Project Zomboid Best Mods (2023)

Project Zomboid Best Mods

Last Updated on 26 January, 2023

Project Zomboid Best Mods – Maps, Multiplayer, Cheat Menu, Helicopter, Hydrocraft, True Actions, Weapons Packs, Autostar and more

Project Zomboid Best Mods – Map Mods

These are the Best Map Mods:

Extra Map Symbols Mod

  • adds symbols variants to base game symbols (requires Extra Map Symbols UI)
  • replaces angled arrows with own version, aligned to roads
  • replaces “KnifeFork” with own version
  • adds additional map symbols following base game style
  • replaces “Wrench” with own version

Download Extra Map Symbols Mod > Here

Bedford Falls Map Mod

Welcome to Bedford Falls. This adds the fictional town of Bedford Falls to the vanilla game world.

Download Bedford Falls Map Mod > Here

Raven Сreek Map Mod

There are three zones of various difficulty on the map. They have a different spawn number of infected, and other features. This map may be too hard for some people, it is not designed for beginners. Some spawn points can be very difficult, others easy. It depends on your luck. Sometimes you may appear surrounded by zombies.

Download Raven Сreek Map Mod > Here

The Walking Dead Project Map Mod

his pack contains several maps added in grassy areas of the vanilla map, so in order to reach them, you’ll have to cross West Point and Muldraugh.

Download The Walking Dead Project Map Mod > Here

Fort Redstone Map Mod

A military base located North West from Rosewood

Download Fort Redstone Map Mod > Here

Project Zomboid Best Mods – Multiplayer Mods

These are the Best Multiplayer Mods, With special game modes for MP, or simply compatible with Multiplayer:

  • Better Sorting > Download Here
  • Autotsar Trailers [MP updated] > Download Here
  • Just Throw Them Out The Window > Download Here
  • Minimal Display Bars > Download Here
  • True Actions. Act 2 – Lying [for MP disable anti-cheat type 12] > Download here
  • Tsar’s Common Library [MP updated] > Download Here
  • ’74 AM General M151A2 > Download Here
  • Here They Come! > Download Here
  • The Last of Us : Sounds of Infected [B41] > Download Here
  • TEDSKINFIX – B41.6X MP/SP > Download Here
  • Sling Mod Custom – B41.6X MP/SP > Download Here
  • Noir’s Rifle Slings > Download Here

Project Zomboid Best Mods – Cheat Menu Mod

The largest, most advanced, and easy to use mod of its kind. Features fully modular and toggleable cheats ranging from God Mode, item spawning, zombie spawning, skill editing, creative, terraforming, infinite carryweight, flying, and more. Credit to Onkeen for the awesome preview picture.

Download the Cheat Menu Mod > Here

Project Zomboid Best Mods – Helicopter Mod


  • E = Enter/exit the helicopter
  • W = Ascend
  • S = Descend
  • A = Yaw to the left (turn left)
  • D = Yaw to the right (turn right)
  • Arrow Left = Roll to the left (moves the helicopter to the left)
  • Arrow Down = Pitch backward (moves the helicopter backward)
  • Right = Roll to the right (moves the helicopter to the right)
  • Arrow Up = Pitch forward (moves the helicopter forward)

Download the Helicopter Mod > Here

Project Zomboid Best Mods – Hydrocraft Mod

Hydrocraft is a mod based around crafting and filling in the empty world of zomboid with more stuff. It is inspired by survival crafting games like Haven and Hearth. It is very much a WIP and will be tweaked and added onto.

Download the Hydrocraft Mod > Here

Project Zomboid Best Mods – Tsar’s Common Library MP Mod

Additional equipment for vehicles: refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, fuel tank, etc (Code modified from Vehicle Additions API by Blair Algol). Templates and functions for car tuning.

  • bumpers
  • bullbars
  • window protection
  • wheel protection
  • interactive roof rack
  • pop-up headlights
  • interactive windows rear rack
  • interactive bags
  • truck airbrake (from KI5 mod)
  • and more

Download the Tsar’s Common Library MP Mod > Here

Project Zomboid Best Mods – Brita’s Weapon Pack Mod

The most complete weapons pack for Project Zomboid, just try it, but read the description well, it has some requirements

Download the Brita’s Weapon Pack Mod > Here

Project Zomboid Best Mods – Arsenal(26) GunFighter Mod

The GunFighter Mod changes the way Firearms works in Project Zomboid, and was created to run in tandem with BRITA’s WEAPON PACK. Unless weapon script is formatted within certain parameters and contains certain required information, some features of this mod (Will not work)… This mod feature’s Experimental Weapons to demonstrate new functions, such as Burst-Mode BB-Guns and Variable Grip Melee Weapons.

Download the Arsenal(26) GunFighter Mod > Here

Project Zomboid Best Mods – Autotsar Trailers MP Mod

Do you work on a construction site and your tool no longer fits into the car? Tired of running to the store every week, want to stock up on the full? Or maybe you want to take out all the corpses from neighboring houses to the forest? You will be saved by the trailer “Autotsar GovNoVoz-250” (GNV-250):

  • frame size 3000х1500х350 mm.
  • durable awning of various colors
  • capacity up to 250 CU

Download the Autotsar Trailers [MP updated] Mod > Here

Project Zomboid Best Mods – True Actions MP Mod

Act 2: Added the ability to lie on beds, sofas and other suitable items (over 200 tiles for lying).

Act 1: Mod adds the ability to sit on chairs, armchairs, sofas and other items (over 160 tiles for seating). While sitting, all activities are available and all animations are played (reading, eating, drinking, etc.).

Download the True Actions MP Mod > Here

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