Dual Family Walkthrough & Guide

Dual Family Walkthrough guide

Last Updated on 25 July, 2023

Welcome to the Dual Family Walkthrough & Guide, where we will provide you all the choices and secrets to reach the highest levels to unlock all the scenes in the game

Dual Family Walkthrough & Guide – Intro

You can play as The Father or as The Son, so we will provide you both walkthroughs.

There are also Secret items to find and gallery scenes to unlock:

  • Secret items: You have to click on certain items/places during the walkthrough
  • Gallery scenes: Require certain actions during the walkthrough

Dual Family Walkthrough & Guide – The Father

  • Master Bedroom: Secret item (light switch – left side) & Submit
  • Hallway: Knock & Enter
  • Daughter’s bedroom: Side with her > Gallery scene (touch her face – not leg) > Hug your daughter
  • Hallway: Check on daughter > Look for wife > Head Downstairs > Follow your wife > Gallery scene (compromise with her) > head downstairs
  • Kitchen: Gallery scene (make coffee – black & bitter) > Cream & Sugar
  • Table: Secret item (click on cofffee cup as soon as you sit down) > Ask about her day:
    • Outside: Better for daughter route
    • Stay in date: Balanced choice
    • Cancel: Better for wife route
  • Table: Say nothing > Talk about yourself > Bring up earlier encounter > Follow daughter to her bedroom
  • Daughter’s bedroom: Sympathize
  • Guest bedroom: Charm her > Enjoy the irde > Wife wakes you up
  • Arboretum: Gallery scene (outside date)
  • TV Room: Secret item (click on TV as soon as you can) > watching tv
  • Son’s bedroom: Check all the rooms until you get to the staircase
  • Mall: Shop & Food court & cinema
    • Shop (clothes store): Secret item (mannequin’s head) > Wavy dress
    • Cinema: Snackbar > Gallery scene (ask about the injury)
  • After dinner: Wife’s room (wife scene) & Guest room (daughter scene)
  • Guest Room: Gallery (daughter’s room+ finish the exposition sequence) > search
  • Kitchen: Check on the girls
  • Bathroom: Take a shower
  • Daughter’s room: Secret item (camera – left) > Keep watching
  • Dinner: Niece Touches you…
  • Dream: Secret item (pink pillow – right side) > Resist
  • Guest room > Foyer (agree with wife)

The Father walkthrough – 2nd part

  • Plane: Seat with wife (relationship, Daughter, hold her hand & kiss her) or Seat with Karen (comfront, Refuse, Submit & Cover her leg)
  • Law’s house: Friendly > Confront about Karen > Small talk > Current suit
  • Beach: Secret item (left umbrella pole) > Ditch her > Swim > Cave (Connecting with daughter)
  • Hot tub: Drink > refuse > let her continue
  • Law’s house: Adress her feelings > Approach Karen > Gallery scene (get daughter) > Persist > Follow her > Kiss her > Refrain
  • Beach: Help Apply > Secret item (grass)
  • Law’s house: Meet with her > get in car > Persist > comply > Enter
  • Dream: Noboty or you > Daughter
  • Law’s house: Exit into Hallway > TV Room > Upstairs / Daughter’s room > Open > Knock > Kitchen
  • Theater: Embrace > Secret item (lid) > TV Room (admit)

Dual Family Walkthrough & Guide – The Son

  • Your bedroom: Secret item (ball) > let her continue > Blame dad > Gallery scene (comfort her) > Pick guitar > Play anything > Stop playing > Put down guitar > Phone > Reply (*) > Blow him the…
    • If you reply you will go to a party with cousin
    • If you ignore you will unlock a dream with sister & mother
  • Hallway: Check on mom > enter > stay & hide > sneak across > secret item (ceiling fan bulb) > sneak out > confess truth
  • Hallway: Check on sister > about school > about mom & dad > invite her to party (if not, scene with Karen) > Move in closer > compliment her  leave > gallery scene (insist that she stays) > head back to room
  • Party: Talk with sister > socialize (hoodie girl) > Explore (outside balcony + approach) > leave & return > Explore > Kitchen > enter corridor > approach girl > Go upstairs (scene with karen if you didn’t invite cousin)
  • Be a man (better if sister is at party) or Submit (better is sister is not there)
  • Dream (only if you ignored the phone sms): Secret item (moon) > Choose the character (mom, sister or someone else) you prefer
  • Bedroom: Explore > Kitchen > approach > move behind her > embrace > Let go
  • Garage: Compliment > Bench & Squats > Secret scene (weight plate – left side)
  • Night: Downstairs > refrain > gallery scene (go to sleep) > Touch & kiss & go back
  • Bedroom. Wake her up & get out of bed > Secret item (lamp shade) > Gallery scene (leave for cousin) > leave into hall
  • Hallway > stay & peek > Hide in master bedroom > Lift skirt > cousin
  • Bedroom: The dance > her and dad > touh her hand > agree to unock > teach her

The Son walkthrough – 2nd part

  • Plane: Gallery scene (pull her top back up)
  • Car: Forgive him (he will help you in the future) or Shun him (evicting him from house)
  • Aunt’s house: Secret item (blue vase) > check hallway > move closer > peek > ask for a hug
  • Beach: Come with sister (admit actions) or stay with the others (karen or mom & aunt) > secret item (floral towel)
  • Bathroom: Open > Let her continue > hot tube (tak with mom)
  • Aunt’s house: Stay silent > peek around corner
  • Bathroom: Secret item (bottle of soap) > Drugs (more social options with girls) or Cash (better for mom route) or Her ( Aunt’s scene)
  • Clothing store: Change in front of her > Offer to pay (only if your last choice wash “cash”)
  • Aunt’s house: Peek
  • Bedroom: Exit into hall > Sister’s or master bedroom (your choice)
  • Dream: Yes or no (doesn’t matter) > c***pit > secret item (circular altitude dial) > rear
  • TV Room: Pull her leg

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