Darkest Dungeon Best Mods (2023)

Darkest Dungeon Best Mods

Last Updated on 18 August, 2023

Darkest Dungeon Best Mods – Better Trinkets, Marvin Seo’s Classes (Lamia, Thrall, Seraph…), better classes (Dragonslayer knight, Assassin…)

Darkest Dungeon Best Mods – Better Trinkets Mod

Remove all negative effect on every trinket in the game, this will make the game a little easier.

  • v2.01: Negative stats from Crimson Court & Flagellant trinkets are removed + Sacred Scroll
  • v2.02: Negative stats from Ancestor’s Bottle & Hunter’s Talon are removed.

Download Better Trinkets Mod > here

Darkest Dungeon Best Mods – Marvin Seo’s Lamia Class Mod

A deceitful creature hidden beneath a veil of beauty, the Lamia has two very distinct forms. As a human, she acts as a healer, providing much needed stress relief, curing bleeds and blights, and marking enemy targets. However, to maintain her appearance, the Lamia cannot inflict any harm.

Download Marvin Seo’s Lamia Class Mod> here

Darkest Dungeon Best Mods – Marvin Seo’s Thrall Class Mod

A monster of a man, the Thrall can take a beating and deliver one twice as strong in return. The Thrall shines best in the thick of combat, where he can deliver devastating blows and punish any who try to defy him.

While the Thrall’s body is unbreakable, his mind is fragile. Should the Thrall feel he is threatened, he’ll quickly become Ferocious, entering a frenzy where friend and foe blur into one mass and the only priority is self preservation.

Download Marvin Seo’s Thrall Class Mod > here

Darkest Dungeon Best Mods – Marvin Seo’s Falconer Class Mod

The Falconer is a ranged character who shines best in ranks 3 and 4. She is not rendered useless however, if she is forced into ranks 1 and 2 as her avian companion has a variety of moves to help her quickly return to her favored position. She serves as a disruptor, applying debuffs and distracting enemies to give her allies an upper hand. However,

Download Marvin Seo’s Falconer Class Mod > here

Darkest Dungeon Best Mods – 3 Trinkets Mod

ou like farming trinkets and want to be more powerfull then try this mod, you will have a third trinket slot available for all charachters.

Download 3 Trinkets Mod > here

Darkest Dungeon Best Mods – Marvin Seo’s Seraph Class Mod

Inhabited by a celestial being, the Seraph is the hand of the Light and smites foes with cleansing fire. She will unleash merciless judgement upon those marked as corrupt and protect allies with her impenetrable shield.

Download Marvin Seo’s Seraph Class Mod > here

Darkest Dungeon Best Mods – Dragonslayer Knight Mod

This class will add a mobile damage dealing class to the game, The Dragonslayer Knight!

The ancient order of the Dragonslayer Knights are well known for their skilled use of the cross spear which is a weapon of the gods imbued with the strength of lightning.They channel this lightning into powerful electric attacks designed to penetrate the armor of the order’s ancient enemies.

Download Dragonslayer Knight Mod > here

Darkest Dungeon Best Mods – Pitch Black Dungeon Mod

Pitch Black Dungeon is an overhaul mod that adds a variety of different content to Darkest Dungeon. The aim of the mod is to provide a different game in a familiar shell to those seeking a more tactical and challenging experience.

Download Pitch Black Dungeon Mod > here

Darkest Dungeon Best Mods – Assassin Class Mod

The lady in red. Soak in blood of her mark, assassin are master tradesmen of killing.  And in a town so full of death, business is good.  A mobile front-line fighter that’s trained for critical strikes that rewards for a high-risk, high-reward play style. New combat and camping skills.  Assassin character skin/lore.

Download Assassin Class Mod > here

Darkest Dungeon Best Mods – Marvin Seo’s Sisters Class Mod

Two souls bound within one body, the Sisters constantly fight each other for control over their vessel. Known as the Scholar and the Warrior, the former is able to maintain control outside of combat, but when the heat of battle commences, the latter can find opportunities to sieze control.

Download Marvin Seo’s Sisters Class Mod > here

Darkest Dungeon Best Mods – Bloodborne Highwayman Skin Mod

Skin for the Highwayman based on Bloodborne Original art made by 铁制护腕.

Download Bloodborne Highwayman Skin Mod > here

Darkest Dungeon Best Mods – DD Roster Size Increase Mod

This file simply increases the size of the roster to 30.

Download DD Roster Size Increase Mod > here

Level Restrictions Removal Mod

The restrictions imposed on high-level heroes is an oft debated topic. Some desire that it be removed, and that’s precisely what this mod does! Feel free to send any hero anywhere you choose!

Download Level Restrictions Removal Mod > here

Abysswalker Mod

This mod adds a class based on Artorias, the Abysswalker to Darkest Dungeon.

Abysswalker 3.0 Brings: New animations, new stance, new buffs in the darkness, new trinkets, and a new consumable item to help manage the transformation.

Download Abysswalker Mod > here

Faster Combat Mod

Reduce the combat animation to have faster fights, only crits animation where unchanged.

Download Faster Combat Mod > here

Dark Souls II Crusader Skin Mod

Dark Souls II Crusader Skin Mod, unzip the folder and copy it to Darkest Dungeon\heroes\crusader

Download Dark Souls II Crusader Skin Mod > here

Ceci Abomination Mod

A Werewolf skin for the Abomination, Just unzip the folder and copy it to Darkest Dungeon\heroes\Abomination

Download Ceci Abomination Mod > here

Arbalest New Look Mod

New look for the Arbalest with practical and not-so-practical versions

Download Arbalest New Look Mod > here

Cataphract Class Mod

The Cataphract is a versatile healer who excels at quickly swapping between the fringes of combat. Capable of dealing respectable damage from the back line and spot healing while on the front, the Cataphract fills a valuable role in any party looking to take advantage of backline damage dealers without sacrificing frontline hardiness.

Download Cataphract Class Mod > here

Female Flagellant Mod

This mod adds two color schemes to the flagellant.

Download Female Flagellant Mod > here

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