High School Master Cheat Code & Cheats – V0.331

High School Master Cheat Code

Last Updated on 2 November, 2023

High School Master Cheat Code & Cheats – Updated with the latest version cheats and codes, also a how to use cheats FAQ

High School Master Cheat Code – Full List

These are all the cheat codes of the latest versions of the game. If you just downloaded it, use the first one, if you have an old version without updating look for your code here:

  • v0.331 cheat code – revenge
  • v0.328 cheat code – squi*t  (* = r)
  • v0.324 cheat code – hug
  • v0.236 cheat code – panty
  • v0.234 cheat code – bl**job (replace **)
  • v0.227 cheat code – lisa
  • v0.225 cheat code – topmodel
  • v0.224 cheat code – punishment
  • v0.219 cheat code – anus
  • v0.212 cheat code – unshaved
  • v0.209 cheat code – massage
  • v0.208 cheat code – soda
  • v0.205 cheat code – lollipop
  • v0.204 cheat code – diary
  • v0.198 cheat code – crea*mpie (New – without *)
  • v0.197 cheat code – garden
  • v0.195 cheat code – squirt
  • v0.186 cheat code – carbonara
  • v0.182 cheat code – beach
  • v0.178 cheat code – swim
  • v0.175 cheat code – shy
  • v0.172 cheat code – bully
  • v0.161 cheat code – shower
  • v0.159 cheat code – candy
  • v0.158 cheat code – wet
  • v0.153 cheat code – fiona
  • v0.151 cheat code – meet
  • v0.150 cheat code – ride
  • v0.145 cheat code – meet
  • v0.143 cheat code – fellatio
  • v0.142 cheat code – pee
  • v0.137 cheat code – exam
  • v0.135 cheat code – meet
  • v0.133 cheat code – marlene
  • v0.130/v0.131 cheat code – micia
  • v0.125 cheat code – lolli
  • v0.123 cheat code – drill
  • v0.122 cheat code – master
  • v0.119 cheat code – bunny
  • v0.117 cheat code – school

High School Master Cheat Code – How to Use Cheats

It is quite intuitive, but in case you do not get it, here are some tips

  • Cheat code may be entered at night, and only once you’re past the intro.
  • Type the code in lower case letters. Even though the game displays what you type in upper case, it distinguishes between upper and lower case behind the scenes
  • You can enter the cheat code in the bedroom at night or in the detention room when zooming in on Cherry

About High School Master

Zack is a young scientist… He lives with the love of his whole life: Lisa… She’s adorable! Lilly, youngest Lisa’s sister, is with them… They are so happy together… Unfortunately bills to pay and cost of life will force Zack to accept a new job… He will be… Well… You’ll learned it playing the game, we don’t want to spoiler too much… But we have to say that he will do his thing into the Ben Dover High School… A school frequented by most lovely and cute girls in the city!!!

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    • Try to find a file called “High_School_Master_tyrano_data”. It should be a sav data type. Open it with notepad or editor and search for “password” using ctrl + f. If you find the word “password”, the password should be on that line somewhere. Just try entering some words, you might need to save a new game first, and then re open the file for the new password to show up. Good luck.

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