Tales of Arise Best Mods (2023)

Tales of Arise Best Mods

Last Updated on 18 August, 2023

Tales of Arise Best Mods – SDK, Outfits (Mona, Shionne, Edna…), Increase quality, Cosplay, Simply FOV, Arte Canceler, Heart Eyes and more

Tales of Arise Best Mods – Arise SDK Mod

Improves skit/cutscene render resolution & refresh-rate, increases NPC & enemy draw distance, unlocks dev-console, and helps modders access engine internals! Arise-SDK is a small DLL mod that gives modders access to engine internals (thanks to UnrealFinderTool’s SDK dumper), and also fixes a few minor issues with the game

Download Arise SDK Mod > Here

Rinwell Traveller from Another World Mod

Here’s the Mona Megistus outfit for Rinwell! Comes with: Costume, Hat, Hair, Eyes and Hair Color.  Update to hair to include Mona’s ponytail ends as shown in screenshots

Download Rinwell Traveller from Another World Mod > Here

Shionne’s SW-EQ02F Basic Edit Mod

Simple edit of Shionne’s premium SW-EQ02F outfit that remove ribbon from her chest and skirt/mantle from her back. This mod was created thanks to fatihG_, Telli and community of Tales of Arise Mods. Great people with great knowledge!

Download Shionne’s SW-EQ02F Basic Edit Mod > Here

Tales of Arise Best Mods – Increase Overall Quality Mod

This is an Engine.ini config that raises shadows, lights, postprocess effects, disables Chromatic Aberration, increases Ambient Oclussion and LOD quality between much more other elements.

Download Increase Overall Quality Mod > Here

Tales of Arise Best Mods – Tweaks of Arise Mod

Making the Tales experience more enjoyable with tweaks for less claustrophobic camera angles, reworked difficulty and faster movement speeds!

  • Enhanced Camera and Movement – FOV is increased and camera distance pushed back. Also, player moves noticeably faster while exploring.
  • Enhanced Difficulty – Simply put. Enemies stronger, cast faster, (experimental) aggressive. Less damage sponging, easier to interrupt.

Download Tweaks of Arise Mod > Here

Edna from Tales of Zestiria Costume for Rinwell Mod

This mod allows Rinwell to wear Edna from Tales of Zestiria’s iconic white and yellow dress! A green hairclip to match is also available, as well as Edna’s black and white alternate colors from the original game. No parasol included, so try not to get burned!

Download Edna from Tales of Zestiria Costume for Rinwell Mod > Here

Tales of Arise Best Mods – Simply FOV Options Mod

As the name implies, this will only change the FOV. No other tweaks have been made, not even camera position (except for the “personal preset”).

Also maintains the original FOV fluctuations already present in the game. These kick in when in certain story segments, when approaching enemies in the wild, etc… So if in the vanilla game the FOV would change from 70 to 85, the same will happen now in a proportional manner whichever option you pick. I use 85, in case anybody cares.

Download Simply FOV Options Mod > Here

Tales of Arise Best Mods – Megumin Cosplay for Rinwell Mod

This is a Megumin costume mod that I had commissioned, the costume, hair, and hat are renpyon’s work. The costume replaces Rinwell blue inherited coat, you need to collect some owls to get this outfit! The hair replaces blue hairpin. The hat replaces Shionne doll which requires DLC. There are two eye replacement mods, one with twinkle and one without.

Download Megumin Cosplay for Rinwell Mod > Here

Standalone Hair color and eyes pack Mod

This is a standalone set of hair color mods and eye mods that I have created. I have made multiple variants for hair and eyes for each character to choose! The hair color pak will replace the color for all hair styles of a given character. I will take requests for new colors into account and add them if I have time! I can do two tone hair or any combination as well by request. Note some colors not shown in pictures, all listed on file description!

Download Standalone Hair color and eyes pack Mod > Here

Tales of Arise Best Mods – Subtle Makeup Mod

A subtle makeup effect for each girl with slight blush and subtle lipstick

Download Subtle Makeup Mod > Here

Tales of Arise Best Mods – Arte Canceler Mod

This mod allows you to cancel any arte into another arte, dodge or jump without having to wait for the animation to finish. the game has an annoying system that forces the player to sit through an entire arte animation and sometimes that can be annoying when you need to dodge an attack. So I changed it so almost all the artes can be cancelled.

Download Arte Canceler Mod > Here

Tales of Arise Best Mods – Heart Eyes Mod

This is a stand alone mod that replaces the eyes of the characters with heart eyes. You can use them individually for whichever character is your Waifu or Husbando! I can also make different eye color version alternatives if there is an interest. Let me know if you have any issues, as the mod is already in a pak file simply place the mod in your ~mods folder and it should work!

Download Heart Eyes Mod > Here

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