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XCOM 2 Cheats

Last Updated on 9 December, 2021

Welcome to our XCOM 2 Cheats and Console Commands, where we will provide you with all the cheats available in the game, including technologies, items, resources, God Mode…

XCOM 2 Cheats – Enable Console

Type -allowconsole -log -autodebug in the XCOM 2´s launch options. While playing just press ~ to open the console and type the console command or cheat you want:

XCOM 2 Cheats – General Commands

  • No Damage – TakeNoDamage: Only No Damage
  • God Mode – PowerUp: No Damage but also infinite ammo and no reload required
  • Force Critical Hits – ForceCritHits:
  • Reveal the map – Togglefow: But enemies remain hidden
  • Restart level – RestartLevel:
  • Heal All Soldiers – HealAllSoldiers: But only in Avenger
  • Level Up Barrack – LevelUpBarracks X: Instead of X type the number of levels you want to level up
  • Infinite AP – ToggleUnlimitedActions: But for enemy AI also
  • Skip AI – Skip AI
  • Hide Squad –ToggleSquadConcealment: But enemy still alerted
  • Teleport to cursor – TTC: But just the selected unit
  • Teleport all to cursor – TATC: But all the units
  • Give Technology –GiveTech [Tech Name]

Tech Names

There are several Tech Names, and we divide them in:

Weapons Tech:

  • ModularWeapons
  • MagnetizedWeapons
  • GaussWeapons
  • PlasmaRifle
  • HeavyPlasma
  • PlasmaSniper
  • AlloyCannon
  • Tech_Elerium
  • Psionics
  • HybridMaterials
  • PlatedArmor
  • EXOSuit
  • SpiderSuit
  • PoweredArmo
  • WraithSuit WARSuit


  • AlienBiotech
  • AutopsySectoid
  • AutopsyViper
  • AutopsyMuton
  • AutopsyBerserker
  • AutopsyArchon
  • AutopsyGatekeeper
  • AutopsyAndromedon
  • AutopsyFaceless
  • AutopsyChryssalid
  • AutopsySectopo
  • AutopsyAdventTrooper
  • AutopsyAdventStunLancer
  • AutopsyAdventShieldbearer
  • AutopsyAdventTurret
  • AutopsyAdventMEC

Proving Groung Projects:

  • Skulljack
  • ExperimentalAmmo
  • ExperimentalGrenade
  • ExperimentalArmor
  • Bluescreen
  • BattlefieldMedicine
  • PlasmaGrenade
  • AdvancedGrenades
  • Skullmining
  • HeavyWeapons
  • AdvancedHeavyWeapons

XCOM 2 Cheats – Give Resource / Add Item

giveresource [resourcename] X, Where X is the quantity, requieres you already have the item. additem [resourcename] X, Where X is the quantity, you dont need the item

Give Resource examples

  • Spider Suitgiveresource LightPlatedArmor X, where X is the quantity
  • Predator Suit – giveresource MediumPlatedArmor X, where X is the quantity
  • EXO Suit – giveresource HeavyPlatedArmor X, where X is the quantity
  • Wraith Suit – giveresource LightPoweredArmor X, where X is the quantity
  • Guardian Suit – giveresource MediumPoweredArmor X, where X is the quantity
  • WAR Suit – giveresource HeavyPoweredArmor X, where X is the quantity
  • Elerium Core – giveresource EleriumCore X, where X is the quantity
  • Elerium Dust – giveresource EleriumDust X, where X is the quantity
  • Intel – giveresource Intel X, where X is the quantity
  • Supplies – giveresource Supplies X, where X is the quantity
  • Alien Alloy – giveresource AlienAlloy X, where X is the quantity

Give Resource examples

  • Scannerr – additem BattleScanner X, where X is the quantity
  • Mind Shield – additem Mind Shield X, where X is the quantity
  • Hazmat Vest – additem HazmatVest X, where X is the quantity
  • Stasis Vest– additem Stasis Vest X, where X is the quantity
  • Reload Upgrade– additem ReloadUpgrade X, where X is the quantity
  • Aim Upgrade – additem AimUpgrade X, where X is the quantity
  • Clip Size Upgrade – additem ClipSizeUpgrade X:, where X is the quantity
  • Critical Upgrade – additem CritUpgrade X, where X is the quantity
  • Free Kill Upgrade – additem FreeKillUpgrade X, where X is the quantity
  • Free Fire Upgrade – additem FreeFireUpgrade X, where X is the quantity

More item names:

  • Firebomb
  • FragGrenade
  • AlienGrenade
  • FlashbangGrenade
  • SmokeGrenade
  • GasGrenade
  • AcidGrenade
  • ShredderGun
  • Flamethrower
  • BlasterLauncher
  • PlasmaBlaster
  • FlamethrowerMk2 (Hellfire Projector)
  • ShredstormCannon
  • IncendiaryRounds (Dragon rounds)
  • TalonRounds
  • TracerRounds
  • VenomRounds
  • ApRounds
  • BluescreenRounds
  • NanoFibreVest
  • PlatedVest
  • StasisVest
  • HazmatVest
  • Hellweave

Give Facility examples

Give Facility works this way: givefacility [facilityname] [mapindex]. Where map index is a number from 3 to 14, and these are the facility names:

  • Workshop
  • Laboratory
  • PowerRelay
  • ShadowChamber
  • ProvingGround
  • ResistanceComms
  • AdvancedWarfareCenter
  • UFODefense (Defense Matrix)
  • PsiChamber (Psi Labs)
  • OfficerTrainingschool (GTS)

XCOM 2 Cheats – Characters Commands

You can create soldiers, change their classes and also improve them:

  • Change Soldier Class – MakeSoldierAClass [name] [Classname], where [name] us the soldier´s name and [classname] could be: Rookie, Ranger, Sharpshooter, Grenadier Specialist, PsiOperative
  • Give Scientist – GiveScientist X, where X is the quantity
  • Give EngineerGiveEngineer X, where X is the quantity

XCOM 2 Cheats – Config File

We can also change several things from the config file:

  • Max number of soldiers per mission: Change MaxSoldiersOnMission in the file DefaultGameData.ini
  • Max number of enemies per mission: Change MaxSSpawnCount in the file DefaultMissions.ini
  • Enemies Health: Change CharacterBaseStats in the file DefaultGameData_CharacterStats.ini
  • Allowed Weapons: Change AllowedWeapons in the file DefaultClassData.ini
  • Damage, Radio, Weapons stats: Change the file DefaultGameData_WeaponData.ini
  • Soldier´s skills: Change the file DefaultGameData_SoldierSkills.ini

XCOM 2 Cheats – Video

We also give you a video with all the cheats and console commands:

For more Game´s cheats, you can also check:

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