Blox Fruits Abyss Tamer Title Guide

Blox Fruits Abyss Tamer

Last Updated on 24 October, 2023

Blox Fruits Abyss Tamer Title Guide – Requirements, locations and everything you need to know to unlock the new title

Blox Fruits Abyss Tamer Title Guide – How to Get?

The most difficult thing to get the title is to meet the requirements to be able to navigate the 2nd and 3rd Sea, from there, you only need hours of playing and farming, we explain:

  • Requirements: Level +700 & Defeat the Ice Admiral (to be able to navigate the 2nd & 3rd sea)
  • Complete x50 Sea events (Sea Beats, Ship raids, rumbling waters…)

Sea Events will appear as you navigate. They will attack you or you will encounter random monsters. So you just have to navigate, and complete events until you unlock the Abyss Tamer Title. You will receive a notification when you reach x50 Sea Events completed

How to Equip the Title?

This is the easiest part, although if you’ve never done it before, you’ll have to find a couple of locations

  • Interact with the Titles Specialist NPC, there are x2 locations, choose the closest one
    • Sea 2 location: chamber under The Cafe
    • Sea 3 location: down the corridor from the central area in The Mansion
  • Scroll Down and choose the Abyss Tamer Title

And you already have your new title. Although it took you a while to get it, it sure has been much easier than the Sanguine Art Fighting Style, another of the great new features of Update 20 of Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits Abyss Tamer Title Guide – Video Guide

Getting the title is not quick, but it is quite simple. In any case, we leave you the video guide by Tirzton

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