightarmor
  • player.additem XXXXXXXX “###”> Adds items based on Item Codes, where XXXXXXXX is the item code, and ### is the amount you want.
  • player.additem 0000000f “999” > Add 999 Gold
  • player.additem 0000000a “100” > Add 100 Lockpicks
  • player.addperk XXXXXXXX > add perks based on perk codes, i.e. player.addperk 000c44b8 would add the adept alteration perk, found on the Item Codes page. Make sure your skill level is high enough to have the perk before you enable it or it may not work properly and that you add any multi-tier perks in order.
  • help > List console commands
  • help keyword X > Search by the keyword, number is search mode, listed in “help” commands

Console Commands for Skyrim – Cheats

These codes are commands to use when you play on the console, as a player you can use all the codes you want and be able to ease the difficulty of the game; Some codes are more useful than others, it depends what you want to use them for. We advise you not to save the game once you have applied a code, as you may have a problem with the development of the game.

  • TGM > Turn God Mode on / off – adds infinite stamina / magicka
  • TCL > Toggle clipping on / off
  • TDetect > Toggle AI Detection – doesn’t work during pickpocketing
  • TAI > Toggles non-combat AI on / off
  • TCAI > Toggles combat AI on / off – Can be used with TAI to completely disable all NPCs
  • ModAV carryweight [#] > Set carry weight to specified number
  • AddShout [Shoud ID] > Add shout to player skill list.
  • Player.AddItem [item ID] [#] > Add item to inventory. Example: “player.additem f 100” adds 100 gold
  • Player.SetLevel [#] > Sets the player level. Note: Does not grant commensurate experience
  • Player.AddPerk [perk ID] > Adds the specified perk.
  • AdvSkill [[[[[Skill|skill]]|skill]]] [#] > Gives player the specified number of Skill-based experience points. Amounts vary from skill to skill.
  • Player.PlaceAtMe [Item/NPC ID] [#] > Spawns item / NPC near player. Can be used with AI commands for hilarious effect

Console Commands for Skyrim – About the Game

Who created Skyrim? Todd Howard, Emil Pagliarulo, Bruce Nesmith and Kurt Kuhmann

How good is the Skyrim game? In conclusion The elder scroll V: Skyrim is a very good title without a doubt the most that stands out is the gameplay and the story if you are new to the franchise (like me) I recommend that you play it so that you have a clearer idea of ​​how They will make the next installment of this franchise.

What race do you recommend me in Skyrim? The Nords are the natural race of Skyrim. They are good at close combat, able to use two weapons at the same time effectively. The Nordics have a natural resistance to cold, which allows them to live peacefully in this northern region.

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