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Kenshi Best Mods

Last Updated on 18 August, 2023

Kenshi Best Mods – Recruitment limits, Prisoners, Copper Ore drill, Dark UI, Shopping economy, Nice Map, Female Body, Names and more

Kenshi Best Mods – 256 Recruitment Limit Mod

A mod to increase recruitment and squad limit.

  • Increases recruitable units from 30 to 256
  • Increases maximum members in each squad from 20 to 50
  • Also Increases maximum number of squads from 10 to 20

Download 256 Recruitment Limit Mod > Here

Kenshi Best Mods – Compresed Textures Project Mod

Textures compressed to DXT5 and resize down:

  • for landscape from 2048 to 1024
  • for some other stuff from 4096 to 2048

Those changes will help to reduce loading time, will reduce stuttering and save some VRAM, so overall performance will get a massive performance boost.

Download Compresed Textures Project Mod > Here

Kenshi Best Mods – Dark UI Mod

Dark UI changes majority of the UI to a darker and cleaner look. Optimal resolution: 1920×1080, borderless window.

Download Dark UI Mod > Here

Kenshi Best Mods – Recruitable Prisoners Mod

This mod gives you the ability to recruit captured prisoners that you disarm. You can try as many times as you like, however the chance to join is low, and many have specific conditions to fufill before you can recruit them. The mod will also make some races playable on a new game, as a result of allowing them to be recruited. There should be about a 1 hour cooldown between most recruit attempts in in game time. This mod uses almost all original dialogue with hopefully decent variety and writing structure. If there’s any typos/grammatical errors or the like, feel free to inform me!

Download Recruitable Prisoners Mod > Here

Kenshi Best Mods – Reactive World Mod

This mod is dedicated to filling out the areas left lacking by the dev’s world reaction systems. Be it adding effects to locations and factions that got none, or adding more detail to certain vanilla ones.

Now includes a world state checking character in Waystations to help with debugging issues with world states triggering. As well as a character spawner to find those bugged NPCS, map to it also at Waystation bars.

Download Reactive World Mod > Here

Kenshi Best Mods – Enhanced Shopping Economy Mod

Mod to rebalance economy to make in-town shopkeeping more viable and more interesting. Everyone wants to run a comfy inn, right? Now you can do it without every single peasant in town going broke from buying a single rice bowl and not regenerating money, because it’s really a buzzkill for a horde of people to flood your tavern and scream about how they can’t afford things. Yes, Universal Basic Income has come to the world of Kenshi. On top of that, shopping lists have been expanded in general, more NPCs will go shopping, and there’s more of a dynamic to NPC income and spending.

Download Enhanced Shopping Economy Mod > Here

Kenshi Best Mods – Nice Map Mod

It includes some colour adjustmentszone outlines (in sort of scribbled style)zone names and roads. There are more variations of Nice Map that might fit your taste, check these out

Download Nice Map Mod > Here

Kenshi Best Mods – Weight Bench Strength Training Mod

Well, I finally got tired of training every new recruit with a backpack full of rocks and manually clicking from here to there, over and over again. Do you feel the same way? Well, you are in luck! I finally decided to go ahead and make this mod.

This mod adds a Weight Training bench that can be used to train strength up to level 60.

Download Weight Bench Strength Training Mod > Here

Kenshi Best Mods – Copper Ore Drill Mod

Did it never bothered you that you could unlock iron drills, but apparently you had to keep mining copper with a pickaxe forever ? Not anymore ! Add the copper drill (1-2-3) to the game. Unlock through the same research than iron drills. They are similar to iron drills (power, resources produced, appearance….), except for the fact that they need copper in the ground, and produce raw copper.

Download Copper Ore Drill Mod > Here

Female Body Mod

Warning this mod is strictly 18+ only. If you are not age 18 or older, please do not use this mod!!! This mod added: 18+ stuff… visible female top body part…

Download Female Body Mod > Here

 Crucifixion Mod

Adds a crucifix upon which you may proudly display whomever you so choose, until their eventual end…

Building Category > Interior (However, may still be placed outside)

The building will not spawn a player town so feel free to display the corpses of your enemies as close to their gates as you can! Can be built upon research of the “Imprisonment” technology

Download Crucifixion Mod > Here

More Names Mod

Extended the random name lists for non-unique NPCs and recruits, so you should meet less people called “Hotlongs”. Added around 700 names (almost four times what was there). Tried to keep it lore-friendly and immersive; mostly just strange phonetics, ‘Name-like’ words and syllables, and a sprinkling of humorous nicknames (Gristleflap likes his gristleflaps). You’ll still see names coming up more than once – the wonders of randomness.

Download More Names Mod > Here

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