Victoria 3 All Achievements – Info to Complete

Victoria 3 All Achievements Info to Complete

Last Updated on 17 November, 2022

Victoria 3 All Achievements – Info to Complete. All you need to know and also more information about it.

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Victoria 3 All Achievements – List

The following are all the achievements available for Vitoria 3 and how to complete them. The 45 achievements cover a range of game-related topics. As a result, mastering Victoria 3’s Economy, War, and Politics mechanics is essential to achieving many of these feats.

  • Star-Swarmed Banner > In order to unlock the Star Swarmed Banner accomplishment, the United States must include all 100 of its states in the country’s banner.
  • Caretaker > You must complete the Egalitarian Society aim in order to earn the Caretaker achievement.
  • Hegemon > To unlock this accomplishment, finish the Hegemon objective.
  • Minors, not Miners > Begin as Lanfang, include all Borneo states, and pass the law requiring compulsory primary education.
  • Muhammed Ali’s Ambition > To earn this achievement when starting as Egypt, create Arabia and take control of Thrace.
  • Broken Promises > Join a diplomatic play against two or more of your allies as Italy to accomplish.
  • Billionaire > Raise your country’s GDP to at least $1 billion.
  • Barbary’s Back > As Algeria, recapture Algiers and grow into a powerful nation.
  • Manifest Mexico>Begin as Mexico, control the Pacific Coast and the Great Plains, and outrank the USA in Power Rank.
  • First Flight > Become the first country to fly an aircraft.
  • The Western Protectorate > Start as the Great Qing and establish treaty ports in France, Germany, the British Isles, Iberia, and Italy to complete.
  • Perkeletankki > Begin as Finland, and produce 100 tanks or more each week.
  • Peccavi > Start out as the British India Company and fully control both the Sindi and Punjab regions to complete.
  • American Territory > Begin as the Indian Territory, and make the USA your subject, with a maximum of three states.
  • Victorian Century > Play a campaign from 1836 to 1936 to finish it.
  • Revolutionary > Change sides during a civil war and support the revolutionaries.
  • Poor, Huddled Masses > As a nation, make one of your states the focus of cultural migration.
  • Mightier than the Sword > Use a diplomatic play to get one or more sides to concede.
  • Institutional > Have a business at the highest investment level.
  • Educated > Complete the Learn the Game Objective.
  • Deeds, not words! > Have the nation pass a law granting women the right to vote.
  • The Healthy Man of Europe > Begin as the Ottoman Empire and become the Greatest Power while possessing the highest level of public health insurance.
  • Go West, Young Man > Begin as the United States and control California, Oregon, and Washington, each having a population of at least 250,000.
  • Inventive > Research all technologies using the three research branches to complete.
  • Enlightened Despot > While your country is an autocracy, install electricity street lights in every state.
  • Reading Campaign > Increase the country’s literacy rate from less than 20% to 100%.
  • Habsburg Resurgence > Begin as Austria, control Silesia, and have Prussia at a low power level.
  • Luxurious Luxembourg > Begin as Luxembourg and rise to the top position in the production of porcelain, luxury furniture, and upscale apparel.
  • An Empire under the Pun > Begin as the Sikh Empire and conquer Great Britain.
  • The Conference in Berlin > Begin as Prussia and eventually create Germany while totally controlling at least ten African states.
  • I Didn’t Vote for Pedro > Begin as Brazil, switch to the Republican form of government, and enact universal suffrage.
  • Anarchy in the UK > Begin as Great Britain and switch to anarchist rule.
  • The Great Game > Play as Russia and take control of all of Central Asia.
  • Poppydock > To earn this achievement, you must have a port that is at least level 8 and export at least 2500 units of opium to international markets.
  • Serf’s Up > Begin as a country that practices serfdom, like Russia does, then pass the Worker’s Protections Labor Rights Law.
  • The Paris Commune > Start as France and progress to a Council Republic with a Command Economy to finish.
  • Bourbon for Everyone! > Begin as Spain, with a 20 standard of living and a monarchical government.
  • Tycoon > To unlock this accomplishment, complete the Economic Dominance Objective.
  • Risorgimento > This achievement may be unlocked by creating the Italian nation.
  • Solomon’s Quest > To unlock this achievement, you must found the Ethiopian nation.
  • Three Hurrahs > How to finish: To unlock this achievement, Germany must be formed.

Victoria 3 All Achievements – Video

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