No Man’s Sky Best Mods (2024)

No Man's Sky Best Mods

Last Updated on 1 April, 2024

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Launch cost, Fast Actions, Low Flight, Planet Generation, Deep Space, Better Rewards, Busier Space and more

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Reduced Launch Cost Mod

Updated for Beyond game version. Reduces the cost for launching your ship from the ground. Options for free cost, 5% of total energy per launch and 10% of total energy per launch. Options for free cost (instead of 25% of energy per launch), 10% of total energy per launch and 5%  of total energy per launch

Download Reduced Launch Cost Mod > Here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Fast Actions Mod

Instead of pressing a key for almost one second, this mod provides quicker inputs for :

  • menu selection
  • creating/dismantling technology
  • transfering resources to/from ship
  • entering ship
  • discussing with NPC
  • gathering small plants
  • launching refinery processing

This mod exists in 4 versions :

  • instant actions : almost no delay actions
  • fast actions : between original and instant actions
  • instant actions + Small Cursor
  • fast actions + Small Cursor

Download Fast Actions Mod > Here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Low Flight Mod

LowFlight lets you fly as low to the ground as you want and be able to look in any direction (normally, your ship cannot point downwards when near the ground). You can also fly underwater and hover in place!

Download Low Flight Mod > Here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Better Planet Generation Mod

A huge planet generation overhaul that aims at making your hundreds of hours of exploration in the magnificent, infinite universe of No Man’s Sky less repetitive and hopefully even more memorable. Better Planet Generation is a total overhaul of the planetary generation in No Man’s Sky. It improves by a significant margin the procedural aspect of the universe while at the same time respecting the original work and vision from Hello Games.

It adds over 400 new handcrafted, distinct environments to the universe. All of them come in five different life levels and varying placement scales and layouts. These environments were made to seamlessly combine with each other in many different ways.

Download Better Planet Generation Mod > Here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Deep Space Mod

The philosophy is contrast and immersion, there can be no dark if everything is light, no vibrancy if everything is colorful. Everyone wants sugar until they are sick.

Download Deep Space Mod > Here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Better Rewards Mod

This mod increases the amount of currency you get with faster word learning and increased resource gathering options. Frigate (Freighter) Expeditions are also included! Better Rewards increases the amount of units, nanite clusters and quicksilver you get from completing missions or interacting with objects in the world. Non npc word learning (such as knowledge stones and dictionaries) is also faster.

Download Better Rewards Mod > Here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – NMS Extender Mod

A tool in which modders can create mods that run directly inside of NMS allowing for almost anything to be possible. Some things beta includes are:

  • Shader support
  • No need to constantly update your mods (you should though)
  • Better version control
  • Less crashes

There’s even more technical stuff like the ability to register for some call events now and much much more. So if you know how to program in C++ standby for a tutorial in a week or so.

Download NMS Extender Mod > Here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Fine Lod Mod

Ground textures fix + water level fix + spawn delay reduction + farther LOD switch

  • Fixes the low res / muddy / slow loading textures issue that shows when tessellation is enabled.
  • Fixes the water rendering too low when the view is over the surface.
  • Reduces the time taken to spawn rocks and flora around the player, making harder to ‘outrun’ them.
  • Increases LOD switching distances making high res models to appear sooner (works only if planet quality is set to ultra).
  • Slows down clouds.
  • Removes third party logos from startup screen.

Download Fine Lod Mod > Here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – HD Cloud Mod

High-Res planet clouds. In details, this mod fixes the following issues from Scooterbaga’s texture (see the last screenshot for a snapshot of my work) :

  • removed a sometimes very visible seam appearing verticaly over all the planet at tiling position
  • fixed tiling missmatch clouds
  • filled holes, low transparency corrections and softened cloud cuts
  • removed black dot lines, speckles and scratches

Download HD Cloud Mod > Here

Bigthings Mod

Makes trees, rocks and plants much larger.

Download Bigthings Mod > Here

Exosolar’s beyond base building Mod

Fully MP compatible, updated for NMS Sentinels 3.81, and LUA scripted for easy updating and merging ★ this mod adds an extreme degree of freedom to the vanilla base-building options. There are now over 400 buildable base parts in No Man’s Sky! It’s a dream come true! This mod adds an extreme degree of freedom to the vanilla base-building options. It is fully compatible with multiplayer, co-op building, uploading, etc, because it does not add any parts, which would cause issues in multiplayer.

Download Exosolar’s beyond base building Mod > Here

Busier Space Mod

Busier Space is a PC mod for No Man’s Sky. It increases the amount of ships generated in every solar system, making your adventures feel somewhat less lonely.

  • Ship Spawn Increases
    • Planet Fly By Spawns – 3x Increase
    • Planet Outpost Spawns – 3x Increase
    • Space Fly By Spawns – 4x Increase
  • Pirate Spawn Increases (Only fair!)
    • Pirate Spawns – 3x Increase
    • Battle Spawns (Pirate) – 3x Increase
  • Trader Spawn Increases (Increased a lot for Space Centers – mainly for immersion, there’s a space station for a reason)
    • Trader Spawns – 10x Increase
  • Space Freighter Spawns
    • Space Freighters – Increased Max limit by 3x (will spawn between 3 and 15)
    • Attack Freighters – Increased by 3x
  • Battle Spawns
    • Attack Freighters – Increased by 3x
  • Warped Battles (Warping into a battle)
    • Battle Scales – Increased by 2x

Download Busier Space Mod > Here

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