How To Get Awakened Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits

how to get awakened buddha fruit in blox fruits

Last Updated on 24 October, 2023

How To Get Awakened Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits – In this guide we show you how to get Awakened Budha Fruit in Blox Fruits. Read on to learn more!

The Devil Fruits’ loosely defined range of skills is one of the interesting aspects of One Piece. For instance, consuming the common Human Fruit would transform you into a human, right? But isn’t a massive golden statue of the Buddha also a human being? Sengoku’s Buddha Fruit and other beautifully bizarre powers are the result of that tiny reasoning jump. In connection with that, here’s how to obtain the Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits.

How To Get Awakened Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits

The Human: Buddha Fruit, also known as the Buddha Fruit, grants its user the power to transform into a massive statue of the Buddha (or as close to that as Roblox can manage, anyway). In this form, you not only have the strength and bulk to overwhelm opponents, but you can also unleash powerful beams and shockwaves of pure light. It ‘s a highly versatile skill that works well for both one-on-one fights and crowd control.

The Buddha Fruit’s location

There are two ways to obtain a Buddha Fruit, similar to other Fruits, however neither is especially reliable. The first method is to merely come upon it in the wild. If you’re lucky, the fruit you’re looking for will fall from a tree somewhere in the game’s universe. However, the real likelihood of this is about 6.6%, so don’t get too excited.

The other way involves purchasing Buddha Fruit from any fruit dealer you come across, which is commonly in towns or other inhabited areas. However, there are two issues with this: first, a Dealer typically only has a small number of fruits in stock, and the likelihood that one particular fruit will be among them is only about 5%. Second, purchasing fruit may be unaffordable. When acquired from a Dealer, the Buddha Fruit costs 1.2 million Money or 1,650 Robux.

Despite the inconvenience, the Buddha Fruit is recognized as one of Blox Fruits’ best all-arounders, and this is doubly true if you are successful in awakening. Even if you succeed in getting it, keep in mind that awakening a Buddha Fruit will cost you 14,500 fragments, so plan on doing more grinding and waiting.

You might be wondering why a massive Buddha statue has shockwaves and laser beams driven by light. Who knows? Devil Fruits act foolishly, which is kind of expected.

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