Grim Dawn Console Commands & Cheats

Grim Dawn Console Commands & Cheats

Last Updated on 9 March, 2022

Grim Dawn Console Commands & Cheats – All the commands, cheats, and how to use them (enable the console in-game)

Grim Dawn Console Commands & Cheats – Enable Cheats

The cheats are already activated by default, so we will simply explain how to use the console commands in the game:

  1. Launch Grim Dawn
  2. Go to Custom Game (Below the start button)
  3. Press ~ or ~ and type the command of your choice

Check all the available cheats and console commands below

Grim Dawn Console Commands & Cheats – Full List

These are all the available commands:

Console Commands

These are the general console commands of the game

  • Audio Stats: sound.Stats – Enables or disables displaying a variety of sound stats
  • Debug Physics: debug.physics – Shows data of when occurrences affect the physics engine
  • ScreenShot: ScreenShot – Takes a screenshot
  • Reload Resources (Graphics): graphics.ReloadResources – Forces all resources to be reloaded
  • Graphics Stats: graphics.Stats – Enables or disables displaying a variety of stats (including frame rate)
  • Close Console: Close – Closes the console
  • Execute Script Command: Exec – Executes a command script
  • Exit the Game: Exit – Exits the game
  • Binding Commands:
    • BindDown – Binds a command to the next key pressed
    • BindToggle – Binds a command with “True” or “False” values to toggle with the next key pressed
    • BindUp – Binds a command to the next key released

Character Commands

These console commands directly affect the character

  • character.AnyoneHasToken – Returns “True” if anyone has the token
  • character.ClearPlayerTokens – Remove all stored trigger tokens from the player
  • character.GiveTakeGold – Gives the amount of gold specified
  • character.GrantPlayerToken – Gives the player the specified token
  • character.LogData – Shows Info & details above player, NPCs, & monsters
  • character.RevokePlayerToken – Revokes the specified token from the player
  • character.ServerHasToken – Returns “True” if the server has the token
  • character.SetPlayerInvisible – Makes the player invisible to enemies
  • character.ShowAngerLevels – Debug information for AI
  • character.ShowPlayerTokens – Dumps the player’s trigger tokens to the console
  • character.WarpCursor – Makes it so the player always warps to the destination


These console commands can be considered cheats

  • game.decrementdevotion – Removes a devotion point
  • game.Give – Gives an object to the player
  • game.God – God mode
  • game.IgnoreRequirements – Allows the player to equip anything
  • game.IncrementAttribute – + attribute point
  • game.incrementdevotion – + devotion point
  • game.IncrementLevel – + player’s level
  • game.IncrementSkill – + skill point
  • game.IncrementSkill – + number of points allocated to the specified skill
  • game.Invincible – Invincible Mode
  • game.KillMe – Kills the player (suicide)
  • game.LargeDumpFiles true/false – Enables or disables exporting of large dump files
  • game.PlayStats – Shows player stats on the screen
  • game.ShowCursor – To Show or hide mouse cursor
  • game.ShowErrorMessages – To Show or hide Skill not ready error messages
  • game.ShowHud – Enables or disables the User Interface (UI)
  • game.Spawn – Spawns an object at the player’s location
  • game.Speed – To change game’s speed
  • game.Teleport – To teleport the player
  • game.Uber – Enables or disables mana loss

About Grim Dawn:

Hack and slash, Open world, Indie game, Nonlinear gameplay and Adventure video game, by Crate Entertainment for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Enter an apocalyptic fantasy world where humanity is on the brink of extinction, iron is valued above gold and trust is hard earned. This ARPG features complex character development, hundreds of unique items, crafting and quests with choice & consequence

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