Victoria 3 Puppet vs Dominion & Conquest – Difference

Victoria 3 Puppet vs Dominion & Conquest Difference

Last Updated on 17 November, 2022

Victoria 3 Puppet vs Dominion & Conquest – Difference between them – How to increaase your economy in the game & all you need to know and also more information about it.

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Victoria 3 Puppet vs Dominion & Conquest

The Dominion and the Puppet are the most common Subject types in Victoria 3, as most recognized countries can initiate diplomatic plays to get one of them. The descriptions provided by the game make these two sound extremely similar, thus it would be difficult to tell exactly how they differ from one another. So, in order to simplify your task, we will clarify how the Dominion and the Puppet differ in Victoria 3. Which should you choose?

Puppet vs Dominion

In Victoria 3, there are 6 different sorts of Subjects that players can acquire, with Dominions and Puppets being the most common through diplomatic moves. In Victoria 3, a few key elements determine the distinction between a Dominion and a Puppet:

  • Joins Overlord’s Wars > You can Join in Puppet
  • Can Start Diplomatic Plays > Dominion
  • Weekly Tribute > 10% for Dominion & 20% for Puppet
  • Overlord Can Annex > Annex with Puppet

Looking at the facts, Dominions are a more independent Subject that can function like a typical nation. However, the Subject will have to give weekly tribute to its master, which is the only distinction between an independent nation and a Dominion.

Due to their participation in your wars, lack of autonomy, and higher tax payments, puppets are the superior Subjects. A diplomatic play can also be started, and your Victoria 3 Puppet can then be annexed.

Therefore, if we had to pick a winner in a war between the Dominion and the Puppet in Victoria 3, we would always go with the Puppet. Dominions are pleasant and can provide you a significant sum of money for less notoriety. However, getting puppets in the long run.

Puppet vs Conquest

In comparison to direct conquest, puppet/annex not only gives you more land, but also far less notoriety. Additionally, you can annex the puppet for less notoriety after 5 years.

When a target won’t wage war, puppetry is especially advantageous because conquest will only be able to gain you one state at a time.

Puppets provide you with income, but they do not provide you with building space or pops resources. Therefore, if you only want income, manipulate them, and if you also want land for farms, pops, and buildings, acquire the state.

In every game, you have a limited amount of infamy, so you must be careful about where you spend it. You should never have zero infamy because doing so is essentially the same as having maximum gold reserves and waste money because you aren’t using the resource.

Of course, you may always go above 100 infamy and completely disregard the drawbacks if you are convinced that you can at least bring any hostilities with any superpowers to a peaceful conclusion.

Victoria 3 Puppet vs Dominion & Conquest – Tips

Players who have looked over Victoria 3’s content have seen them create vast economic empires. Fortunately, each player has the means to create a money maker. In Victoria 3, it’s all about increasing output and making wise choices.

Also you can see a video tutorial about make money (thanks to PartyElite)


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