Vinovella University Walkthrough & Guide

Vinovella University Walkthrough

Last Updated on 30 March, 2023

Vinovella University Walkthrough & Guide – Best choices to max points and unlock all the events with all the available characters in the game

Vinovella University is set before the events of Fetish Locator. Follow the progression of an investigation while surrounded by hot uni babes. Uncover the truth behind the case of three missing girls. Integrate yourself into the cliques of a prestigious school and uncover their secrets. Whichever path you choose, you will have to use your charms and other instruments to blow this mystery wide open.

Vinovella University Walkthrough & Guide

  • Protect Silvia
  • Respond aggressively (+ Delphia), diplomatically (+ Simon) or humorously (+ Zemfira)
  • Josephine = Non Tra** Or Joseph = Tra**
  • Click on the picture
  • Investigate:
    • Nia: Sounds Interesting > Respond with curiosity
    • Silvia: I like the idea of the party > Let her shower
    • Zemfira: Okay, sorry  >That sounds great
  • Yes, I want to redeem the favor

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