Milftown Drama Walkthrough & Guide

Milftown Drama Walkthrough

Last Updated on 6 September, 2023

Welcome to The Milftown Drama Walkthrough & Guide, where we will provide you all the choices and secrets to reach the highest levels to unlock all the scenes in the game

Milftown Drama Walkthrough – version 0.02

  1. Study until out of spirit & rest until wed
  2. Morning > Go into the corridor > turn otff the heater > play until 17:00 (your room) > get into the bathroom (corridor)
  3. Take the shampoo & click on the bath
  4. Leave, get caught > last choice
  5. Living room (downstairs) > call Jason’s house > call Jason’s cell phone
  6. Study (your room), rest > reach Study = 25 before 12:00 (morning)
  7. Kitchen > get the taxi number from her > Takl again she will tell you about Gina
  8. Go to the shop (call a taxi) > Talk to Jason & drop your wallet on him > Buy the DVD (clean your room if you need money)
  9. Place the DVD in the DVD player (your room)
  10. More money: walk in on the milf at 17:00, then steal some money (laundry)
  11. Buy the Tablet, the pink pants and the drill
  12. Return home Saturday 10:00, exit your room and get back > give the pink pants to Gina
  13. Rest and buy the extra small jeans
  14. Return home Saturday 10:00, exit your room and get back > make a hole with the drill (far right) and give the extra small jeans to Gina
  15. Look through the hole
  16. Rest and buy the small jeans
  17. Return home Saturday 10:00, exit your room and get back >  give the small jeans to Gina
  18. Buy the Earrings
  19. Return home Saturday 10:00, exit your room and get back >  give the small jeans to Gina

Milftown Drama Walkthrough – version 0.03

  1. Downstairs, talk with her, get the number and call Gina
  2. At 19:00 call Gina again
  3. Buy real earrings, buy the camera
  4. Tuesday morning take a photo of her cleaning
  5. Give the photo to Jason (shop) to get the real earrings
  6. At 19:00 call Gina and tell her
  7. Go to your room > Scene > choose your punishment (the best choice requieres Study > 20)
  8. Rest and talk with her (morning)
  9. Bathroom: Get Gina’s clothes from the counter
  10. Kitchen: Take the key
  11. Buy Replicator and use parents key on replicator
  12. (requires hornylvl 4) Drop the shampoo on the laundry
  13. Use the replicated key on parents room (20:00) then give her the key

Milftown Drama Walkthrough – version 0.04

  • Requires Hornylvl 5: Go to the kitchen and talk with her
  • Steal money from mom’s wallet (her bedroom), then sleep in your bedroom. Do the same next 3 days, until you get the credit card (increase your study level to steal more money)
  • Use the credit card with the replicator (her room)
  • Living room 14:00 – talk with mom
  • Take the letter from the mailbox (outside – main door)
  • Go to sleep, next morning call MilfFlix (living room)
  • Living room 14:00, talk with mom > then go to the shop, use the wallet on Jason, and buy shampoo
  • Bathroom > empty the shampoo , use the empty bottle with the new shampoo, and place it near the mirror
  • Wednesday morning 8:00 turn off the heater
  • At 18:00 go to the bathroom, click on mom and take a photo of mom
  • Leave and get caught, the best punishment is 1st choice
  • Give the photo to Jason

Milftown Drama Walkthrough – version 0.05

  • Go home > scene
  • Living room 14:00, talk with mom
  • Go to the shop, talk to the police
  • Go home, then to Jason house (taxi), agree with her mom
  • Farm money for the next 6 days
  • Go to Jason’s house and get the the packed pool > set up the pool outside your house
  • Meet mom in the living room and tell her about the pool
  • Check the mailbox and get the magazine
  • Try to order a swimsuit. But you have to wait until monday morning, sneak into her bedroom and examine her clothes (size 28F)
  • Call the MilfWorld (downstairs) and order the bikini (package will arrive in 5 days) so sleep 5 days and get it from the mail box
  • Living room: give the package to mom
  • Pool: Meet mom there
  • (wait 2 days) Jason’s house: get the package near the door
  • (requires $50) Give mom the oil > scene
  • Go to Jason’s house > Talk to maid

Milftown Drama Walkthrough – version 0.06

  • Go to Jason’s house > Talk to maid > Left door (to the pool)
  • Talk with the woman > Grab the shaker (but don’t pour her a drink)
  • Sunday morning: Mom’s bedroom > use the shaker with the wine to mix them up
  • Go to Jason’s house pool, use the shaker on the empty glass, leave and return
  • Talk with the woman, use all the options and leave
  • Come back next day and use the new dialogue option

Milftown Drama Walkthrough – version 0.07

  • Talk with Gloria until she tells you about your mom’s nights (note day and time)
  • Living room (day and time noted): Talk with mom
  • Reach max study level and go to the shop, talk with the police > “Be Smart About it”
  • Leave & return, then talk to jason > buy the voucher (extras)
  • Go to Jason’s pool, talk to her and show her the voucher > repeat the scene 3 times > cry until she accepts (lot of times)
  • Use the nail file on the umbrela (top left of the pool) to get the rope
  • Go to your bedroom and use the rope on your window
  • Visit her again and tell her abour the preparations

Milftown Drama Walkthrough – version 0.08

  • Visit her again and tell her abour the preparations
  • Jason’s house living room: Drop the wallet on the maid and take the discount coupon
  • Joey’s house > bathroom > click on the first aid kit to get the pills
  • Call Gloria’s cell at 20:00, if she doesn’t accept, repeat next day at 20:00 again
  • Go to the bedroom, click on her and enjoy
  • Study max and steal money (max) from parents room
  • Go to the shop and buy Extras > Roof-ies, then drag and drop the 50% voucher to Jason
  • Combine the empty box with the pills (first aid kit)

Milftown Drama Walkthrough – version 0.085

  • Kitchen 8:00: talk to Linda
  • Saturday 20:00 talk to Linda (Lounge)
  • Weekday 17:00 call Mrs Jackson > Dial the quiz line > Answers (requires study level 26): Aunt, Blue, Toothbrush,, Cucumber
  • Call Gloria 20:00 > choose Mom sleeping > go to her room
  • Spy on Linda (her room, weekdays, 20:00)
  • Lounge weekdays 14:00
  • New option: Spy on Linda (her room, weekdays, 20:00)
  • Weekday 17:00 call Mrs Kelly

Milftown Drama Walkthrough – version 0.010

  • Morning, before 12:00, Living Room > Call Mrs Kelly private cell
  • Living room 13:00-16:00 talk to the woman
  • Kitchen: get the bottle of water from the fridge
  • Living Room: Give water to the woman
  • Kitchen: Take another bottle of water, but keep it this time
  • Sleep and go to the shop (taxi) > buy the Cough Syrup (Extras) and also the pain killers
  • Go home and combine the Cough Syrup with the water (bottle)
  • Living room 13:00-16:00 talk to the woman, give the combined water to the woman > Scene: Leave to have an scene with Mrs Kelly, the other option scene with Mom
  • Kelly Scene: Leave and go Back to Mrs Kelly > bedroom at 20:00 > View her and Do what you Shouldn’t do
  • Linda Scene: Remove her top > Do what you shouldn’t do Drop Wallet on Mrs Kelly (requires $100) > Leave and go Back to Mrs Kelly > bedroom at 20:00 >
  • View her and Do what you Shouldn’t do
  • Call Gloria at 20:00, talk about Jason with her > Scene
  • Living Room (morning) > Talk with her about workout pains and casino prep > Give her the pain kilers to end the version

Milftown Drama Walkthrough – version 0.011

  • Morning > Living Room > Give Linda the Pain Killers
  • Talk with Laticia and Leave
  • Call Mrs Kunt Stable and sleep
  • Living room (morning) > Call a Taxi > Laticia (requires $250)
  • Laticia’s house > call the police (her phone is left)
  • Give the box of oils to the police
  • Drop the wallet on Laticia > Play and win 5 times > Scene
  • Sleep and next morning go to the living room

Milftown Drama Walkthrough – version 0.012

  • Sleep and next morning go to the living room and talk with her
  • Kitchen: Talk to Mr SS
  • Max out money and go to the shop: buy the 2 sets of pipes and the tape (extras)
  • Kitchen: give the pipes to Mr SS, then click on him
  • Puzzle: Click on the Left or Right sides to test if the water is good > then use the tape on the leat (top right) and get the wedding ring
  • Go to the garden (behind the house – right of the door) and talk to the woman, then give her the wedding ring
  • Parents room: use the wedding ring on Jewelry
  • Sleep and go downstairs at 20:00 to call Gloria > stay and view movie late at night > Go upstairs (repeat this 3 or 4 times > then Hug > Scene
  • Next morning visit Jason to buy seeds

Milftown Drama Walkthrough – version 0.013

  • Go to the shop (taxi) and buy corn
  • Back home, plant the seed in the soil
  • After 5 days cut the corn (nail file)
  • Call Gloria (20:00) and repeat the first 3 steps
  • Go to the Gallery (taxi), pay the $150 and talk to Gloria, then take the order document (table next to Gloria) and give it to Gloria
  • Shop and give the document to Jason, then buy more seeds and repeat the 3 steps
  • Go to the Gallery, pay $150 and give the document to Mrs French, if it doesn’t work repeat the last 3 steps, then talk to Gloria

Milftown Drama Walkthrough – version 0.014

  • Talk to Gloria (Gallery), go home, then back to the gallery and talk to her again to get the Candy
  • Go home and talk to the man with a bike
  • Living Room – Use the phone to go to the gym (taxi), then talk to Kelly (Gym)
  • Home > Taxi > Gim > Kelly > Photoshop photos to get the Pump and Multivitamins
  • Home > Garden > grab leaf
  • Shop > buy the glory hole sealer and drag & drop multivitamins to Jason
  • Home > Taxi > Gim > Kelly (tell about vitamins)
  • Home > Gym > and talk to Kelly to get oil
  • Go home > Glory hole sealer on bike > drag & drop pump > drag and drop oil > talk with the man
  • Gym > give the wedding ring to Kelly > scene

Milftown Drama Walkthrough – version 0.015

  • Talk with Linda > go through the door and click on Mrs Gloria > Call Jason (phone behind her)
  • Click on Mrs Gloria > Talk to Gina (Outside) > drop your wallet on her to get the bathing suit > Give it to Mrs Gloria to get the battery
  • Drop the battery on the generator (bouncy castle) to get a smoothie
  • Click n the cock tail glasses (tabe next to linda) and get a cocktail
  • Go inside and click on the vase with flowers to get ice
  • Drop the smoothie on the cock tail, then drop the ice and add the leaf, once completed, give it to Linda to get the bathing suit
  • Talk to Mrs Laticia, drop the bathing suit on her and get oil
  • Drop the oil on the floor of the bouncy house
  • Talk to Gina (outside) and go back to the bouncy castle

Milftown Drama Walkthrough – version 0.016

  • Living room (talk to Linda) > Pool (talk to Gloria)
  • Drop Tent on Empty Space in Pool (between slide and bouncy castle)
  • Living room: take the tools (left) and the scissor (right)
  • Pool: Drop Tent on Empty Space again
  • Living room (talk to Linda) > Pool (talk to Gloria)
  • Talk to Gloria, then to Laticia, then to Mrs Jackson, then to Laticia, Then to Gloria, then to Mrs Jackson, finally talk to Gloria > Scene

Milftown Drama Walkthrough – version 0.017

  • Kitchen (morning): visit linda
  • Bedroom: take clothes from the floor
  • Kitchen: Give the clothes to Linda
  • Living room (14:00) talk to Linda and give her the hand bands
  • Bathroom (19:00): enter and scene
  • Go to sleep and read the note on the fridge

Milftown Drama Walkthrough – version 0.018

  • Note on the fridge (click on it)
  • Living Room > Door > Talk with them
  • Go to sleep
  • Go to the toilet
  • Study until 19:00 > visit the toilet > Living room
  • Outside: click on the woman behind the tree
  • Sleep – Study – Visit Garden – Check to see if Detective is there. If not bedroom – Study – Visit Garden – Check to see if
    he is there. If not, do it again
  • Talk to him to receive a notepad and $100
  • Living room (before 12:00) and talk to Mrs Jackson, give her $295 & Notepad
  • Sleep and repeat the detective step until you have $295
  • Living room (after 16:00), talk to her
  • Sleep > Outside and talk to Mrs Jackson

version 0.019

  • Kitchen: Wired Wireless tablet on Switch
  • Upstairs: Talk with her
  • Kitchen: Wired Wireless tablet on Switch
  • Garden: Talk to Gloria
  • Talk with the old woman
  • Parents room: Fish on wardrope
  • Kitchen: click on Spice Drawer and on Fridge to get sugar
  • Find the moving bus (in front of house) and click on it to get Pelicunt, then use suspicious leaf on Pelicunt
  • Kitchen: click on Mixing station > then click: Sugar – Eggs – Green – Blue – Purple – Spatula > Place the unbaked pie in the Oven > Wired Wireless tablet on Switch again
  • Garden: Give the baked pie to the old woman, then talk with Gloria
  • Sleep and at 10:00 go outside to talk with the old man, give him the diet suplement (protein shake)
  • Garden: Use Box on Gloria
  • Parents Room: click on mom

version 0.020

  • Living Rom & use the phone, talk with mom (bedroom) and call Gloria again)
  • Sleep 3 days, then take the box from the mailbox
  • Mom’s room (19:00): Give her the radio, talk to her, and turn on the radio
  • Leave and click on her door again
  • Living room: Talk with mom, give her your wallet
  • After 3 days visit her in her room at 18:00
  • Bathroom: Talk to mom and give her Gloria’s pictures
  • Living Room

version 0.021

  • Talk to Dad
  • Outside (garden): Talk to Gloria twice, then go to the pool
  • Study until 18:00
  • Outside: Talk to Gloria
  • Pool: Talk to Sharon
  • Home > Bathroom (18:00): get the book > Give it to Sharon and click on her again
  • Home > Parents bedroom: click on mom and get the lipstick
  • Sunday 18:00: go to the bathroom
  • Return the lipstick to Sharon and give her the house key to get the T-Shirt with Lipstick
  • Home > T-Shirt with Lipstick on Laundry
  • Once you get the money go to the kitchen and use your wallet
  • Pool: Talk to Sharon
  • Home: Find the detective again, but DONT click on him, give him the wallet (with at least $1) to get pills
  • Click on detective, then sleep until weekend 18:00 and visit the bathroom

version 0.022

  • Garden: Talk to Gloria > Click on limo > Talk to Mrs Kunstable
  • Home > sleep > Living room (20:00) > Talk to Parents
  • Go to their bedroom > click on wardrope
  • Downstairs > give blanket to Linda > Talk to Parents > Touch Linda hand
  • Sleep > Go outside > Talk to the old man
  • Go to the Living Room until you find her > Talk to Linda > give her the blanket again
  • Garden (morning): catch the squirrel
  • Police Station (click on Limo): Give the squirrel to Mrs Kunstable
  • Home > Drag/Drop files on the limo

version 0.023

  • House > Talk to mom, then go to sleep
  • Go to Jason’s house (outside – limo), then talk to Alicia
  • Home > rest until 16:00
  • Outside: Talk to MrD*ck (left side) > give him the dirty clothes and get the glasses > give him the bike pump and get the alcohol enhancer
  • Go to sleep and then to the garden > give mom the glasses
  • Go to sleep again
  • Downstairs > Talk with mom (vacuum cleaner) to get hair
  • Police Station (limo) and give Mrs Kuntable the hair to get the photoframe
  • Jason’s house: Give the photoframe to Alicia
  • Go home > click on mom (pills required) > talk to all of the girls > Put the pills in the punch > click on police, then on Gloria and then on the Police
  • Garden: Pick up the shovel and use it on the hole to get the VHS
  • Sleep untill 16:00 > go outside > give the VHS Tape to MrDichk

version 0.024

  • Sleep untill 16:00 > go outside > give the VHS Tape to MrDichk
  • Clinic (limo) > Talk to the nurse
  • Home > Jason’s house > Pool > Talk to Jason and Gloria
  • Give the cat bell to MrD*ck to get cat food
  • Jason’s house: Use the cat food on Damiens Bowl to get the ring and the key
  • Clinic > Jason’s house > Talk to Gloria & Jason > Go back Home
  • Kitchen: Linda’s drink from counter > use the drink on Limo to get the sun glasses
  • Jason’s house: Sun glasses on Jason, then click on Gloria
  • Living room: Talk to Linda
  • Jason’s house: Talk to Gloria
  • Home > Living room: Get santa and give it to Gloria (Jason’s house) > Take the red box gift (xmas tree)
  • Home > Parent’s room > click on Linda > Living room > give the red box to Linda
  • Outside > give the voucher to MrD*ck to get milk and cookies
  • Living room: Use milk and cookies under the xmas tree
  • Parents room: Click on Linda
  • Jason’s house > Pool > Get milk from the snowman
  • Home > Living room > drop the wine under xmas tree
  • Joey’s room: Click on bed
  • Parents room: Click on Linda

version 0.025

  • Kitchen: Click on mom and ask for…
  • Jason’s house > Pool > Click on Alicia > then go to the clinic > Talk with her and also with the old man
  • Reception: Talk with Maggie and get the clinic report, also Take the pen
  • Clinic Lobby: Give the clinic report to the nurse, then go home
  • Give the heroinenote to MrD*ck
  • Clinic: give the report to Maggie to get it filled > then give it to the nurse
  • Reception: Use the clinic report filled on the pen
  • Give the new report to the nurse
  • Home: Give Nick what the nurse gave you
  • Jason’s house: Talk to Gloria
  • Clinic: give the heroineenvelope to the nurse
  • Reception: Talk to Maggie

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