Photo Hunt Walkthrough & Guide

Photo Hunt Walkthrough guide

Last Updated on 8 September, 2021

Welcome to The Photo Hunt Walkthrough & Guide, where we will provide you all the choices and secrets to reach the highest levels to unlock all the scenes in the game

Cheats – Cheat Code

There are new cheat codes in each update, check them here: Cheat Code

First Steps – Farming Stats & Money

Everything will be easier if you spend a couple of weeks farming stats & Money:

  • Money – Storehouse (every morning): Earn enough money to buy everything available at the shop (Pawnshop & Clothing shop), and once you unlock the alley, everything you can buy there
  • Intellect – Library (weekdays): Study or Prepare Literature, but dont waste your time with Jennifer, her storyline hasn’t been introduced yet
  • Photography – Park (every day): Take some pictures
  • Hacking – Digital Arts (weekdays – afternoon): Take some lessons (20$ each)
  • Strength: You will earn enough Strength once you buy everything from the Pawnshop (Shop)
  • Sneaking: You will earn enough Sneaking once you buy everything from the Pawnshop (Shop)
  • Charisma: You will earn enough Charisma once you buy everything from the Pawnshop (Shop)

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Lina

  • Meet her in classroom (evening – weekday) and complete her 4 rounds of literature questions. If you have prepared literature in the library, you will know all the correct answers, if you don’t:
    • First: Wrong,Wrong,Right,Wrong,Wrong
    • Second: W,W,R,R,R
    • Third: Count as correct,W,R,R,W – Ask Jennifer (library evening) for help  > Take pictures in the morning (park – requires 24 photography skil) > give them to Jennifer next evening
    • Fourth: R,R,W,R,R – Give it to Lina
  • Visit Headmistress’s office
  • Attend classes to get the gym membership > Go to the gym this evening
  • Visit the gym (afternoon)
  • Meet her in the school (Afternoon – Girls > Lina)
  • Lina’s Ending: Visit her in the Gym (evening) until you unlock her house. Go to her house on weekends (afternoon) and unlock all the available scenes

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Fiona

  • Meet Kevin in the Headmistress’s office and help him with Bobby (Bathroom)
  • Go to the bathroom and talk about her with Adrian and Bobby
  • Check Fiona twice
  • Convince her to forgive you, you can:
    • Play Squash with her, requires 19 Strength
    • Photoshooting: requires 31 Photograpy
    • Massage her: Buy the massage set in the pawnshop > massage order (requires 18 Int): Ribs, Buttocks, Hips, Feet & Neck (don’t touch abdomen)
  • Unlock her dormitory: Hack the computer (Teacher’s room – morning), then you can:
    • Install spy cameras: Buy them from Scott (Alley)
    • Naked man: Requires to talk to Tobias (Digital Arts) about Apologies
    • Leave a gift: Buy the phone from scott (Alley)

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Monica

  • Visit her (Headmistress’s office)
  • Help Kevin in the bathroom
  • Hang out with Kevin at least 10 times, until he is accused of cheating, then visit Monica (her office – Morning), and be careful, because there are two different paths depending on your next choice

Monica Romance

  • Choose Keep her secret
  • Hang out with Kevin until you unlock Monica’s house
  • Keep hanging out with kevin until she asks you to hel`p her with cleaning > buy the summer dress (clothing shop)
  • Hang out with Kevin until the event where Monica is sleeping (requires sneaking 27)
  • Get 36 monica love points, keep hanging out with kevin and visit her (her house)
  • Give her the evening dress and ask her for a date

Monica Blackmail

  • Choose Put my **** out
  • Just enjoy all the actions

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Rachel

  • Once you have at least $100 & 20 hacking, check what she is doing at home (evening)
  • Ask Adrian (school bathroom) about Red Maiden, and go to Red Maiden (Weekday morning)
  • Talk to Adrian and go to the Alley, then buy the mask
  • Go to the Red Maiden (Weekday morning) and enjoy all the different choices you have there. But explore all the available options, because you need it to unlock the cafe, so use all the options until you can choose Let her Go Home
  • Cafe: Buy her orange juice or chocolate bar, complete the gymnastics event and support her.

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Evelyn

  • Look for Evelyn in the evening, and also next, morning
  • Play other character’s paths until you unlock Evelyn’s works place
  • Go to her work, the model agency (weekday afternoon) and choose all the options
  • Meet Evelyn at home on weekends evenings to meet Alice and suggest alice to pose for you (requires Mini Photo Studio). Give Alice a phone (Alley) and play all the side events with her, you can play poker and invite her to pose for a photo session 3 times.
  • Talk to Evelyn at her job and she will become your model, give her the clothes and unlock 3 photo sessions.

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Jennifer

  • Meet Jennifer > Library (evening)
  • Improve your relationship with her (study together) > When Jenlove > 8 choose Study
  • Invitation to the art club: Meet Rose & talk to her about Library, then visit the art club (school – morning) and keep going there with Jennifer
  • Reach jenlove > 25, then go to the library and study together
  • When Mr Roberts appear take a picture of Jennifer or Evelyn
  • After “Study together” get the scene (jen & fiona – playground) > then ask Fiona to be there again > check Fiona’s message

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