How to get Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits – Harpoon & Leviathan’s Heart

Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits

Last Updated on 24 October, 2023

How to get Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits – Beast Hunter, Harpoon, Leviathan’s Heart and NPC Shafi – All the steps of the complete process until unlocking the new fighting style of update 20

Sanguine Art fighting style is one of the main new features of update 20 of Blox Fruits. You will have to get the Beast Hunter, defeat the Leviathan, Claim its Heart and take it to Shaffi. It may take you a while to farm all the materials, but you will see that it is not very complicated

How to get Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits – Harpoon & Beast Hunter

You will find the Harpoon in the Beast Hunter legendary ship, and the Beast Hunter legendary ship is made from some materials, so we explain which ones you will need (recipe) and where to find them (locations):

  • x20 Leviathan Scales: Buy from Beast Hunter NPC or Leviathan boss’ drop
  • x6 Electric Wings: Piranha’s drop
  • x2 Mutant Teeth: Terror Shark’ drop
  • x30 Fool’s Gold: Ghost Ships’ drop  (prescribed threat level area)
  • x6 Shark Teeth: Sharks’ (regular) drop

After getting all the materials, make the Beast Hunter legendary ship and you will see that it has the Harpoon built in.

How to get Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits – Leviathan’s Heart

Now that you have the Beast Hunter legendary ship and you have found the hapoon, it is time to use it, we explain how to get the Leviathan’s Heart:

  1. Go to Sea Danger Level 6 (Recommendation: Go with more than 5 players)
  2. Defeat Leviathan
  3. Use the harpoon
  4. All players who participated in the Leviathan hunt will receive the Leviathan Heart once you reach Tiki Outpost

How to get Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits – Unlock fighting style

Now that you have the Leviathan Heart, it is time to get the Sanguine Art fighting style, the really important thing about this entire guide:

  • Get, if you don’t already have: 20x Demonic Wisps, 20x Vampire Fangs, and 2x Dark Fragments
  • Go to Third Sea
  • Talk to NPC Shafi
  • Learn Sanguine Art fighting style

Video Guide

In case you have any questions about the locations, we leave you this quick video guide (3 min) of Hanejima, in which you can see the entire process, from the Harpoon to the NPC Shafi, which will give you the new fighting style

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