How to get to Second Sea in Blox Fruits?

How to get to Second Sea in Blox Fruits

Last Updated on 24 October, 2023

How to get to Second Sea in Blox Fruits – Requirements, Locations, steps and leveling guide to unlock the 2nd Sea

How to get to Second Sea in Blox Fruits – Requirements & Steps

Meet the requirements and follow the steps as indicated below

Requirements: At least Level 700

Steps to unlock the 2nd sea:

  1. Go to Prison
  2. Talk to Military detective (NPC), to the left of the Quest Giver
  3. Complete the Quest
    1. Go to Frozen Village (Near Underwater City, Prison and Jungle)
    2. Go to the cave of abilities and open the wooden door with the key that the Military Detective gave you.
    3. Defeat the Boss – Ice Admiral
    4. Go Back with Military Detective (Prison)
    5. Find the Experienced Captain: Go to the left side of Middle Town and talk to him. Exhaust the dialogue options until you appear in the Second Sea

Once you have completed the mission you will have unlocked the second sea, and you will always appear there again, unless you decide to travel back

Leveling Guide

The most difficult part of accessing the second sea is reaching level 700, so more than a guide we are going to explain our preferred method:

Get the Buddha Fruit, awakened or not awakened it’s the best grindable fruit in the game by far. Here you can see how to get the Buddha Fruit, and here are some tips when using it

  • If awakened: Put 65-80% in melee and 20-35% in defense, then use transformation. Its unique perk is that it’s effective against npc with enhancement, unlike the Elementals that are weakened. It’s not recommended to place any points in Blox Fruit as you will mainly be using melee.
  • If you have Buddha, awakened or unawakened, you can just level up normally as grinding will be more easier

How to get to Second Sea in Blox Fruits – Video Tutorial

Finally we leave you this video guide of Procky, in which you can review through a gameplay all the steps and locations that will take you to the 2nd Sea

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