Victoria 3 Win Battles and Wars – Small & Easy Guide

Victoria 3 Win Battles and Wars Small & Easy Guide

Last Updated on 17 November, 2022

Victoria 3 Win Battles and Wars – Small & Easy Guide. War is inevitable after negotiations for peace between states fail. All you need to know about it.

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Victoria 3 Win Battles and Wars – Easy Guide

In Victoria 3, war is inevitable after negotiations for peace between states fail. You will therefore have to learn everything there is to know about fighting and winning wars. Thankfully, Victora 3 makes going to battle considerably simpler than previous versions. Having said that, included below is all the information you require on fighting and succeeding in fights in Victoria 3.

Form Alliances

The best allies: To win battles, you must first make sure you have a large number of potent allies. You won’t be defeated by nearby strong nations if you have powerful allies. Your allies can aid you in battle by sending their generals and battle groups.

When battle breaks out: you shouldn’t anticipate an ally’s complete strength to show up. In conclusion, even if they are an excellent instrument for fighting, allies can have problems of their own. As a result, you should rely on sources other than a strong buddy to help you win a battle. Additionally, create several alliances to increase the likelihood that some of your allies may deploy troops your way if a battle breaks out.

Improve your relationship: with a country until they accept either a Defensive Pact or an Alliance before you may form one. By right-clicking on a country or the Diplomacy tab, you may use the Improve Relations Diplomacy play to improve relations with that country.

How to Win Wars

Win battles to pressure the opposing side into accepting your requests and your war objectives.

  • You can essentially end the war by forcing a nation to the negotiating table.
  • For peace if you win almost all of the battles and take out all of the opponent generals.

Extensive preparation and improvement are needed to win a battle. You can do all of this by making sure your military is well-equipped and led by capable generals. By acquiring fresh recruits with excellent stats or elevating your current generals, you can obtain competent generals. Your generals will be able to command more troops and be better at winning wars if you promote them. All Generals can be promoted by selecting one in the Military menu and then clicking on it. Generals can be promoted by clicking on them to view their stats.

Generals are useless without a well-equipped fighting force. Fortunately, you may use the Military technology tree to uncover new advancements and make sure your military is properly prepared. To raise the amount of soldiers you can muster, you will also need to extend your barrack structures in addition to making improvements. The amount of battalions you can have will likewise increase when your barracks are expanded. To strengthen these battalions’ combat capacity, we advise unlocking a variety of enhancements.


  • Assemble your forces and give them time to build to full strength before you can defeat your adversary.
  • In order to repel enemy assaults and begin appropriately pressing the fronts.
  • Deploy your forces before conflict breaks out.
  • Open the military tab > select Mobilize all generals > activate conscripts to mobilize all of your generals.

Choose your generals and assign them missions once mobilization has taken place. You would typically want your best forces attacking and attempting to drive the enemy back, depending on the situation. Other generals should support these top units or protect the area under attack. Click on the generals to give them orders, then choose whether to advance or hold the frontline. The secret to winning a battle once it has started is to have forces with better-trained units, more upgrades, and better generals.

Victoria 3 Win Battles and Wars – Tutorial

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