How to get Superhuman in Blox Fruits?

How to get Superhuman in Box Fruits

Last Updated on 30 January, 2023

How to get Superhuman in Blox Fruits – Requirements, steps, locations, and also how to get Godhuman (Superhuman V2)

Superhuman is a fighting style that costs  3,000,000, and specializes in speed, stuns and knock back, it’s great in PvP

How to get Superhuman in Blox Fruits – Requirements and Steps

If you want to get Superhuman the hardest thing is to meet the requirements, it will take you a while, and possibly a few days, so get on with it

Requirements: You will need

  • 3,000,000 money
  • Access to the Second Sea
  • 300 Mastery on:
    • Electric: buy beneath the Skylands from the Mad Scientist for BeliIcon.png500,000
    • Dark Step: learn from the Dark Step Teacher at the cost of BeliIcon.png 150,000
    • Water Jung Fu: bouy, with 750,000, from the Water Kung Fu Teacher, at the Underwater City
    • Dragon Breath: learn from the Sabi NPC, at a cost of 1,500 fragments

Location: Once you meet all the requirements, go talk to the Martial Arts Master, located in a hidden cave inside the Snow Mountain, and buy Superhuman for 3,000,000 (the ones we told you were required)

Superhuman V2 – Godhuman

Godhuman is the successor of Superhuman. It costs 5,000,000 and 5,000, and specializes in great speed, stuns and knockback

Requirements: You will need

  • 5,000,000 money
  • 5,000 fragments
  • Access to the third sea
  • Materials: x20 Fish Tail, x20 Magma Ore, x10 Dragon Scales and x10 Mystic Droplet
  • 400 Mastery on:
    • Superhuman: Explained above
    • Death Step: upgraded version of Dark step, learn it from Phoeyu, the Reformed
    • Sharkam Karate: upgraded version of Water Kung Fu, buy from Daigrock, the Sharkman,
    • Electric Claw: upgraded version of Electric, complete the quests from the NPC, Previous Hero, located close to the Longma Boss at the Floating Turtle in the Third Sea.
    • Dragon Talon: upgraded version of Dragon Breath, give Fire Essence to Uzoth (right pole on the Haunted Castle)

Location: Go to Ancient Monk, then locate the tree in Floating Turtle, behind the Musketeer Pirates

How to get Superhuman in Blox Fruits – Video Guide

Finally we leave you a Procky video guide, where you can see all the steps, locations and requirements to obtain Superhuman

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