Victoria 3 Sulfur Map – How to get Sulfur

Victoria 3 Sulfur Map How to get Sulfur

Last Updated on 17 November, 2022

Victoria 3 Sulfur Map – How to get Sulfur – How to increase a economy by resources. All you need to know and also more information about it.

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Victoria 3 Sulfur Map – Find Sulfur in Maps

Three maps of probable ideal places can be found in Victoria 3. You need to be aware of who is now mining it and exactly where it has been utilized most frequently in order to choose where to look for these maps. Please check our resource maps section for further details.

Sulfur Location in America

















Sulfur Location in America

Sulfur Location in Europe North Africa













All locations – Sulfur Location in Europe and in North Africa

Sulfur Location in Asia Oceania














Most in Russia – Sulfur Location in Asia Oceania

Victoria 3 Sulfur Map – How to get Sulfur

Sulfur is an unusual kind of raw material in this scenario. If you envision yourself as one of Victoria 3’s top businessmen, you will need it more than iron or coal.

In chemical plants, sulfur is mostly utilized to make explosives and fertilizer. You can increase the yield from your fields by using fertilizer, and mines can produce more by using explosives. In barracks, they can also be used to produce “infiltrators.” They are employed in the game’s later stages for the construction process.

Paper mills can also be used as a base for synthetic dye manufacturing plants or for the enrichment of paper output (just make more of it).

Although sulfur is not a strategic resource to monitor, diversification is still worthwhile. The main factor that makes the entire process profitable is the boost from higher yields from your field. It is necessary to note that in the event of later game progression, it will be crucial.

To obtain sulfur, you must construct sulfur mines, which can be utilized to speed up or optimize the mining process by employing better mining machinery or explosives. Steam automation and train automation are options if you have a robust rail network and a labor shortage.

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