Top 10 Best Core Keeper Mods (Ranked)

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Last Updated on 18 August, 2023

Best Core Keeper Mods – In this article we show you a complete list of the best Core Keeper mods. Are you going to miss them?

Even though it’s still very much in Early Access, Core Keeper has won over fans of survival games who adore its gorgeous pixel graphics and entertaining gameplay. Players can explore and attempt to live and thrive in a cute but deadly world either individually or in a group in this Stardew Valley/Terraria hybrid game. The community will soon look for ways to modify the game for various reasons, as is the case with the majority of games in this genre. There will undoubtedly be an increasing number of new mods as the game develops. The top ten Core Keeper mods that are currently available have been compiled for your convenience.

Best Core Keeper Mods – Ranked

Best Core Keeper Mods – Core Lib

starting with an easy, unglamorous, but crucial mod. CoreLib is a library framework that enables the operation of numerous additional mods. In essence, it’s a mod that enables game modification.

Download here

Best Core Keeper Mods – BepInEx Pack Core Keeper

Like our previous reference, BepInEx is a general-purpose framework that aids with game modification. It makes it a necessary mod to run some other mods on this list because it gives other users, and especially modders, access to some of the game’s files, code, and script

Download here

Best Core Keeper Mods –  r2modman

Without an effective mod manager, no game with a sizable modding community is complete. Fortunately, r2modman is a thorough mod manager that includes Core Keeper among its many supported games. You may check for updates and out-of-date mods, download and install mods directly from the manager, and perform many more things.

Download here

Best Core Keeper Mods – Chat Commands

This is a practical utility mod that enables the mod creators to utilize commands to test out ideas inside the game. They are not the only ones who can utilize it, though; players can also use these orders to alter the game. You can use it, among many other things, to heal or feed your character or to give yourself goods.

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Best Core Keeper Mods – Equipment Keeper

This is a rather easy mod that will ultimately make spelunking much simpler. You won’t need to make repairs or create new equipment because Equipment Keeper will stop harm to your existing items. Just a simple way to improve your quality of life if you find maintaining your equipment to be a chore.

Donwload here

Best Core Keeper Mods – Pain Mod

Players that want an additional challenge in their Core Keeper experience should use this mod. It makes foes more difficult to defeat, and this is especially true of bosses. Although the mod is not compatible with the current game version, an update is anticipated shortly, so it is still worthwhile to keep a look out for it.

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Best Core Keeper Mods – Auto Fish

Although fishing is often shown in video games as a leisure pastime, not everyone enjoys it. However, fish are a valuable resource, so if all you want to do is obtain the fish quickly, this mod will be helpful. The fishing will be done entirely for you by Auto Fish, who will even spell out each fish you catch.

Download here

Instant Portal Charge

Due to the charging required for portals in Core Keeper, portaling back and forth might be tiresome. With the help of the mod Instant Portal Charge, you can utilize them practically immediately after placing them and save some time.

Download here

Keep Farming

Since farming is a key aspect of the game, it runs the potential of becoming a burden that keeps you from doing other things you find more enjoyable. Or, you might adore farming but wish to improve your experience with it. Keep Farming is a fantastic companion mod that greatly improves Core Keeper’s farming in both scenarios.

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Placement Plus

If a game features buildings, it must also have a placement mod. These mods are usually beneficial, especially if you enjoy creating tidy bases in your video games. Placement Plus is the mod for Core Keeper that brings grids and lines to your tile placements as well as brush color keys, improved item rotation, and other features.

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