Daily Lives of my Countryside Walkthrough

Daily Lives of my Countryside Walkthrough

Last Updated on 8 March, 2023

Daily Lives of my Countryside Walkthrough – Max affection and unlock all the events and scenes with all the main and side characters

Daily Lives of my Countryside Walkthrough – Raising Affection

Daisy affection

  • Eat Lunch at 12h > +1 Daisy affection
  • Help Daisy in the field at 15h or 16h > +1 Daisy affection
  • Choose Steak at the Kitchen at 17h > +1 Daisy affection
  • Eat Dinner at 18h > +1 Daisy affection
  • Wash the Dishes (Kitchen) 19h > +1 Daisy affection

Ana affection

  • Eat Lunch at 12h > +1 Ana affection
  • Talk with her at school bathroom at 6h > +2 Ana affection
  • Help her with the cows at 16h or 17h > +2 Ana affection
  • Watch her in the changing room  at 15h > +2 Ana affection
  • Eat Dinner at 18h > +1 Ana affection

Mrs Emmi affection

  • Go class at 7h > +2 Mrs Emmi affection
  • Choose focus twice (Class) > +2 Mrs Emmi affection
  • If you chat with Theo you will lose (-1) affection

Daily Lives of my Countryside Walkthrough – Scenes

Daisy Walkthrough Scenes & Events

  • Barn: Approach her when she is there (but if Ana is there you will only see the scene once
  • Apron: Get the laundry quest (Friday 6h to 10h in the barn) > Pick up the clothes on Daisy’s bed > Place them in the laundry (if you talk to her just after -Kitchen 11h- you can increase affection) > Drop spoon during lunch
  • Massage: (Requires +20 affection & x1 chat in her bedroom) Visit her at 21h > Massage (+2 affection)
  • Sleeping: (Requires +20 affection) Her bed at 22h > Interact
  • Sleep together: (Requires x1 Massage) > Sleep with Her at 21h > If you x1 sleep with her and affection at least 30 you can Play (+3 affection)
  • Shower: 1st scene > Peep when she is there > Play with her (bed) to enter. 2nd & 3rd scene > Talk with Theo (vending machine) at 13h and enter the shower (when she is there). 4th scene: Just take a shower (when she is there) after the 3rd scene
  • Full (light) scene: Requires Daisy Stage 4 (check cellphone) > Her bedroom at 22h > Interact (A** > Adjust & Cat > Hold) > Fill up the white bar & enjoy

Ana Walkthrough Scenes & Events

  • Cows: Just interact with her when she is there
  • Shower: Peep (19h)
  • Sleeping: Visit her at 22h > Interact (Requires +20 affection, but better with +30 affection, and even better if you have unlocked the Cows event, the 1st one)
  • Changing room: Changing room at 15h > Keep Watching x2 (+3 affection)
  • Hide and seek: Requires Ana Stage 4 (check cellphone) > Barn Weekends 16h & 17h you can start the milking quest, complete the quest > Now you can talk to Ana and choose Let’s Play & hide and seek > Win the minigame rock, paper scissors (but save before, it’s random) > she will be on the left of the barn, interact > go inside & talk to her > go outside, interact & choose “Or…

Mrs Emmi Walkthrough Scenes & Events

  • Focus: During the class choose focus > then choose Nah
  • Look out to the window: Choose the Poke option
  • Helping hand: (Requires Mrs Betty scene, see below) don’t do your homework & go to class on friday > get out after class & interact with Mrs Emmy

Daily Lives of my Countryside Walkthrough – Side Characters

  • Mrs Betty: Pool at 13h > Interact with the left bush
  • Kate: Pool at 17h > Talk with Nina to join the swimming club (I love swimming) > Go to the bush on the right at 13h-14h, peep, and keep watching > Hide behind tree when you hear foodsteps > Repeat it (peep + keep watching + hide behind the tree to unlock the scene
  • Pink hair girl: After 1st day of school talk with the pink hair girl (front yard) > keep talking with her (next days) until you unlock the scene)
  • Mabel:
    1. Fail test on Friday (don’t do homework) twice
    2. Talk with Teo to get the quest “steal the test answers”
    3. School thursday 20h > ladder (left) > help her and go home
    4. Next thursday > School 20h > ladder (left) > enter and go to the 2nd floor > Go down as much as you can and go to the right > you will reach Mrs Emmi office where mabel is stealing the answers > Hide (right) > when she leaves, steal the answers
    5. Friday > Class > talk to Teo
    6. Repeat the 4th step and teach her a lesson
  • Christmas:
    • 24th day > talk to Daisy downstairs
    • Take the Axe (Barn)
    • South of Daisy’s farm > Cut the pine tree > place it in your bedroom
    • Talk to Daisy & Ana during the day > Eat dinner with them
    • Go to sleep> Tell her she is Santa
    • Repeat all the steps next Christmas

We will update this guide soon

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  1. Fantastic walkthrough!
    But as of recently with Milda’s updates and versions, it needs a thorough redo and revamp. Needs to be kept current and updated too! ^_^

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