Wicked Paradise Walkthrough & Guide

Wicked Paradise Walkthrough

Last Updated on 5 October, 2021

Wicked Paradise Walkthrough & Guide – Unlock all the events & scenes with Julia, Emily, Katherine, Amanda, and also some dreams

Wicked Paradise Walkthrough – Julia

  • After intro event: Evening
  • Morning event: Automatic
  • Kitchen event: Monday, wednesday or Friday mornings > +1 love point
  • Living room event: (requires = painkillers) random workday, but only afternoon
  • Julia’s room evening event: random day, but only evening
  • Julia’s room afternoon event: (requires = evening scene) random day, but only afternoon
  • Bathroom event: Evening > +5 love points
  • First contact: Evening > +8 love point
  • Mysterious phone call: (requires = Julia’s room evening event & Love points >8) > 1st floor, Kitchen, Morning
  • Last Calls: (requires = Mysterious phone call) > Julia’s room, morning
  • Always there for her: (requires = Mysterious phone call) > Kitchen, morning
  • Julia’s room evening event II: (requires = Al the previous event) > Julia’s room, evening
  • Bathroom event II: (requires = Julia’s room evening event II) Bathroom, evening
  • Picture has get out of the house: (requires = Bathroom event II) Living room, afternoon
  • Painkillers: Yes, there are in the bathroom drawer, but you can’t select them until you complete the rest of the events with Julia

Wicked Paradise Walkthrough – Emily

  • After intro event: Evening
  • Living room event: Monday or Thursday Mornings > +1 love point
  • Living room event II: (requires = Julia’s room evening event II) Thursday Morning > +1 love point
  • 3rd Living room event: Morning, random day
  • Your room event I: (requires 3rd Living room event) Your room, Morning
  • Emily’s room event I: Her room, Evening > +5 love points
  • 4th Living room event: (Emily’s room event I and love points > 5) Living room, Afternoon

Wicked Paradise Walkthrough – Katherine

  • Cafe event: Leave home in the morning with at least $7
  • Morning visit: (Requires = Cafe event & Email)
  • Evening visit: (Requires = Morning visit) Katherine’s house, Evening, Living room
  • New Found exercise: (Requires = Evening visit) Katherine’s house, Morning, bedroom
  • Yoga event I: (Requires = New Found exercise) Katherine’s house, Morning, garden
  • Unusual Hobby event: Katherine’s bedroom, afternoon > Click on the gun (bed table)

Wicked Paradise Walkthrough – Amanda

  • 1st email: From day 3
  • 2nd email: From day 4 (requires = 1st email)
  • 3rd email: From day 5 (requires = 2nd email)
  • 4th email: From day 6 (requires = 3rd email)
  • 5th email: From day 7 (requires = 4th email)
  • Unexpected visit: (requires = 5th email & yoga scene with Katherine) Katherine’s house, Living room, morning

Wicked Paradise Walkthrough – Andrew & Steve

  • 1st encounter: (Requires = Katherine Cafe event & at least day 2) Night, Coffee shop > but to start this event, check the mail once you meet the requirements


  • 1st dream: Automatic
  • 2nd dream: requires = Katherine coffee event, Emily’s room event I & Julia first contact


  • So You’ve made it: Complete the game intro
  • Real Sweetheart: Send message and compliment Julia during the intro
  • Playful Gentleman: Open the door and play a little game with Katherine in the cafe
  • More Like EZ Mode: Play and complete the “Uber mode” in Attent.ion minigame
  • Pill Hunt: Find and bring Julia her painkillers
  • Third Eye: Play “Attent.ion” minigame and get focus level to 10
  • Gifted Kid: Speak with Katherine and learn about her gift
  • Unusual Hobby: warehouse scene with Katherine

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