Dead Space Remake Leviathan Boss (Fight Guide)

dead space remake leviathan boss

Last Updated on 31 January, 2023

Dead Space Remake Leviathan Boss – Learn how to defeat the Leviathan in Dead Space Remake by reading this guide.

The bosses in Dead Space Remake are disgusting and terrifying, and they will frustrate you to no end. The Leviathan is also in this category. Many people who played the original Dead Space will remember how difficult this fight was. We do, however, intend to make things a little easier. We’ll show you how to beat Leviathan in Dead Space Remake in this guide.

Leviathan Boss Fight in Dead Space Remake

Leviathan first appears in Chapter Six – Environmental Hazard in the Food Storage Area at Hydroponics. In this room, you must use zero gravity while also searching for resources such as ammo and explosive canisters. This boss fight, like others, will be divided into three phases. Simply move closer to the bottom to start the fight. This will awaken Leviathan, the giant necromorph boss.

Leviathan Phase 1

The Leviathan will attack you with its tentacles in phase one of the fight. You must strafe to the other side to avoid these attacks. Use your gun to attack the glowing sacs on the Leviathan’s limbs as soon as you dodge it. The Plasma Cutter and Canon Beam are the best weapons to use here. Rinse and repeat until the pesky yellow sacs are gone. You have now entered the second phase of this boss fight.

Leviathan Phase 2

The boss will launch explosive projectiles at you in the second phase. If you want to defeat the Leviathan in Dead Space Remake, remember to attack its mouth as much as possible. This phase is fairly straightforward, as you will only need to direct the projectiles back at the Leviathan’s mouth. You can do this by utilizing your Kinesis abilities. Simply keep repeating the same method until phase 3 is activated. If you can’t catch the projectiles, simply hold the explosive canisters and fire them at the Leviathan’s mouth.

Leviathan Phase 3

The final phase will undoubtedly be the most difficult, as Leviathan will regenerate his tentacles while also releasing a toxic cloud in the area. It will now use both of its attacks simultaneously. Make the mistake of going for the tentacles first, as you won’t have enough time to defeat Leviathan. Because your oxygen levels will be rapidly depleted, go for the mouth first. Either use your Kinesis abilities or throw the nearby explosive canisters. Don’t forget to avoid these attacks; it’s just as important. Repeat this process until the Leviathan is ejected into space.

That’s it; you’ve now mastered how to defeat the Leviathan in Dead Space Remake. Don’t forget to check out the other Dead Space Remake Guides!

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