Supreme Commander 2 Cheats

Supreme Commander 2 Cheats

Last Updated on 30 July, 2022

Supreme Commander 2 Cheats – How to enable console and the complete list of cheats – All research, infinite mass, god mode, max energy and more

Supreme Commander 2 Cheats – How to Enable console

You have to modify a file to be able to use the cheats, but we will explain where it is and how to do it, it is very simple

  • Find the Game.prefs file C:Users{Your User Name}AppDataLocalGas Powered GamesSupreme Commander 2
  • Open the Game.prefs file with a text editor like notepad
  • Paste “debug = { enable_debug_facilities = true }” (without “) at the top (above options_overrides)
  • Now find CheatsEnabled = ‘false’ and change the value to True
  • Launch the Supreme Commander 2 and press Z to open the console

Now you have the cheats enabled and the console open, so enjoy the cheats:

Supreme Commander 2 Cheats – Full List

These are all the cheats, all of them are achieved through combinations of the ALT or CTRL keys with other keys

  • ALT + A – Shut down enemy AI for the rest of the match
  • ALT + Delete – Deletes all selected things instantly without explosion or nuclear effects
  • ALT + F2 – Launch the Create Unit Interface, create selected unit at the cursor position
  • ALT + N – Protect all units and players from damage
  • ALT + T – Teleport all selected units to the cursor
  • CTRL + ALT + B – Give all players 99999 mass, energy, and research points
  • CTRL + ALT + Z – Toggle the fog of war
  • CTRL + SHIFT + C – Copy the selected units into the clipboard
  • CTRL + SHIFT + R – Give all players all research
  • CTRL + SHIFT + V – Create all units that are inside the clipboard

If you know any other key combination leave us a comment and we will add it to the list. Or if one no longer works for you, so we can keep this guide as up to date as possible

Mass & Energy Glitch Tutorial

In this video Lucid Wolf shows you, in depth, how to do the Mass & Energy glitch in Supreme Commander 2.

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