Victoria 3 Resource Map – Coal Iron Sulfur Wood Grain & Fish (2023)

Victoria 3 Resource Map Coal Iron Sulfur Wood Grain & Fish

Last Updated on 9 April, 2023

Victoria 3 Resource Map – Coal Iron Sulfur Wood Grain & Fish – How to increase a economy by resources. All you need to know and also more information about it.

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Victoria 3 Resource Map – Open Resource Map

Some easy steps to open Map in Victoria 3, and

  1. Open the Markets tab
  2. Choose the raw material you’re looking for
  3. Choose the production icon that is highlighted
  4. To view the map, enlarge it

Victoria 3 Resource Map – Resource Locations

Coal mines

Coal is virtually universally available. The majority of it is found in Europe, but significant amounts can also be discovered in Asia or, for example, South Africa, where competition for colonies is inevitable.

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • South Africa

Iron Location

The second-most important raw resource is iron. Most of it is in Europe, and all the nations there seem to have enough of it. There is a ton of it in America and Asia as well, but you’ll probably have to fight for it with other countries in those regions.

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • America

Location of Sulfur

In the game, sulfur is another raw material that is only marginally present; if you have enough, you’ll probably need to trade for it. Below are some specific maps. Click here.

Wood Placement

With the possible exception of deserts and hazardous environments, wood may be found scattered everywhere that trees can be found.

Grain Storage

The main grain suppliers are the Qing and the East India Company. European grain yields are substantially lower than those of these countries. Evidently, countries with higher populations than Europe, where there are smaller inhabitants, have a greater need for grain.

  • Europe
  • India

Fishing Grounds

Another basic resource is fish. They are reachable in countries with nearby waters. Some places have more, while others have less. It’s a practical technique to get food.

Victoria 3 Resource Map – 4 good Tips

Players who have looked over Victoria 3’s content have seen them create vast economic empires. Fortunately, each player has the means to create a money maker. In Victoria 3, it’s all about increasing output and making wise choices.

Also you can see a video tutorial about make money (thanks to PartyElite)


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