Acquainted Walkthrough & Guide

Acquainted Walkthrough

Last Updated on 30 March, 2023

Acquainted Walkthrough & Guide – Best choices to max points and unlock all the events with all the available characters in the game

Grappling with the usual challenges of daily college life was supposed to be hard at times, but fun. At least that’s what Lewis [MC] thought… That is, until his girlfriend broke up with him and his clingy sister joined the same college as him while he’s still trying to rebound and recover from the breakup. Handling all of those things and keeping up with classes might’ve been possible, but that changed when a mysterious girl from his dreams appeared.

Acquainted is an episodic Visual Novel centering around mystery, romance, corruption, and storytelling.

Acquainted Walkthrough & Guide

  • Do it > Inside
  • Let her in
  • Greet her
  • As for her help
  • Mas… > your choice
  • Take shower
  • you helped
  • Compliment food
  • Talk about the messages > Dreams > College
  • I like you but not what you do
  • Agree to help
  • Walk with Mei
  • Peek
  • Accept
  • I’m still no over yet
  • She’s hot
  • Yes
  • Accept
  • Office > Yes > I’d rather date you > Tell her about your break up > Accept offer
  • Cafe > Compliment Name > Hobbies > Project > Collect your order
  • Mei’s house > Don’t say anything > Let her continue
  • Already did
  • I like it
  • Check out
  • Grop…
  • Discuss plans today
  • Stare
  • Kiss her
  • Peek

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